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  1. BradA

    For Sale Phone skope iPhone 10/X

    For sale a phone skope iPhone 10/X case and adapter for btx eyepiece as well as a eyepiece for a STX/ATX. Included iPhone case Eyepiece for STX/ATX Eyepiece for BTX 60.00 including free shipping
  2. BradA

    For Sale Long range arms send it level

    Open to offers
  3. BradA

    For Sale Spartan javelin bipod

    Open to offers!
  4. BradA

    Wyoming Whitetail back

    Dang came out great !
  5. BradA

    2021 appl booklet

    I like how it says to look over the new hunts go to page 38 of a 37 page document
  6. BradA

    Big 3 Elk

    Congratulations on a great bull!!
  7. BradA

    Big un

    Wow that’s what dreams are made of! Congratulations to whoever the hunter is that’s a oil buck.
  8. BradA

    Archery Barbary Success

    Wow ! Nicely done, congratulations great ram.
  9. BradA

    Cow Elk 222-223 Dec Hunt

  10. BradA

    Unit 081 Rifle Deer

    Congratulations on a great buck, sounds like a Ton of fun to see that many bucks a day.
  11. BradA

    Arizona's new log in?

    I checked mine and it seemed to work fine need to verify my points because for some reason I think they are a point off but I have a hard copy of my points to verify against.
  12. BradA

    2021 starts out with a bang, dead pig

    Dang JR your always killing, good work keep after it! Congratulations way to start the year.
  13. BradA

    Huge Arizona Mule Deer Buck

    Great buck thanks for sharing it over here I would have missed it.
  14. BradA

    Duwane Adams Hunter Killed a Monster

    Wow congratulations to the hunter! Such an awesome buck.
  15. BradA

    Utah Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt

    Great video thanks for sharing what did he score and congratulations to your uncle!
  16. BradA

    My 2019 Bighorn hunt pt.3

    Great ram! Beautiful! Congratulations
  17. BradA

    Thanks Treed again & Wapiti Willey

    Congratulations to you and your wife.
  18. BradA

    Is this rocky big enough to shoot on Utah.

    Great story thanks for sharing. Congratulations!
  19. BradA

    My 2020 Rocky and Nelson Sheep hunts

    Wow so awesome! We’re these both nr draws as well? If they are you really beat the odds to draw two nr tags in one year! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  20. BradA

    For Sale Long range arms send it level

  21. BradA

    For Sale Spartan javelin bipod

  22. BradA

    For Sale Spartan javelin bipod

    Collapsed and extended lengths for everyone.
  23. BradA

    2021 Regs

    If they are post the Link.
  24. BradA

    Unit 081 Rifle Deer

    Congratulations that’s a good year I would say, like the three bucks against the tent pic.
  25. BradA

    For Sale Long range arms send it level

    This level can be taken on and off of a rifle and be put on another without having to re confirm the rifle is level and then installing it.
  26. BradA

    For Sale Spartan javelin bipod

    There is some confusion to what model is for sale this is the link to the model I’m selling only difference is mine is the first generation and that they changed the look and color. Also the legs adjust for more height.
  27. BradA

    For Sale Long range arms send it level

    This is a brand new long range arms send it shooting level, still in the box and comes with everything. 200.00 with free shipping
  28. BradA

    For Sale Spartan javelin bipod

    I have a like new Spartan javelin bipod for sale, comes with everything included. 230.00 with free shipping.
  29. BradA

    Daughters 28.5” bad boy

    That’s so awesome congratulations to her! So great !
  30. BradA

    Bighorn Sheep draw

    Thank you for this information, may consider it depending on funds and hope for the random tag draw to come my way highly unlikely but you gotta play to win.
  31. BradA

    Marble Sheep success

    Not a age requirement but length requirement and I think that is the reasoning behind having a spotter to confirm and verify that it is a legal ram.
  32. BradA

    444 4th Season Info

    I appreciate your response I was considering this unit for 3rd season 2021 which will be close to 4th season dates and have heard this from others which this makes my decision to take this unit off the table for 21 thank you.
  33. BradA

    Bighorn Sheep draw

    Looks like I’m that case I may apply for sheep in Wyoming this year. Will you have to purchase a hunting license to apply?
  34. BradA

    444 4th Season Info

    Have you hunted 3rd and or 4th season in 444?
  35. BradA

    Marble Sheep success

    Nice congratulations!
  36. BradA

    Idaho 2020

    Congratulations great buck! Can’t wait to hear what the data sheet shows. Feel like it’s rare to have collared buck.
  37. BradA

    Nice buck for CA

    That’s a neat cool buck for anywhere !
  38. BradA

    Marble Sheep success

    Congratulations, beautiful ram. What did he score?
  39. BradA

    10 Days of Desert Sheep Hunting

    Wow great ram congratulations to the hunter and everyone that helped on the hunt that’s a grinder of a hunt for deserts but it paid off!
  40. BradA

    2020 Season Recap

    Nice work looks like a busy year! Congratulations on all The success
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