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  1. buckspotter7

    124 Elk

    Did your son end up killing a bull?
  2. buckspotter7

    Nice buck for CA

    Absolute tank! Huge neck, super thick horns, nice buck!! Also noticed the scuffed up nose. Burnt tree in the background, could be anywhere in CA though
  3. buckspotter7

    10 Days of Desert Sheep Hunting

    Awesome story! Congrats to the hunter. Hope to be in his shoes someday.
  4. buckspotter7

    G3 Zone 2020

    Nice old buck! Thanks for sharing
  5. buckspotter7

    Wyoming Unit 117

    That’s a good first Muley! Congrats
  6. buckspotter7

    I got a wake up call

    The shelves are bare, lines out the door and prices through the roof. It’s almost as bad as trying to find toilet paper.
  7. buckspotter7

    Ever seen one of these??

    I noticed young bull’s pedicles are tall and thin. Might be more susceptible to breaking. Seems fairly common. My wife’s bull from this year
  8. FC86DE27-4179-46F2-987C-710F19390349.png


  9. buckspotter7

    An intro with a big buck

    Nice intro! 👍 very unique buck. Welcome
  10. buckspotter7

    Favorite Movie

    Unforgiven Untouchables Shawshank Redemption The Patriot Law Abiding Citizen
  11. buckspotter7

    Daughters first big game

    That is a great first antelope!!! Love his look and tall horns. Great story! Congrats
  12. buckspotter7

    2020 Mule Deer Video

    Best 12 minutes I’ve spent in awhile. You have a gift! Thanks for sharing
  13. buckspotter7

    Nevada Rifle 194, 196

    Congrats, you did great! That is a really good looking buck
  14. buckspotter7

    Boone and Crockett or not?

    Nice buck, Congrats! Sorry that monster didn’t show. Let us know if you get a glimpse of him later
  15. buckspotter7

    November Muleys

    My favorite time of year. It is like we were there. Really nice! Thanks for sharing
  16. buckspotter7

    Success in wyoming

    Nice Bull, congrats! I like the euro too. Thanks for posting
  17. buckspotter7

    2020 Nevada Archery Buck

    Great buck!! Way to get it done with your bow! I love tall bucks.
  18. buckspotter7

    Nebraska success Day 1

    Great start! Good luck with the other youth tag. Nice buck!!
  19. buckspotter7

    How wide is he?

    Ya, I was thinking he was about 29” across the G4’s. But a little wider straight across the back, where that 3 or 4” cheater is. Over 30 with the cheater
  20. buckspotter7

    SW Colorado

    Very cool, heavy buck. Thanks for sharing
  21. buckspotter7

    Siskiyou Bull Elk

    Congrats!! That is awesome for you and your Dad.
  22. buckspotter7


    Congrats! That year will be a tough one to top. Friggin’ amazing!!
  23. buckspotter7

    How wide is he?

    +1 ... I say 29” without cheater. Cheater makes him break 30” mark
  24. buckspotter7

    Bucks are starting to move as the rut approaches

    Ya baby! Where is the big guy?
  25. buckspotter7

    Utah OTC Bison Adventure

    Love that story! Thanks for sharing and nice Bull!!
  26. buckspotter7

    Another Help With Score

    He looks like a high 180’s buck to me. Might bump 190
  27. buckspotter7

    East Canyon Moose Tag - Unfilled

    Congrats! Great news. Glad you guys pulled it off.
  28. buckspotter7

    East Canyon Moose Tag - Unfilled

    Saw a little bull across 80 from the golf course around 10/16. Several people pulled over taking pictures. Too late for you I guess. Maybe you were done. Did you find one for your Dad?
  29. buckspotter7

    Would You Eat It?

    Very sad condition, kudos to the guy who used his tag. The coyotes and lions didn’t want to eat it either, I guess.
  30. buckspotter7

    Would You Eat It?

    No, not much chance of me eating that. My first question is, would you shoot it?
  31. buckspotter7

    Thoughts on this guy?

    He has great tine length and inside spread. Looks like really good eye guard on right side, hope his left matches. Can’t see any extras and really symmetrical. I say he is a 190” plus B&C typical. I hope you find him. Maybe he grew a little. Good luck and post another pic of him when you kill him!
  32. buckspotter7

    Thoughts on this guy?

    Absolute stud! Huge body, 30” wide, definite shooter
  33. buckspotter7

    Thoughts on this guy?

    I can see why you put him in the Elk forum!
  34. buckspotter7

    Stinky Skull Boiling Day

    Looks good! Keep the moisture off and it should stay. I’m interested in how it turns out. Several velvet bucks in my garage rafters, still look like the day I killed them
  35. buckspotter7

    Daughter’s 2020 Nevada Buck

    That’s how you do it! Biggest buck on last youth hunt. Congrats to both of you!
  36. buckspotter7

    Area 100 for Elk...

    Any luck yet? I struggled in the unit south of there a couple years ago. Hunted almost 3 weeks bow and rifle before I found elk. Bad water year, but it seemed like you really need to put in your time to find those bulls in the desert. Nice pics Bwht4x4!!
  37. buckspotter7

    Non-Resident OHV Permit

    No problem, except I shorted you a day. I looked it up and it is actually 15 days.
  38. buckspotter7

    Non-Resident OHV Permit

    Don’t need one if you’re staying less than 14 days
  39. buckspotter7

    Score this Book Cliffs buck

    I’ll take a shot. Very cool buck! 190 gross and 110 net.
  40. buckspotter7

    CA Marble Mountains Elk

    Great story & great pics! Congrats to you both.
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