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  1. Wyboypt

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

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  6. Wyboypt

    Let them grow or take them?

    If you want meat, go kill a whitetail or another elk. Mule deer although good, is the lesser of most big game meat in my opinion including antelope. Heck chicken and pork are cheap at the store! But if you’ve never killed a buck that big, I would pull the trigger.
  7. Wyboypt

    203-inch Mega Muley

    Awesome buck! But having a hard time seeing 200
  8. Wyboypt

    Front buck

    What’s odd, is that apparently there are a few more people than I originally suspected, who are ok with taking ridiculous shots at animals with the attitude of “let’s see what happens and if I can’t find it I’ll shoot another one.” The same type of guy who takes 100 yard shots with their bow...
  9. Wyboypt

    Front buck

    Maybe Utah doesn’t have hunter education courses?? The bow hunter education course I took here in Wyoming said “it’s unethical to try to shoot a deer up the ass”. I forget what page of what book. You look it up. Or you could just use common sense and have a little respect for the animals we...
  10. Wyboypt

    Front buck

    You sound retarded and extremely unethical.
  11. Wyboypt

    Front buck

    The question is, did the hunter intentionally try to shoot him up the ass? Because that’s what it looks like and if that’s the case, he absolutely deserves to be thrown under the bus, and he absolutely doesn’t deserve that buck. Now if it was honestly a bad shot due to over excitement or...
  12. Wyboypt

    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    I absolutely agree many units should go limited quota in wyoming, and not just in g and h. Eastern and central wyoming should also have more limited quota areas. But the g&f cares more about selling tags than they do about having a larger deer herd or trophy quality deer. In addition the...
  13. Wyboypt

    Front buck

    Glad the guy got the buck. But I hope he didn’t intentionally try to shoot it up the ass like a complete moron.
  14. Wyboypt

    2020 Mule Deer Video

    Awesome video!
  15. Wyboypt

    Hunting gear found on the mountain????

    I’m the guy that loses stuff, not finds them. I’ve lost several bugle tubes,hats,a pair of trekking poles, a knife, and idk what else. Every time if left/lost my vinos or gps I’ve gone back and found them. Too expensive. One time I had to walk back over a quarter mile in the dark in an enormous...
  16. Wyboypt

    Lion caught in trap. Have you ever tried to get a lion out of a trap?

    Naw I’m pretty sure he must be from Utah, not Wyoming . . . .
  17. Wyboypt

    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    Unless you use vortex 🤣🤣🤣
  18. Wyboypt

    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    I’ve never had a bad bull or whitetail. And I’ve only had 1 bad muley but he was far from old.
  19. Wyboypt

    Weird find in Southern Utah.....

  20. Wyboypt

    Are Core Loks really junk?!

    Core lokts are excellent bullets. I’ve killed a lot of elk and deer with them. Sst is absolute garbage on elk. I shoot a .270. My dad has also killed a lot of elk with a core lokt
  21. Wyboypt

    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    If you could set a few feet further back that’d be great.
  22. Wyboypt

    2020 Trophy Photos Contest ... Beyond Mule Deer and Elk

    My first bear ever this year. Solo, absaroka wilderness hunt.
  23. Wyboypt

    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    Only if it’s a whitetail. I’d rather let the muleys live than shoot a dink for meat. Plus we get enough elk meat to last the year or more.
  24. Wyboypt

    Some elk for ya

    I usually burn the trash before leaving but on that trip some went in a ziploc and got packed out. Not many things more infuriating than seeing other people’s garbage in the backcountry.
  25. Wyboypt

    P&Y Club Announces New World Record Velvet Non-Typical Mule Deer (324 3/8")

    I’d still rather have any of the 2nd through 90th place buck. He’s just unappealing.
  26. Wyboypt

    P&Y Club Announces New World Record Velvet Non-Typical Mule Deer (324 3/8")

    Crazy buck. But I’d much rather shoot a buck like this every time, even if he had no droppers
  27. Wyboypt

    Some elk for ya

    Too many wolves. I wouldn’t mind star valley though!
  28. Wyboypt

    Wide Wyoming Buck 2020

    Freaking awesome job man! Amazing buck!
  29. Wyboypt

    Some elk for ya

    Haha yeah I’m moving up with all my extra horn money!
  30. Wyboypt

    Some elk for ya

  31. Wyboypt

    Some elk for ya

  32. Wyboypt

    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    Wyoming 2020 general tag public land 187 7/8
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