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  1. BradA

    For Sale Phone skope iPhone 10/X

    For sale a phone skope iPhone 10/X case and adapter for btx eyepiece as well as a eyepiece for a STX/ATX. Included iPhone case Eyepiece for STX/ATX Eyepiece for BTX 60.00 including free shipping
  2. BradA

    For Sale Long range arms send it level

    This is a brand new long range arms send it shooting level, still in the box and comes with everything. 200.00 with free shipping
  3. BradA

    For Sale Spartan javelin bipod

    I have a like new Spartan javelin bipod for sale, comes with everything included. 230.00 with free shipping.
  4. BradA

    SOLD Brand new, Kuiu icon pro 7200 pack

    I have for sale a Kuiu icon pro 7200 pack brand new, never used, never been in the field. I purchased it with the mindset of going on a backpack living off of my back type hunt and never did and since I have a whole other pack set up for normal non backpack hunting I have never used this...
  5. BradA

    SOLD Women’s kings camo new

    My wife never wore either long sleeve or the pants just the jacket once. Women’s size medium kings camo jacket used once. Retails for 149.00 For sale for 115.00 Women’s size medium long sleeve kings camo shirts, retail for 35.00 For sale for 20.00 each Have 2 shirts available as of now...
  6. BradA

    SOLD Kuiu gear for sale

    For sale Kuiu ultra 3000 pack in verde, new frame, Size regular frame S-M belt/Suspension Comes with all extra straps and hardware when pack was purchased (shown in picture) Never packed an animal out, no blood stains, pack is in brand new condition, hardly any use. Come with verde hip/belt...
  7. BradA

    For Sale Kuiu gear

    Most of this gear is brand new never worn or hardly used. Only reason I am selling is I lost weight and don’t fit them any longer. Attack pants Attack pants, vias size 36 waist Tall (brand new/never worn) Attack pants, Verde size 36 regular in length (brand new/never worn) Attack Pants...
  8. BradA

    For Sale Hawkins precision rings

    Long range hybrid rings, with bubble level top ring. Fits Remington 700 clone / Remington 700 action. 30mm tube, 25 moa built in. These rings are like new and have not been lapped. I don’t recall how much I paid I think they retail for 110.00 bucks with the bubble level centered on the ring...
  9. BradA

    Lifetime license

    I’m curious does Nevada offer a lifetime license option to residents ?
  10. BradA

    Apply in the draw

    I applied this last weekend but I am curious Due to a conversation had. When applying for sheep or a species with low draw odds, would it be wiser with the current format of the draw to apply for units with less applications or units with a higher permit available in the unit?
  11. BradA

    Sheep application

    When will the 2020-2021 regs with how many tags per unit be available. I looked online and all they have is the 2019-2020 unless I just can’t find it.
  12. BradA

    Thoughts on purposed changes

    I’m curious to see what everyone’s opinions are on the changes NDOW is considering ?
  13. BradA

    Kokanee guide service

    I’m looking at booking a hunt with them I am curious if anyone has any experience with them and if it was good or bad? And if you guys would recommend them for a dall sheep hunt.
  14. BradA

    Alaska dall sheep hunt

    I’m planning on trying to book a hunt in 2021 for a dall sheep hunt for the year of 2024. I am looking for advice of outfitters to go with? Not go with? Would love to hear experience had with outfitters, good and bad. I would like to have the hunt videotaped to be able to share it with my family...
  15. BradA

    New Mexico guides draw

    I’m looking to apply with a guide for the sheep draw as well as ibex, how much of an actual advantage will this give me? And do any of you have any experience with any guides that you recommend for this?
  16. BradA

    2020 plans

    I am already doing research and looking into units I can draw as a second choice in order to save my points for the 2021 season. I am curious about you guys thoughts on these units? And if anyone has hunted it? Or has any pictures of the units? Unit 27 3rd Unit 29 3rd or 4th Unit 34 3rd...
  17. BradA

    Unit 444/44

    Kinda planning out my hunting schedule for the following couple years of tags I can draw in what order and I'm trying to decide if I would rather draw unit 44 period 2 or unit 444 period 4 next year. What I am wondering is what experience anyone is willing to share, if they have hunted it or...
  18. BradA

    Recommend tripod heads

    What Tripod head do you guys use and recommend for your spotting scope? I have a 85mm Swarovski spotter and trying to decide what brand and model tripod head would be best for it. I am a fan of the fluid head.
  19. BradA

    2nd draw

    I can't recall and can't find if you apply for the second draw and draw a tag if you loose your points or not? Trying to prepare myself for not drawing a tag in Nevada or any of the states and picking one up somewhere.
  20. BradA

    Random few things for sale

    Otis patches- opened one package used two out of the package. 10 bucks for both packages.  Hitch safe- 20 dollars have all parts was used for a prior truck I no longer have.  Knife set- 10 dollars  Tipton bore guide- 15 dollars
  21. BradA

    Savage model 10 223

    I am selling a savage model 10. Caliper 223. Hardly used I have shot maybe 50 rounds in the last ten years of owning it which is why I am selling it. Great predator rifle. Bull barrel, large handle knob, mossy oak brush Camo, accutrigger. Has a Nikon 3-9x40 scope and rings, also comes...
  22. BradA

    Vortex viper 15x50 hd / Kuiu Bino Harness

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-25-19 AT 10:18PM (MST)[p]I am selling my vortex viper 15x50 hd binos. The only reason I am selling them is to upgrade my binos. They were just sent into vortex and replaced the eye cups as well as inspected and gone through by vortex. They come with the original box, neck...
  23. BradA

    Barbary sheep

    I seen that New Mexico offers a otc tag option for ibex as well as oryx but I don't see any otc options for Barbara sheep hunt, does nm offer a otc hunt for them?
  24. BradA

    New business

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to or not allowed to have this post up, but I have seen others post on here in regards to there business. Myself and my buddy started a hunting clothing apparel company and I wanted to share it with my fellow forum members. Here is the link to the website and...
  25. BradA

    Tipton rapid deluxe bore guide new and Otis cleaning patches for sale

    Also for sale a tipton rapid deluxe bore guide kit! Brand new never used, recieved one and already had one.  30 dollars with free shipping.  I also have a 2 100 pack of Otis cleaning patches. That are brand new I ordered two packs of them and tried to use two out of one pack and they...
  26. BradA

    Vortex rangefinder ranger 1500

    I have a brand new vortex rangefinder ranger 1500. I took it out of the box took a look at it and put it in the safe. The only reason I haven't used it is because I have a g7 rangefinder that I use instead. Comes with everything including the original box. 300.00 shipped to your front...
  27. BradA

    Application concern

    I'm hoping someone has gone through this situation in the past and knows it will be fine but if not I guess I will contact Arizona fish and game on Monday. I went ahead and purchased my new license for the application year of 2019 and went and applied for elk and antelope and didn't realize...
  28. BradA

    Newell S229-5 reel + jig stick

    This is a used Newell S229-5 it's hardly used and has always been taken care of. It is missing the bottom piece that holds it on to the pole, I'm sure a replacement can be purchased. Asking 200.00 I can ship This item. I also have a 9 foot jig stick that is a custom made pole. Double cork...
  29. BradA

    Vortex window mount

    I have a barely used vortex window mount I didn't end up using it as often as I thought. Selling it for 40 dollars including shipping.
  30. BradA

    2020 elk otc

    Hello, I'm looking at hunting southern Idaho in 2020 otc hunt and was wondering out of these units what one you would recommend. I enjoy glassing a lot and would look into hunting the rifle season, I don't mind hiking or walking and am young so it wouldn't be a issue. I have never killed a bull...
  31. BradA

    Kuiu icon pro 3200 pack & g7 br2 rangefinder

    I have a kuiu icon pro 3200 pack for sale with a tall frame, and a large/extra large suspension it also comes with the hip pouches on each side and a kuiu gun pack holder. It's in the verde Camo. 350.00 including shipping and the hip pouches and gun holder.  G7 br2 barely used it and is...
  32. BradA

    Archery bucks

    Anyone drop any archery bucks ?
  33. BradA

    Check your points

    So I checked my points and everything is up to date like they should beside mountain goat, they zeroed my mountain goat points out like I drew when I have never drawn a mountain goat tag. So I called fish and game and they directed me to call kalkomey or the ?855 number ? as they said. Once I...
  34. BradA

    Had everyone else

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-27-18 AT 10:37PM (MST)[p]Has everyone else?s preference points updated after the draw ? My don't seem to have updated yet and it's driving me nuts that my portal doesn't reflect not drawing anything this year .
  35. BradA

    Region j

    Drew region j as my second choice to save my points this year and was hoping to see some region j bucks that were killed from members on here and what I could possibly expect. I know a lot of it is private.
  36. BradA

    Unit 29 Zion

    I drew unit 29 Zion general season deer tag the later rifle hunt oct 20-28th hunts. I was hoping to see some pictures from other hunters on here from this unit to get the blood pumping. .
  37. BradA

    Got shafted in the draw

    So I didn't draw any of my three choices not even my d9 tag as my third which I have drawn for years and years as my third choice so I had to take a d8 tag and was wondering if I could get some pointers as to where to go or not to go in the unit? Since I have never hunted it.
  38. BradA

    Portable garage

    I am selling a portable garage, it is new in the box and never been used. The dimensions are 20 feet long and 10 feet wide. These are great to store your boat or car in and keep the sun from beating down on it. They retail for 380.00 dollars and that's without the upgraded stakes to hold it...
  39. BradA


    I have for sale two tripods First one is a vortex summit xlt with a ball head, it is slightly used. I will post a picture with the details. Have the original box. 170 dollars Second one is a manfrotto tripod 290 xtra it is brand new never been used with a 2 way head. Will also post a picture...
  40. BradA

    Results are up !

    What did you get I got nothing once again and some how got the ?n? in the draw box for a third choice d9 tag ! I feel like that has to be a glitch in the system !
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