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  1. Buckjunkie

    Ever been totally lost and still denied it?

    Temporarily misplaced, but never lost😂😂😂 We were grouse hunting here in Western Wa in high school. Got dark and kept getting cliffed. We finally realized my dog was the smartest member of our party and followed him right back to the truck.
  2. Buckjunkie


    We have taken 3 deer and one cow elk with the 145 grain LRX bullets shot from a 7mm STW. All were 1 shot kills from distances of 90 to 545 yards. Cow elk was 233 yards. Broke the off side shoulder. She ran 15-20 yards and collapsed. All the deer either dropped or spun around and dropped...
  3. Buckjunkie

    My 2019 Bighorn hunt pt.3

    Great ram! Congratulations!!
  4. Buckjunkie

    My ram is home

    Huge Wyoming Ram!!! Congratulations
  5. Buckjunkie

    Drew 154c Mount Emily Late Deer Tag

    No, but what choice do you have. If you’re like me, 54 years old with points across the West and want to get out of Oregon, there are very few options. Now on to burning my elk points.
  6. Buckjunkie

    Drew 154c Mount Emily Late Deer Tag

    Well, I ended my hunt with a white tail deer. I had a posse with me, many friends and family joined me for the hunt.
  7. Buckjunkie

    Drew 154c Mount Emily Late Deer Tag

    Will do, and you are right. Not many places to burn points to try and get out of Oregon, so this is it. I’m all in. Trying to get out of Oregon. Still have a bunch of Elk points, but this is my deer cache. Lots of support from family and friends. We will help support the economy in Elgin for a...
  8. Buckjunkie

    Drew 154c Mount Emily Late Deer Tag

    Thanks Togwotee, I have made three scouting trips and also made a connection. You’re spot on, it’s going to be tough. Still, the dates are awesome and I have all season off. Not a lot of deer. Not a lot of good looking deer habitat on public, but I have found a few spots that look promising.
  9. Buckjunkie


    I have the 8x42 EL Range binos. I love them, the glass is awesome. Only complaint, the rangefinder can have issues in temps below 15 degrees. You need to keep them warmer than that which can be a pain when cold camping.
  10. Buckjunkie

    Wall tent heater

    We have small and large from Home Depot. The small works well for maintaining temp and is quiet. The large works amazing when it is below 20. I have a 16 x 20 wall tent and I bring several tanks. Stopped bringing the wood stove years ago. Too much time spent finding wood, dealing with smoke in...
  11. Buckjunkie

    Manti early rifle

    Nice work guys! Big country
  12. Buckjunkie

    Tough Elk

    I have never had a bad tasting elk, but I have had a few that were chewy. Chewy can be overcome by several methods. There is Jerky, Pepperoni, burger, and slow cooking. Recently I was told to buy a Cuber and it works also. You can feel how tough meat is when you are cutting it up. If it is...
  13. Buckjunkie

    Ethical dilemma

    A good friend has killed 80+ elk and countless deer. His wife won’t cook it so they feed it to the dogs. He loves hunting and as you can see and he’s very successful. If anyone helps pack his animals out, they can have what they pack. He gives some to people who ask, but the rest goes to their...
  14. Buckjunkie

    Oregon Paper Tags

    While printing off my Oregon Tag I thought, this is dumb. What is stopping someone from printing off multiple tags and continue harvesting animals until they get checked...besides the deer herds in Eastern Oregon being in the crapper?
  15. Buckjunkie

    Tough Elk

    I started using a Cuber on tough steaks. Makes quite a difference. The other options have already been mentioned.
  16. Buckjunkie

    Post your Shiras moose photos!!!!

    Mounted 2018 Wa bull
  17. Buckjunkie

    Drew 154c Mount Emily Late Deer Tag

    I was finally able to use 21 NR deer points in Oregon. Its all I have to do this year, so I will be able to scout quite a bit. I live in Wa about 4 hours from the unit. I was in the unit 20 years ago, so basically I am starting from scratch. I’d really like to hear from people who had the tag...
  18. Buckjunkie

    There up!

    Drew Mt Emily Deer Tag November 14 - 29.
  19. Buckjunkie

    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    I agree, I am a Remington guy and don’t own a Tikka, but all my friends who do, love theirs and they all shoot sub MOA in medium calibers.(270-300WM)
  20. Buckjunkie

    Max points are gone! 128 WY

    Hunted it one time with a friend many years ago. Fun hunt, be prepared for really cold weather. Stay in Dubois in a motel. We didn’t see any giants, but still a great hunt.
  21. Buckjunkie

    Today ?

    Washington was a couple days early compared to last year. I’m hoping Oregon is the same which would make it mid week.
  22. Buckjunkie

    Monster Muzzleloader Bull

    Crazy big!! Congratulations
  23. Buckjunkie

    9 Seconds to Decide ... Big Enough for You???

    Downhill? Do I have friends nearby to help? If so, then yes
  24. Buckjunkie

    Longest sheep tag application drought?

    30 years in Wa, 21 in Wyo, 21 in Mt, 24 in Oregon and 11 in Utah. Someday🐏
  25. Buckjunkie

    Stock Market Madness

    Maybe this helps S & P closed at 2,971 today. The 52 week high was 3,393. It’s currently down 12.5%. Dow closed at 24,575 today. The 52 week high was 29,568. It’s currently down 17%. Nasdaq closed at 9,375 today. The 52 week high was 9,838. It’s currently down 5%.
  26. Buckjunkie

    Bullet type

    127g LRX for sure. Don’t trust the thin skinned bullets on elk. I too have shot lots of elk and been there when many more were taken. Only bad experiences have come from Berger bombs, ELDX, Sierra Game Kings and Nosler ballistic tips. Stick with monolithic bullets, bonded bullets or partitions...
  27. Buckjunkie

    Henry Mountain Mule deer rifle tag

    To each their own. I suspect you want to make the best of this amazing tag and I get that. Some would rather do it on their own and live with the results. I’m in the second category. No judgement here...hope you realize your dreams no matter which way you choose. I just hope you share a few pics!
  28. Buckjunkie

    Need a statistician here...

    4 out of 3 people struggle with math.😂😂
  29. Buckjunkie

    Sheep - Moose - Goat

    I got the repeater going in Mt. My only app is for sheep in 680-20 so that’ll happen.
  30. Buckjunkie

    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Capitalism. It’s a beautiful thing most of the time. Founder puts in the work and sells information. The problem isn’t Founder, it’s the guys wanting to cut corners by buying a location of a big buck or paying for a guide. Everyone wants the success, but they don’t want to put in the research...
  31. Buckjunkie

    POLL: What's your favorite style of hunting?

    Wall tent with a group of 4-6 in the Rockies taking either day hikes or spiking out overnight.
  32. Buckjunkie

    Which one would you take?

    2 This was a tough decision. My OCD tipped the scale
  33. Buckjunkie

    My California desert bighorn

    Still a great Desert Ram! Congratulations
  34. Buckjunkie

    My California desert bighorn

    That’s a great Cali! Congratulations!!
  35. Buckjunkie

    Great Sonora Buck

    Looks bigger than 205 to me
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