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    2021 Regs

    Will the new proclamation and regs be posted today?
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    Who gets your dollars?

    Which gun rights organization do you support with your dollars? With the current political situation I need to support at least one of them. I have not supported any of them the last few years. Was a NRA member for over 30 years.
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    Alaska fishing adventure question

    Starting to get a little more serious about an Alaska fishing trip. Will be mainly halibut, salmon, rockfish etc. who do y’all recommend? I have been doing the Google search thing and have some possibilities but would like some first hand recommendations. Thanks
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    Season opens Saturday

    Our rifle season opens Saturday. My son and I have a couple good bucks on camera that we hope to see Saturday!
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    Dang buzztails

    Went up to ranch to get some camera cards and do some chores. Found these guys sunning by barn.
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    Application Question

    Antelope application period is open through May right?
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    Weed free hay near Crawford?

    Does anyone know where I can pick up some certified weed free hay near Crawford? Will be heading to unit 53 for muzzy season. Coming in US 50 then north to Crawford. Plan on hunting west side of unit. My horses will need 4-5 bales. Thanks in advance
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    Anyone had their refund credited to their card yet?
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    Bear Dreamin

    Starting to ponder trying a 2020-2021 spring bear hunt in Idaho or Wy. Any recommendations on an outfitter? Normally am a DIY guy, but trying to run baits from Texas is not practical. All suggestions welcomed.
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    Can someone remind of the antelope point application dates?
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    Boiling skulls

    The last two antelope skulls I boiled came out with dark spots around bridge of nose and up toward horn bases. My son?s deer skull came out fine. What do I need to do to remedy this next time? Thanks for your help. Phantom Hunter
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    Changes to Antelope Draw Hunts

    Anybody know what happened with the proposed changes? Did they pass Commision?
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    Valle Vidal Trip

    Just returned from a week of camping and riding with friends in Valle Vidal. What beautiful country. We camped at Cimarron Campground and rode out each day on our horses. My GPS said we covered 45 miles in three days of riding. Most of our rides were south and west of the campground. It rained...
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    Dish Network and Hunting/Fishing shows

    Dish keeps raising the price of our satellite subscription. Wife keeps calling and telling them no higher fees. So, Dish has taken away three of the four stations that showed outdoor programming on our program package. Is there anyway to get the hunting and fishing shows online without going...
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    Antelope Point Creep

    Seems as if there was quite a bit of point creep this year over last in the antelope draw. The unit we applied for took 6 points to draw in the special and last two years only took 2!! I looked at a few other units and saw similar point creep. Anyone know what drove the points up??
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    Does Wyoming send out checks or just credit the credit cards when unsuccessful. This is my second time applying and first unsuccessful, just wondering.
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    135 Antelope backdoor

    Looks like I get to go hunt with nephew for lopes. It will be his first time. Got maps and some ideas for starting places. Nephew will be stopping in La Junta for clarification on some access points. Does anyone want to offer suggestions for camping spots and places to look or avoid? Open...
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    Application dates

    When does the application period open this year?
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    bino case question

    For those that use a bino case with a magnetic closure (horn hunter), have you noticed any interference with your GPS?? Thanks Phantom Hunter
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    Spring bears

    Question for you folks from Idaho. If, I was to head your way for a spring bear hunt who do you recommend for an outfitter? Thanks.
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    bino harness w/cover

    I have ordered some new binos. I am wanting to protect them a little better than my previous pair. For those who use the harness/covers what are the pros and cons? Do the interfere with wearing a daypack? I normally have a daypack on while hunting and these bino hub type harness w/covers...
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    Binos harness and cover

    I have ordered some new binos. I am wanting to protect them a little better than my previous pair. For those who use the harness/covers what are the pros and cons? Do the interfere with wearing a daypack? I normally have a daypack on while hunting and these bino hub type harness w/covers...
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    Meopro vs vipers

    So the meostar is better than razors what about next step down? How do Meopro 10x42 copare with Vipers?
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    Travel help needed

    Will be driving up to muzzy hunt near Silt. Am needing info on a spot to pull over and rest horses either just south of Denver on 25 or preferably just west of Denver on 70. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Your Opinion??

    Just wondered what folks think of the NMGF moving elk muzzy and rifle seasons to a later date? Seems like less bugling, more bull holed up to recover from rutting activities. Is this intended to reduce success on mature bulls? What are your thoughts.
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    2015-2016 Rules booklet is up

    The 2015-2016 Big Game Rules and Info booklet is up on-line. Looks like alot of the elk season dates are a week later than I remember???
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    Looking ahead

    Looking toward 2015. My buddy and I are wanting to try to pick up a second choice cow tag for the the muzzy season. Had thought about units 41,42, 421, 521 but don't know if that would be our best hunt. Anyone with suggestions? PM if you want. Thanks
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    Skull bleaching question

    I have an antelope skull that was cleaned (mostly) by beetles at the local university. When I got the skull back there were areas of dark dis-colorization on the nose area. I tried boiling with some hydogen peroxide added and tried regular bleach letting in dry in the sun for 3-4 days each...
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    Thanks Mayhill and Cloudcroft residents

    Wife and I were on vacation near Mayhill this past week. Had a little truck trouble which could have been very expensive and a huge headache, but thanks to the kind folks in Mayhill and Cloudcroft we got truck fixed at minimal expense and were able to continue with our vacation and return to...
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    Anti's new tool

    Just saw where for $4.95 you can someone to bug your senator or rep. Seems like mostly left-leaning folks including wolf lovers are using it.
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    Cloudcroft area trout

    looking for contact info for access to fish the Rio Penasco or some other trout water when we are in the Cloudcroft area in July. Wife and I will be riding the trails on our horses but wife's cousin wants to trout fish. Any info appreciated.
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    I concede

    Well it's time to concede defeat and accept the fact I have no elk tag this year. Congrats to those who drew. May your hunts be successful. I think I will plan a tuna fishing trip to ease the pain!!
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    State Control???

    State control movement may have gained some momentum. May or may not be good for hunters.
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    2014 Regs

    Does anyone when the 2014 Regs will be available?
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    Accubonds and elk

    Have any of you had any experience shooting bull elk with Accubonds? My NM bull this year was shot with a 7MM Rem Mag shooting 160 gr Accubonds at 2900fps. The bullet hit just below the elbow joint on the left shoulder, took out about 2" of bone and went on into the chest cavity. The bull...
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    Thanks New Mexico

    A word of thanks to all those from New Mexico that offered tip and advice on my elk hunt to 6A. I was successful with a short beamed 6 point. Beautiful country and all those I met were friendly and helpful. Can't figure out how to post a pic.
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    Alpen Customer Service

    I recently wrote Alpen the following message; I have an Alpen window mount for spotting scopes. On a recent antelope hunt the top portion which tightens the head broke. Is there a way to get it replaced? One day later I get this reply; Thank you for your inquiry. We are terribly sorry for...
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    Anyone been up in 6A for Archery hunts? Have the first rifle hunt and was wondering about conditions, (wet?, rut?, etc???).
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    Horse training tip

    With lots of guys getting ready to hit the high country horseback on elk/mulie hunts I thought I would pass along a little technique that has worked for me. I always desensitize my horses to gunfire to try to help avoid one breaking a lead rope and running 10 miles back to the trailer. I have...
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    Lander Taxi

    Any of you Wyoming guys know anything about the taxidermist in Lander? Just in case I need one for the monster lope I am going to find next month :-)
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