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    Falken wildpeak At/3W tires

    Had a set on my eco boost and loved them. Went over 70,000 miles and still had tread left to burn. Great all around tire.
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    Where would you apply for elk?

    You know he’ll help. Just use Visa, MasterCard or Venmo for one of his scouting packages and boom. Thank you come again!
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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    Spikes are doing the breading. 😂😂😂
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    Who is the toughest MM'r?

    I would let Bowhuntswitharifle kick my A$$! 😍
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    Unit 5 3rd deer

    Thanks to those that replied will keep you posted how it goes
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    Wide Wyoming Buck 2020

    Awesome buck
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    Late Season Manti Elk Tag for Dad!!!

    Why do you Assume Bloodtrackers Gender?
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    Unit 5 3rd deer

    lol Supposedly it is in Colorado!? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Unit 5 3rd deer

    Picked up the tag off the Reissued list today and starting my research. Not much info on the deer hunting from what I can find, might be a good or bad thing!? 😬Curious what to expect as far as quality goes. Also trying to figure out the best lodging, motel if close, tent or trailer. Any...
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    SOLD Fierce carbon Muzz .45 cal

    Yes Mrs Booty knows. It’s going to pay for part of her shoulder surgery next week.
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    SOLD Fierce carbon Muzz .45 cal

    Here’s a link
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    SOLD Fierce carbon Muzz .45 cal

    Only tried the one load and it was under an inch at 100. Called it good for my wife’s hunt. Shot gongs @ 3-500
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    SOLD Fierce carbon Muzz .45 cal

    Yes sir. Foldable Rod
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    SOLD Fierce carbon Muzz .45 cal

    Fierce Carbon .45 cal Muzzleloader. Bought this summer. Shoots great Running 280 gr Powerbelts 100 gr BH 209. $2,500 (801)668-0848
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    My Opinion

    Oh 💩💩💩 I’ll have a talk with my wife and tell her she’s disrespectful to the elk she killed because some guy on the Internet says so. Technically she was pretend humping it so maybe she’ll get a pass?!
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    Unit 44 one day to hunt

    PM Sent
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    SOLD Swaro ATX 65mm

    25-60 eye piece. Just sold it
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    SOLD Swaro ATX 65mm

    Perfect condition Swarovski ATX 65. Bought a month ago and used on my wife’s LE hunt. $2,900 obo.
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    Which one to get after???

    How much did he pay Founder for GPS cords?
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    My 2020 buck

    And stud buck congrats!
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    My 2020 buck

    I know exactly where he hunts. Region K
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    Z's 2020 PISSCUTTER BUCK!!!

    Holy hell I thought Z disappeared of the earth.
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    Which one to get after???

    I would just sell them both.
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    2020 Utah Archery Buck Down!

    You told me the same exact thing last year, Elkassassin. 🧐
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    I know we have seen a few over the years 2010 we saw a wolf chasing deer opening day. My uncle shot a buck not far from there and when we got to the buck the Wolf was on it. A few years later I saw one in the fields with the cattle off the main road close to where you turn off to your camp...
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    2020 Utah Archery Buck Down!

    Awesome, glad it worked out this year
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    I need some. But not for the cva
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    Wet June

    My grandmothers name is June. She’s 93. And single!!!
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    Antlerless CC Hits

    Holy **** I drew!!!!
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    Leica Duovids 10-15x50

    Pm sent
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    I’m gonna miss her...

    LMAO! 😂😂😂
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    I’m gonna miss her...

    STFU!!! Times are tough.
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    I’m gonna miss her...

    Same here 😢 I loved the way she tasted in my mouth.
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    Draw results?

    Does a green selected mean I drew?
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    Leica Duovids 10-15x50

    I had a pair years ago and loved them. Regret selling them. Where are you located?
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    Vernon Deer Tag Draw Opportunity

    Great question. Is the Voucher good to hunt the private land it was issued? If no, why not?
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    Please don’t compliment Smitty as his head is already big enough. Hopefully he’ll chime in.
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    Book Cliffs

    Y’all realize this post is from last year?
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    I love them.
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    Are you Grim Reaper Pro Staff!? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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