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  1. jvgunner

    NR Fees

  2. jvgunner

    NR Fees

  3. jvgunner

    NR Fees

    Compare that to Colorado 1990 res tags 431k non res tags 183k 2020 res tags 471k Non res tags 111k Wyoming 1990 res tags 213k non res tags 87k 2020 res tags 178k non res tags...
  4. jvgunner

    NR Fees

    According to Us fish & wildlife service. 1990 res tags, lic, stamps sold 590,368 & Non-res 73,794 2020 res 1,270,017 & Non-res 219,419 Over double the amount sold to residents & triple amount to non. Yes non res...
  5. jvgunner

    NR Fees

    No your telling yourself that Pickett!
  6. jvgunner

    2 BIG bucks down!

    179 & 191 7/8
  7. jvgunner

    NR Fees

    Because Idaho has gained 750,000 residents in the last 30 years with out adjusting tags. I do get out & off the road to hunt. I know there are good animals in Idaho but like most states, it needs to work on the herds.
  8. jvgunner

    NR Fees

    I like it but they also need to go to draw & reduce tags for residents to help the herds.
  9. jvgunner

    Idaho NR tag system

    I did not even bother with it knowing it was a big Dog & pony show. My areas all sold out!. This runs like the election system. Needs to go to a draw for Residents & Non-residents With reduced tags.
  10. jvgunner

    Glendower Fire

    Yes, Live in sw medford, we were evacuated, wife & kids left & I stayed watering down the house & myself. Propane tanks blowing up by the dozens & I could see the flames from my roof top. Finally the wind shifted about 3 a.m. & the fires slowed. My neighborhood is safe. Phoenix & Talent hit...
  11. jvgunner

    2020 Az deer draw

    Rough, Sounds like my last 17 years of waiting.
  12. jvgunner

    Kaibab late rifle

    That would be just fine with me, I'll take her to 13b for 6 weeks.
  13. jvgunner

    Kaibab late rifle

    I have hope with 18 nr. Good Luck
  14. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    I stuck to my guns, 13B rifle & 12-Aw late.
  15. jvgunner

    Slamdunk its time

    I have been a member for many years.
  16. jvgunner

    20 BP's

    how did your hunt go bruin4l
  17. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    Hopefully this weather cycle will continue for the next few years. How is the precipitation on the Kaibab and the strip?
  18. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    Yes I do bow hunt. I have been putting in for early rifle elk the last few years. Was hoping for a 09/27 tag this year but nada
  19. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    I wish i would have got my lifetime hunting license when I lived In AZ in the 90's. May have saved some money. Thanks for the info BOHNTR. I will keep at it. Also with my 19 elk pts. I hope I do not die before hunting AZ again.😁
  20. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    I know I am a ways out from max. But a guy has to dream a little, especially with 18 pts. You know the sun shine on a dogs A__ every once in awhile.
  21. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    Non Resident
  22. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    With the draw coming up for deer in AZ, I thought I would add my annual question. Which Norther AZ hunt would you do with 18pts this year. My choice will most likely be 13 b rifle/ 12aw late, Or 13b rifle/13b archery. Love to hear the experts thoughts. We all need things to look up. Looking...
  23. jvgunner

    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    Good luck, I should have got my lifetime license when i lived down their in the 90's
  24. jvgunner

    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    what units, I have 18, don't think i got pulled, but going for early rifle.
  25. jvgunner

    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    Nothing yet.
  26. jvgunner

    Date of credit card hits?

    Praying to the Elk draw gods!
  27. jvgunner

    So, what Elk unit did you apply for...?

    Non Res, 18 points, 9 early rifle, 27 early rifle. Come on elk draw gods!
  28. jvgunner

    Gun Legislation

    Everyone needs to get out & VOTE
  29. jvgunner

    2018 western slope buck

    I hunt western slope every year! Gods country.
  30. jvgunner

    2018 western slope buck

    Not to shabby. Congrats
  31. jvgunner

    17 NR ELK Points

    CouesFanatic Right on. First Podcast I have sat thru. Good info. Thank you
  32. jvgunner

    17 NR ELK Points

    I am in nearly same boat. Going in with 18 non resident. Think I'm going to keep at a early rifle tag, even though it may take 6+yrs. I have been thinking hard about 27, 1, 3b, 3c. It would be a good year to go with the moisture AZ has been getting of late, Still could be dry this summer. Point...
  33. jvgunner

    What would you give for a kiabab tag this year?

    LAST EDITED ON May-27-19 AT 04:51PM (MST)[p]13B / 12AW Late, 17Pts, Non Res. It's got to happen sometime!
  34. jvgunner

    Colorado deer Poll

    Oregon 2
  35. jvgunner

    Kaibab archery hunt question

    +1 for BOHHNTR Great hunt, Get into the woods & you will do fine!
  36. jvgunner

    WTB unit 62 2nd season

    looking for a Unit 62 2nd season deer tag. Thanks
  37. jvgunner

    Odds of early snow?

    I hunted Co for the last 4 years or so in a row in both the 2nd & 3rd season. For the most part it has been dry with any storms that did come through dropping minimal precipitation. The Last good storm I hunted in was in 08' If I remember correctly about 4" on valley in 2nd season. My guess this...
  38. jvgunner


    late Applegate muzzy for my wife & I. no Elk with 11Pts
  39. jvgunner

    Kaibab-What to do this year?

    Sorry I meant 13 b with first choice, My Bad!
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