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  1. marley

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

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  5. marley

    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    I would love to get some n565 from you. I do have some 215M primers (not a ton) or I can pay you for it.
  6. marley

    Double pedestal ideas

    No they just recommended that I come out and enjoy a fun weekend with friends, hunting instead of dealing with the stresses of work. They didn’t have any advice for a mount.
  7. marley

    Double pedestal

    I shot these two in Michigan this year. I’m wanting to do a double pedestal mount and wanting some ideas if you have any.
  8. marley

    Double pedestal ideas

    I shot these two in Michigan this year. I’m wanting to do a double pedestal mount and wanting some ideas if you have any.
  9. marley

    Daughters first elk

    My daughter: “the one on the right is the biggest one.” Me: “yeah but we’re going to shoot the one on the far left.” we were two miles in.
  10. marley

    ISO N565 powder

    I know this might be a long shot but anyone in UT or CO have any N565 powder they would sell?
  11. marley

    Daughters first elk

    My daughter got her first big game animal this year. Shot her cow at 563 yards with my 28 Nosler. Couldn’t be more proud of her.
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  14. marley

    Daughters first

    This was my daughters first deer hunt and she made good on a 358 yard shot with my 28 Nosler. Man it’s fun with the kids.
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  16. marley

    Sherman calibers

    I have read most of the stuff over there. Not much talk on velocities with a 20" barrel. I'm betting I'll be in the 2950 fps range with 143 grain bullets.
  17. marley

    Sherman calibers

    Anyone ever build a rifle in a 6.5 SST? Having one built now as a lightweight short barrel to run suppressed. Not much out there about the caliber other than it should run pretty close to the PRC in a true short action. Interested in your velocities in a 20” barrel if anyone knows.
  18. marley

    Neat Things You Found While Hunting

    A couple years ago my daughter and I were walking back to camp after hunting all day and found a $20 bill, then another $20, and another, then a $100 bill, then another. Over all we found $600. A little bit further down the trail we found a wallet. Using the drivers license and social media...
  19. marley

    Staying Warm While Waiting

    I have a "sleeping quilt" that is down and only weighs a little over a pound and packs down really small. If it's really cold I wrap it around my legs while I'm glassing.
  20. marley

    Dialed in

    Three shot group at 500 yards next to my thumb. The other copper colored shots are my friends. Would you let me shoot at you at a 1000 Homer? 😆
  21. marley

    Perfect size

    Cheap hack but these little zipfizz powdered drink things are perfect size for muzzy Bullets and powder.
  22. marley

    Bull Elk Rifle Success Photo Contest ... Easy to Enter

    2017 AZ late season bull
  23. marley

    Man cave/trophy room

    Go black!
  24. marley


    I can’t stand deer. It tastes just like their gut pile smells. I’m glad there are people that like it though so I have someone to donate it to.
  25. marley

    Bull Elk Archery Success Photo Contest ... Easy to Enter

    2018 NV archery bull
  26. marley

    Trophy Buck on the Wall Photo Contest!

    I couldn’t decide on my favorite.
  27. marley

    Applying for deer

    Here he is
  28. marley

    Applying for deer

  29. marley

    Horn mass vs longer points

    65 “ of mass
  30. marley

    Applying for deer

    No for reals. I also drew a NR Utah mountain goat tag with 2 points, the NM Valle Vidal elk tag the first time applying, a Boulder mountain elk tag with 11 points, a NV 111-115 archery elk tag with 11 points, and a Henry’s...
  31. marley

    Applying for deer

    I drew the Henry’s NR rifle tag in 2010 with one point.
  32. marley

    111-113 archery elk

    I drew 111-115 archery as a nonresident in 2018 with 11 points. Awesome unit with lots of great bulls.
  33. marley

    Any CCs been hit yet?

    And May 9th in 2018
  34. marley

    Kevin Weaver custom 28 Nosler

    This rifle is an absolute hammer. Just want to start another build.
  35. marley

    E-tags out?

    I drew a coues tag
  36. marley

    E-tags out?

    Check for your E-Tag on the E-Tag app.
  37. marley

    Draw results up

    If you switch your online tag preference to the E-Tag option and then login into the E-Tag app you can see if you drew right now. I got my first coues tag
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