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  1. marley

    Double pedestal

    I shot these two in Michigan this year. I’m wanting to do a double pedestal mount and wanting some ideas if you have any.
  2. marley

    Double pedestal ideas

    I shot these two in Michigan this year. I’m wanting to do a double pedestal mount and wanting some ideas if you have any.
  3. marley

    ISO N565 powder

    I know this might be a long shot but anyone in UT or CO have any N565 powder they would sell?
  4. marley

    Daughters first elk

    My daughter got her first big game animal this year. Shot her cow at 563 yards with my 28 Nosler. Couldn’t be more proud of her.
  5. marley

    Daughters first

    This was my daughters first deer hunt and she made good on a 358 yard shot with my 28 Nosler. Man it’s fun with the kids.
  6. marley

    Sherman calibers

    Anyone ever build a rifle in a 6.5 SST? Having one built now as a lightweight short barrel to run suppressed. Not much out there about the caliber other than it should run pretty close to the PRC in a true short action. Interested in your velocities in a 20” barrel if anyone knows.
  7. marley

    Perfect size

    Cheap hack but these little zipfizz powdered drink things are perfect size for muzzy Bullets and powder.
  8. marley

    Draw results up

    If you switch your online tag preference to the E-Tag option and then login into the E-Tag app you can see if you drew right now. I got my first coues tag
  9. marley

    Kevin Weaver custom 28 Nosler

    This is built with what I would consider top of the line everything. Built by Kevin Weaver. Defiance Deviant Ultralight Action that has been melonited, Proof Research Sendero light barrel with a 1:8 twist, Jewel trigger, McMillan Hunter stock with white to black flame, Hawkins bottom metal...
  10. marley

    What do you think

    I started drawing this while sitting in my trophy room on hold with chase bank while I’m out of work. This shows you how long I was on hold. These are two bucks I’ve killed and are now on my wall. Maybe I’ll finish it while I’m on hold with Nelnet about my student loans.
  11. marley

    What did you pass then regret.

    In 2014 I drew an archery tag on the Boulder. On the 3rd day of my hunt I missed the bull that was nicknamed Iceman (scored 456” I think) at 15 yards somehow. After missing him I was dead set on finding him again with the 6 days I had left. The very next day in the exact same meadow I passed on...
  12. marley

    guide draw question

    If I sign a contract with an outfitter for the minimum two days I know that I can hunt the other 3 days of a five day hunt without the outfitter as long as I have our contract with me. But my question is, do I have to have my two days with the outfitter BEFORE I can hunt the other 3 days...
  13. marley

    2019 CO antelope video

    I just downloaded my antelope hunt to youtube and thought I would share it with you guys. This shot was from 615 yards with a 28 Nosler. This video is a good example of making sure you follow up after the shot to make sure of a hit. We thought my first shot was way high but it actually center...
  14. marley

    Hammer Bullets

    Has anyone tried these? I bought a few to try in my 28 Nosler. I'm wondering about performance on big game and especially on elk. I'm going to try them on some Texas hogs this spring.
  15. marley

    WTB leon parsons no tellum prints

    I know this is probably a long shot but I'm looking for the first three prints in the series. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks
  16. marley

    Box Elder help for youth

    I booked a last minute plane for Utah to help my 13 year old nephew with his first deer hunt. He saved up his money all year and bought his first rifle for his first hunt. I grew up in northern Utah but haven't hunted it for 20 years and we always hunted in Cache Valley so this is new...
  17. marley

    CO antelope

    My friend and I spent the entire day before my hunt scouting every nook and cranny we could think of looking for the best buck we could turn up. After our scouting we decided that the very first buck we found was the one. Saturday morning we returned and he hadn't moved. The hunt was over...
  18. marley

    AK Moose recommendations

    My brother and I are really wanting to do a drop camp style moose hunt together in 2021 or 2022. We'd prefer a drop camp instead of a float trip. I've heard a lot of great things about Papa Bear and have looked extensively into using them. But I also see 40 mile air and Tok Air Services popping...
  19. marley

    AK Moose recommendations

    My brother and I are really wanting to do a drop camp style moose hunt together in 2021 or 2022. We'd prefer a drop camp instead of a float trip. I've heard a lot of great things about Papa Bear and have looked extensively into using them. But I also see 40 mile air and Tok Air Services...
  20. marley

    My 2019 muzzy muley

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-19-19 AT 02:57PM (MST)[p]I did a lot of scouting this year before my hunt and had a couple really good bucks picked out. Opening day I missed my #1 buck just over the back. I spent the next 3 days trying to find him again with no luck. I decided to pull out and try a...
  21. marley

    Trade STX for ATX

    Anyone have the Angled eyepiece and want to trade for the straight? I bought the BTX and don't want to have to adjust my tripod when I switch over. My STX is in brand new condition.
  22. marley

    Vortex Ranger 1000 rangefinder

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-22-19 AT 12:18PM (MST)[p]Brand new in box never used rangefinder. $200 includes shipping.
  23. marley

    Spin drift

    If spindrift accounts for an average of 1 MOA why are we not sighting our rifles in 1 MOA to the left?
  24. marley

    KUIU 15 degree sleeping bag

    This bag was used twice. Like brand new. Always stored in the large bag to maintain loft. Size long and price includes shipping to continental U.S. $500 TYD
  25. marley

    Swarovski 20-60x65mm HD

    Selling my straight Swarovski HD 20-60x65mm spotting scope with the Swarovski custom cover for $1800. The only time this scope hasn't had the cover on it is to take this picture. Has a tiny scratch on the objective lense that has zero bearing on the sight picture. Red arrow in pic is pointing...
  26. marley

    G7 BR2 rangefinder

    For sale. It's in excellent shape, no scratches. Functions flawlessly. I've ranged animals beyond 2000 yards. Program 5 different ballistic profiles and get quick data back in shoot to range or MOA. Case included. $800 Including shipping.
  27. marley

    Top 3 on the wall

    Got my latest buck up on the wall. A 226?, a 227?, and a 198?.
  28. marley

    NV bull on the wall

    Got him up. I had to do a lot of rearranging to fit this wide bugger up there.
  29. marley

    60?+ Main beams

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-19 AT 05:30PM (MST)[p]Just got my NV bull back from the taxidermist. The main beams on this bull are what got him killed. How many bulls have you seen with over 60? main beams? I've seen one and this is it with 61 1/2? main beams and a 48? inside spread...
  30. marley

    NV bull video

    My NV bull from last year.
  31. marley

    3A/3C Deer for 2019

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-18-18 AT 06:00PM (MST)[p]Im giving up on the chance at a strip tag. I currently have 13 points which is more than enough points to draw 3A/3C archery or rifle tag. I don't know anything about the unit other than what Epic outdoors and huntinfool says about it. For those...
  32. marley

    6 tags, 6 bucks, 6 days

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-18 AT 03:14PM (MST)[p]My son has filled every tag he's had over his 6 years of hunting all on opening day. His goal has always been to get a bigger one than the previous year. So far he's been able to do that but I don't know how long we can keep that up. It's a good...
  33. marley

    My sons 4th season buck.

    This is his 6th buck on 6 tags. It blows me away how calm he is for the shot. His dad is kind of a mess. This is his biggest buck to date. 460 yards and he shot him through the heart.
  34. marley

    Kudu cape

    I have a tanned ready to mount kudu cape for sale. $400 shipped in the U.S. Here is a pic of the kudu.
  35. marley

    Possibly my biggest!

    A friend called and said that he had a monster buck spotted on some private property he guides on with all clients tagged out and gone. I quickly picked up a B list tag and two hours later this happened! I don't even know how to score some of his junk but I'm pretty sure he'll score better than...
  36. marley

    My CO 2nd season buck

    I spent every spare second this summer getting my landscaping done in preparation for a wedding. I had no time to scout this year. I originally drew a muzzy tag but had to turn it back in due to drawing a high end elk tag in NV at the same time. I can't handle not having a deer tag so I ended...
  37. marley

    Outdoorsman Tripod and head

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-24-18 AT 12:08PM (MST)[p]Brand new, never been used, outdoorsmans medium compact tripod and outdoorsmans pan head with shooting V. New price for this is $888. Selling for $700.
  38. marley

    Daughters first hunt

    It was a good day! This was her first hunt. Now my son and daughter have taken their first big game animal with the rifle that I used for my first big game animal. 250 yard shot with the old .280.
  39. marley

    My NV bull

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-13-18 AT 11:36PM (MST)[p]I just got home from my NV elk hunt and thought I'd share the story and pics. I decided to do this hunt with Timberline outfitters and am glad that I did. They were top notch and worked hard to find good bulls despite the extremely slow to...
  40. marley

    Instant crash

    CO?s system is the worst draw system of all the states!
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