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    Best chest waders for Alaska hunting

    Just signed up to go moose hunting in Alaska in 2022. Would love some ideas for breathable chest waders. We'll be using some pack rafts so hip waders won't work on this trip. I've heard that Simms G3 are the best but I'm struggling to justify $600+ for a piece of gear that won't get much use...
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    Learning to hunt the grey ghost

    Got to try my hand at coues for the second time. First time was a late season rifle hunt and this was the 2nd season rifle hunt. We saw lots of deer on opening day but no shot opportunities. Days 2-4 were blustery - coues seem to be scared of their shadow and everything else when the wind is...
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    Tough but fun

    Just finished a late ML deer hunt. It was tough with full moon, warm temps, and deer that had been hunted three times already this year. Only found 7 bucks over 6 days of hunting. Only two were 4 points. Found this buck at last light on the 3rd. It was WAY up on the mountain but was skylined...
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    Fun WY antelope hunt

    First hunt of the year in the books. I put in for and easier-to-draw antelope tag on a whim back in the summer after not getting a couple of tags I though I would draw. I had never been to the area before but it looked like a beautiful place to do a camping trip and hope to find an OK buck. It...
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    WTT 300 Weatherby for 270 or 6.5 CM

    I have started gifting my rifles to my sons but this one is a bit too much caliber for them. Thought I would float doing a trade with someone that is looking for a magnum rifle. I would like to trade for a comparably valued rifle and scope in 270 Win or 6.5 CM (these are calibers I already...
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    Hi all: I got a custom rifle last fall that the builder had worked up a very accurate load that uses RL17. Anyone have any ideas where I can get a couple of pounds of RL17? I've had it on backorder several places and they finally cancelled my orders.
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    What is different between AZ second and third seasons?

    I'm debating applying for a 2nd or 3rd season Coues hunt in southeastern AZ. Dates are early Nov vs end of Nov but it appears that in past years the success rate has been higher on the 2nd season hunt. I suspect there is no rut activity during either of these seasons. Is there an advantage to...
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    Great marinate for deer steaks

    I finally found a way to cook deer meat that my family loves. 4-6 deer steaks 1/3 cup olive oil 1/3 cup Yoshidas 2 tbls montreal steak seasoning Thaw steaks and marinate for 4-6 hours. Cook until about 140 degrees. I cooked up 6 steaks the other night and my son ate 4 of them! And these from...
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    Drew a ML tag, thinking about using Black Horn

    I drew a late ML deer tag in UT. I haven't used my ML for a few years. I have a very accurate load using 130 grns of 777 pellets. First shot is great but any followup shots are a bugger to stuff another bullet down the barrel. I have some Black Horn that I think I'll try at the range. What is an...
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    Place to hang a deer near Uinta Basin or Rangley

    My son has a Book Cliffs North rifle tag and I have a Colorado Unit 21 2nd season rifle tag. Both hunts run the same week starting Oct 19. I'd like to find a place in the area that I can hang the meat from the first buck that we get (we will likely focus on the Utah tag first). Then I can pick...
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    Drew a CO unit 21 second season deer tag!!

    Just saw the charge hit my CC. My son drew the Book Cliffs north tag for the same week so we'll be able to hunt together. Would love any advice anyone is willing to share about either of these areas. I'll be able to arrive the day before the hunt and stay the entire time. I'll also be able to...
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    Trade full set of golf clubs for a hand gun

    I have a nice set of golf clubs that I just don't use. Thought I would float the idea of trading them for a 357 revolver or a semi-auto 9mm or 45. I think the clubs are worth about $350-$400 and I'm willing to add $200 additional to the trade. Here is the ad for the clubs...
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    Book Cliffs North

    My son drew a rifle deer tag for the Book Cliffs North area. I helped a family member on a buffalo hunt there year before last. We scouted buffalo on both the opening day of the deer hunt and the last Sat of the hunt. I really liked the looks of the Winter Ridge area but saw very few deer up...
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    Will we know before May 31st?

    Just thinking through some contingency plans if I don't draw the Colorado tag I applied for. What are the chances we'll know before May 31st (would still have time to apply in WY)? I only have one app in this year so the backdoor method (if that is still a thing) would be all I'd need to see...
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    Anyone have some pictures of GMU 21?

    I'm hoping to draw a deer tag this year in 21 and would love to see some pictures of the area - both success photos and general scenery photos. No real reason other than I'm excited to see what the place is like.
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    Kudu horns on skull plate

    I have a pair of kudu horns I brought back from Namibia years ago that I'd like to sell. They are about 48? around the curl. Would like to get $100 for them.
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    Colorado application process

    Colorado's online application process is a bear. They could use some UX help.
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    Installing a threaded sleeve in my rifle stock

    I'd like to install a small threaded sleeve in my rifle stock so I can attach a tripod foot when I'm backpack hunting (I already have the tripod along but can save the weight of my normal bipod). Anyone have any advice on where I can find the part for this and/or what I should consider when...
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    AZ 1 & 27 reports

    With the late elk hunts over anyone willing to share a report of how their hunt went on units 1 or 27? We passed on applying for these units this year because of the drought. From what I've heard the monsoon was good in Jul/Aug and some more good weather came through in the fall - 2019 might be...
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    Wyoming Antelope 2018

    One of my hunting goals this year was to hunt with two of my sons as it might be a few years before we can do it again. After researching where we were with points it looked like an antelope hunt in WY was our best chance. I also had a WY deer tag this year. On the way back from a scouting...
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    Wyoming 2018 Hunt

    This year I decided I wanted a solo backpack hunting trip. After finding some great help with an area in Region G I cashed in my points and started preparing for an adventure. The buck I wanted to hunt was about 5.5 miles and 3,200 feet from the trail head. I camped near the basin where he had...
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    Good high country deer hunts

    I hunted deer in Region G, WY for the first time this year and I really enjoyed the solitude and great hunting. Since I won't get another tag here for a few years I'm looking for other places that I could replicate this experience. NV seems to have a number of early season (Sept and early Oct)...
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    How many non-residents are dropping out of the moose points game?

    Just wondering how many of you plan to stop buying moose points after WY increased the price of the points and license so much. I have been sitting at one below the level that gets me into the game for any of the moose units. I'm giving some serious consideration to dropping out of the game...
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    Leica Duovid 10-15 x 50

    I'm interested to hear any first account opinions/experience with this binocular. I understand it is a bit heavy. Wondering if it can take the place of a spotting scope for back country hunting. Thanks for your replies.
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    Arizona rain

    How has the monsoon season been in Arizona?
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    AZ drought and elk

    Have been waiting to have enough points to draw a late elk hunt in unit 1 or 27 and now that I have enough I'm hearing that it has been very dry in that area and will likely have a negative impact on the size of bulls and maybe even how broken they will be. What do you all think? Is it better...
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    First Coues deer hunt

    Had a great time in AZ over the weekend on my first Coues hunt. It was a blast hunting in the desert in Dec, temperatures were pleasant. We only saw 9 deer between us but one was a reasonable buck. My lower legs are beat up from all of the pokey stuff that grows there...
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    Book Cliffs bison

    My Mom drew a cow bison tag this year. We had a great time finding the herds and getting her in position to take one. On the 4th day of hunting the stars aligned and we were able to get her into position and she made a perfect shot on a nice bison...
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    Unit 31 late coues hunt questions

    My boys and I drew late unit 31 rifle coues tags this year. We've never hunting the area nor the species before and would love any advice you're willing to share. This is what I have so far: * Find a good vantage point and glass all day focusing on areas with north and maybe east facing...
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    Get to hunt coues deer !!

    I drew a late season unit 31 coues deer tag. This will be my first time hunting coues - very exciting. I struck out on all of the other draws and it was this one or nothing (would have been the first time in 20+ years without a hunting tag). I've seen a few posts from the past that give some...
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    Hi all: I know that UTVs are not considered "hunting gear" by many here but please bear with me. I'm researching UTVs and would love your input about how they stack up against one another. I'm hoping to pick up a couple of them (2 seaters) for summer trail riding in the Utah mountains. My...
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    Book Cliffs Bison

    My Mother drew a cow bison tag on the Book Cliffs - hunt is mid November. Would love any advise you are willing to share about the area and the bison. Thanks!
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    Questions about point guard and group applications

    How does point guard work in the case of group applications? If 3 hunters draw together and each chooses point guard then one of the group isn't able to make the hunt can just he/she withdraw and get points back? Does it affect the other members of the group in any way? Also, is a point gained...
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    ATV tires/wheels for sale or trade

    I purchased an ATV with these tires/wheels. They are overly aggressive for the type of riding that I do. The tires/wheels have about 150 miles per the previous owner which appears consistent with the wear on the tires (maybe 1/8 inch worn on the center lugs, less on the other lugs). The tires...
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    Trespass fees to hunt whitetail

    I'd really like to try hunting whitetails this coming season. I hunted around Salmon a couple of years ago but could only find access to a smallish piece of property. A buddy got a nice 120 whitetail but I got skunked. I'm happy to pay a reasonable trespass fee to get access to some good...
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    Cow elk hunt question

    I am curious how everyone thinks about cow elk hunts. I've had cow tags a couple of times and did my best to find a cow without a dependent calf under the assumption that the calf would struggle to make it through the winter without its mother. Is this a valid assumption? BTW, not trying to...
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    Moose hunt

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-16 AT 05:45PM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]My Utah moose hunt ended on Saturday. It was a really great experience. Lots of hunters were willing to help point me the right direction. I was able to scout about 25 times and I hunted 8 days before finding what I was looking for...
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    Moose cape

    I finished my moose hunt last night. I don't have room for a moose shoulder mount but I brought the cape out because I hated to see it go to waste. I would trade it for the work on or partial cost of a euro mount for the skull (maybe $100). Please let me know quickly because I don't have a...
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    Moose near Bountiful Peak

    Hi everyone: I'm trolling for information about bull moose around Bountiful Peak/Farmington Canyon. I have an East Canyon tag this year and have spent most of my time scouting near Mountain Dell (where I'm seeing lots of 2-4 year old bulls but nothing in the next age class yet). I spent one...
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    Muzzleloader scope

    Now that Utah allows any scope what have you all found that works well? I've really enjoyed the Zeiss Rapid Z scopes I have on my rifle with the hash marks for elevation. Is there something similar set up for the ballistics of a ML? I could shoot accurately to 200 yards with a 1x scope so...
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