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    Video: 450 yard kill shot by teen girl, small buck

    Great shot!
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    How big?

    I'd guess low 170's. Beautiful cape - looks like a double throat patch
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    Dang, what a tough ending. Thanks for sharing.
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    2020 LE Muzzle-loader Bull

    That is a great bull, even better with a ML and only 5 points burned to draw. Congratulations!!
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    Daughters Idaho buck

    Congratulations to your daughter!!! Good on you for taking her out to have these kinds of experiences.
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    Learning to hunt the grey ghost

    Meat is fantastic!! Much better than the stinky mule deer I got this year.
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    Congratulations!! Great season.
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    2020 Mule Deer Video

    Great video - thanks for sharing with us.
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    First coues

    Coues are very hard to hunt, killing an old buck is a great accomplishment!! Congrats.
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    November Muleys

    Great video!! Also encouraging to see some mature bucks let after hunting seasons.
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    Best chest waders for Alaska hunting

    Just signed up to go moose hunting in Alaska in 2022. Would love some ideas for breathable chest waders. We'll be using some pack rafts so hip waders won't work on this trip. I've heard that Simms G3 are the best but I'm struggling to justify $600+ for a piece of gear that won't get much use...
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    Learning to hunt the grey ghost

    I cut up the meat over the weekend. It has no 'gamey smell at all and is the color of pork. Excited to cook some up tonight.
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    Learning to hunt the grey ghost

    Got to try my hand at coues for the second time. First time was a late season rifle hunt and this was the 2nd season rifle hunt. We saw lots of deer on opening day but no shot opportunities. Days 2-4 were blustery - coues seem to be scared of their shadow and everything else when the wind is...
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    Tough but fun

    Just finished a late ML deer hunt. It was tough with full moon, warm temps, and deer that had been hunted three times already this year. Only found 7 bucks over 6 days of hunting. Only two were 4 points. Found this buck at last light on the 3rd. It was WAY up on the mountain but was skylined...
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    For Sale Crispi Nevada Boots

    Most comfortable boots I've ever owned, if these were my size I'd buy them from you!
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    Alaska unguided moose hunts.

    A friend and I just booked a hunt with Willow Air for 2022. We were very interested in Papa Bear but they told us we'd have to put our names on a list from which they will draw to see who gets to hunt with them in 2023, and the drawing won't happen until Nov 2021. I'm much too impatient for that.
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    Stud Idaho Moose down

    Great bull - he looks very close to 50"!!! Congrats to your wife!!
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    SOLD Kuiu Chugach NX rain gear Large

    Sent you a PM
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    Boone and Crockett or not?

    Spectacular buck - best of luck to you
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    1st day 500 yards.

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    2020 East Canyon Moose Tag!

    You're welcome to give me a call, I had that tag in 2016 and saw a handful of good bulls. Happy to share. I'll send my phone number via PM
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    2021 Colorado Mule Deer (8 NR Points)

    Third season will probably offer the best chance at a 170" buck with 8 points. Should be at least a hand full of units where you can draw a tag. Another really fun (although physically harder) option is an early rifle tag. The mountains are spectacular in Sept and the bucks are usually still in...
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    Wyoming Unit 62 Elk

    Congratulations!!! Great bull.
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    Score this Book Cliffs buck

    Super cool buck regardless of score. If I saw that one standing next to a 175" typical I'd take the unique one every time.
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    Book Cliffs

    Great buck!!! I think any of us here would be very excited to harvest one like that (even those that need a stamped and certified score sheet :).
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    SOLD Kuiu Sitka

    Sent you a PM
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    431” Monroe Bull

    Wow, what a great bull.
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    Fun WY antelope hunt

    More just dreaming of having a place there (if I live there 6 months +1 day I can get resident licenses!!).
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    Fun WY antelope hunt

    First hunt of the year in the books. I put in for and easier-to-draw antelope tag on a whim back in the summer after not getting a couple of tags I though I would draw. I had never been to the area before but it looked like a beautiful place to do a camping trip and hope to find an OK buck. It...
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    Semi-live Utah LE Elk Muzzy Hunt

    Congratulations!! Sounds like you had a great time all summer until opening day.
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    BBD and he tastes great!

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    muzzle loader buck hunt utah monroe area

    Not a lot of places you can get away from roads in that unit. I like the country between Manning Meadows and Upper Box Creek as you have to walk it. I always see deer on Forshea Mountain that time of year too. Best of luck, it is a beautiful place. Stop by Pine Creek Cabins Resort and show us...
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    Alaska unguided moose hunts.

    Eric, I sent you a PM.
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    Which one to get after???

    Second buck - he is really cool
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    BNIB Schnees Divide 11 400G

    Purchased a pair of boots from Wyhntr a few weeks ago. They were just as described and he shipped them quickly. Don't worry about buying from him.
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    WTT 300 Weatherby for 270 or 6.5 CM

    @backcountrybutcher, I sent you a PM
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    SOLD Lowa Tibet GTX sz 11.5

    Sent you a PM.
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    WTT 300 Weatherby for 270 or 6.5 CM

    I have started gifting my rifles to my sons but this one is a bit too much caliber for them. Thought I would float doing a trade with someone that is looking for a magnum rifle. I would like to trade for a comparably valued rifle and scope in 270 Win or 6.5 CM (these are calibers I already...
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