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    Sierra Madre Outfitters

    Holy ****! That is terrible.
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    Appointees to the new Wildlife Group...

    For what it is worth, I am part of a non profit on the east coast and we gave 30k last year to fund sheep projects in Wyoming. I know not a ton of money but still feel like it does help. Also, I have already told my wife when I have enough points I am moving to Wyoming.
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    FB and Twitter got dumped

    The one big difference I see is that their customers asked for the sites to be blocked and that if you are a customer and want those sites you can be added on the allowed list. Still think it is a slippery slope.
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    Not the first to the neighborhood...

    Thats awesome!
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    The purge has begun

    Well before this gets locked and deleted, I find the censorship way more worrisome then the any of the riots. It is becoming clear that "healing and unity" means come to certain way of thinking or you will be cancelled, and you, your family, your friends, your job, your life will be under...
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    Freedom lost

    I can agree with that, I think the biggest issue we have is most live in an echo chamber. This has caused people to not understand how to be civil and have a difference of opinion and that it is ok to have that difference.
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    Freedom lost

    Grizzly, thats a bit of cherry picking. There is a lot of awful stuff by democrat representatives regarding Trump and Trump supportors. I agree it doesn't make it right.. I think it is that the rules are not applied evenly. The iran ayatollah still has an active Twitter account and he has...
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    Freedom lost

    That isn't necessarily true. If Google censored content (like removing Parler) then it would meant they are publisher and could be held liable for the content published. I agree it is a slippery slope. The censorship of news, and the canceling on how people get their news should be...
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    Are you talking about bitcoin or our current system where the fed prints money out of thin air?
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    Still kind of early to buy Eth, LTC, ADA, XLM, DOT, LINK. No one is really talking a out those yet.
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    I think it should be a small part of everyone's portfolio (5%). I know guys that have made a ton and lost a ton. A small buying program of the main ones (BTC, ETH, LINK, etc) and you will be ok. Much like stocks the guys who are really making money treat it as a full time job. I am not sure...
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    WY license revenue

    I'm just going to move to Wyoming.
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    Bighorn Sheep draw

    @highfastflyer this is a great point. I know they (I think it is the State of SD) are actively studying a possible vaccine to pneumonia. I think we are gaining a much better understanding of how it impacts herds and how to transplant/recover populations. I think there is a lot of hope in this...
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    WY license revenue

    I guess that was my point that creating opportunity is more complex of an issue than shifting tags around.
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    WY license revenue

    Its really not a damn good deal in the long term. No one is really addressing the whole conservation aspect and how we improve the population to improve tag numbers. Moose populations keep crashing is the solution to do a 100% allocation to residents? Make it OIL? Sheep numbers are lower, why...
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    WY license revenue

    I think you actually got on board with the OIL rule.
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    WY license revenue

    Utah does it... Wait bad example.
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    WY license revenue

    This might be a silly question, but if Moose Tags are down 75% and sheep tags are down 50% and the deer herd is hurting, shouldn't that be the top three items the task force is addressing? I feel like saying our herds are hurting so let's shift the tag allocation around is not a long term...
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    WY license revenue

    First and foremost, as a non resident of Wyoming I want to say thank you for the tag allocation to non-resident hunters. I have hunted Wyoming twice and have really enjoyed it and the people in Wyoming are pretty awesome compared to alot of places. My personal opinion (and it is worth what you...
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    Wyoming elk feedlots

    There is really no way to stop the spread since it is spread through prions and not a live virus. The original group in CO they killed and burned the herd. Completely new herd came in and caught it. It is concerning that our wildlife managers think the appropriate strategy is to kill more...
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    Was Monster Muleys Saved Today?

    Founder, I actually think if you didn't do that you would still be protected by 230. It is once you become an "editor" that you would lose said protections. My understanding of what they were trying to do with 230 and social media is more directed at Twitter who will suspend accounts and take...
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    The "media"? Its 100% propaganda

    Thats cant be right, the media was way too in love with Fauci.
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    Public Land Pronghorn, Unit 24

    Enjoyed the video! Pretty cool man! Congratulations!
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    Are masks working

    Here is my issue with the whole mask thing. They are not a magic bullet and they won't save you, so many people I know act as if they will save you and offer 100% protection. As many of pointed out, the experts have been clear that it is not 100% effective. Their is a ton of misinformation out...
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    Are masks working

    With all do respect, they said not to wear a mask on March so medical workers could stock pile them. Seems like a bit of a middle finger to public.
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    Are masks working

    Wise words.
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    Tundra Swan and Duck Hunt

    They are eating wheat in NC, they will taste pretty good. Not 3000 dollars good though.
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    Namibia October 2020

    Yeah Jan's property is huge! They were on my short list of people to hunt with. If anyone has seen Hatari, Jan (the original) assisted with the animal handling. Pretty cool experience! I'm jealous and congratulations on a great trip.
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    Fraudulent Hunt

    This happens in Virginia lottery hunts.
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    Got Covid

    Hope you get well soon!
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    Semi-Auto Federal Tax

    I was just thinking this, I am pretty young and I remember when this was in place. It even impacted pistol grips on shotguns (turkey hunters). Also, getting these firearms in the NFA might be a loophole because they aren't banning, it would be arguement on if a 200 dollar tax stamp is...
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    NR limits

    I guess if there is no change in the number of tags sold, how does that help the deer herd? I think that is what has lost me in this whole conversation. I'm not sure selling less non resident tags will mean more deer though it sounds like it will remove some of the pressure on the hardest hit...
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    First Swan. Recipes?

    I cut the breast thin, soak them with a little olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning and grill them. My favor thing is to make them into cheese steak subs.
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    NR Fees

    I will probably still put in, but the increase in license and app fees for the control hunts (non refundable) hurts especially given the already long odds. 45 dollar app fee seems a but excessive.
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    My Opinion

    I feel like this is a troll thread. The bigger threat to hunting, is infighting and bickering amongst ourselves rather than how someone takes a picture.
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    Retirement and PP question.

    Pics??? Story??
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    Antelope 48-1

    Great buck, congratulations to you and your son!! Glad you got to do it the way you wanted!
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    Irish drinking joke

    How else do you work in a coal mine?
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    Not a bad week

    Thats awesome!!! Congratulations!
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