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  1. Captain_coues

    I had no idea.....

  2. Captain_coues

    I had no idea.....

    It would be funny if we did a poll asking if people were gay, straight, or curious and there ended up being a lot of curious.
  3. Captain_coues

    Staying busy with a trap line

    Whiteantlertip, Do you eat Beaver?
  4. Captain_coues

    Best in America

    It would have to be in the southwest. Don’t put too much thought into weather the place is conservative enough or not, It will drive you crazy. I’m about to make a permanent move out of the city and back to my failing small town and make maybe 30% of what I made in the city. The things that...
  5. Captain_coues

    Christian Hunters

    Servehim, You say 1997 was when God turned your life around. Can you please tell us some stories about your life before 1997?
  6. Captain_coues

    How do you value a trophy?

    This reminds me of one guy I know that borrowed a Side by Side for a hunting trip. Long story short, he broke the front bumper enough that it needed replaced. He knew he was responsible for it so he goes online to buy a new one. He finds that the original OEM goes for around $300. He finds...
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    He may be taking a break. There are a few that have done that like Feleno, Stinkystomper, AZstickman. In a month, I will be taking a break for a while too.
  8. Captain_coues

    What was the toughest job

    Mine is either Wildland Firefighting or Concrete pouring. Both were hard physical work but the work was fast paced and constantly moving/changing so mentally it wasn’t too bad. Not like working with hay bales where all you can think about is hay bales until it’s over.
  9. Captain_coues

    What age class are you in?

    This is a good thread. There’s another one I can think of in Arizona that needs it. Over there, people are always bothered by off color language. They claim there’s kids on this site. I always laugh at how hard some of them virtue signal in defense of the kids reading such horrible things...
  10. Captain_coues

    H.R. 127 Gun Bill

    This guy makes the most sense. It’s worth a watch.
  11. Captain_coues

    Locked Antlers

    Maybe someone found the two locked together and thought they would do one a favor and cut the head off of the other instead of cutting an antler.
  12. Captain_coues

    Another big un

    Yes. Springerville and St. John’s are south of there.
  13. Captain_coues

    Speaking of education....

    Best guys I ever got were out of the trades and worked their way up the ladder. I agree. The ones that worked their way up, know the politics of the job. Too many times I see the younger ones not know what to say or how to say it in a tense meeting. They also don’t know how to ask for...
  14. Captain_coues

    Locked Antlers

    It looks healthy. I wonder it happened.
  15. Captain_coues

    Another big un

    That’s correct, for the AZGFD hunt units. The Navajo have their own units. Unit 16 is the southeast most unit in Apache County. It’s along the NM border with unit 12 (NM).
  16. Captain_coues

    Another big un

    Unit 16 on the Navajo is in my part of the state (AZ). That part is famous for rumors, on and off the Rez.
  17. Captain_coues

    Another big un

  18. Captain_coues

    No Child Support = No Hunting

    If you look below each thread, there’s 3 similar threads. I don’t think they search, the website searches for you.
  19. Captain_coues

    Whitney Houston Star Spangle Banner Super Bowl

    Frank Drebin as Enrico Palazio did a bad job during an Angels game where the Queen attended.
  20. Captain_coues

    Student loan

    I agree that trade schools and community colleges should be more popular than they are right now. The only post high school education my dad had was A&P school and he worked his way to a great position in a coal power plant. I dropped out of a University after a year and changed majors and...
  21. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering if farm deer are sometimes passed off as high fence.
  22. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    By looking at the deer I killed, you could come to the same conclusion except they weren’t killed in an escape proof location. The same could be said about their supplement intake if we are going off of pictures. Can you tell us the differences between a farm deer and high fence? Is it just...
  23. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    You didn’t say never or always, but you came close when you said, just the way it is. Tristate, I don’t have a problem with you. I think you make good arguments and I love to argue. Is proof of the obvious the same as a a farm deer getting its biology altered in carrying capacity, feed...
  24. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    Can you prove it? That’s what this is about. How do you know I don’t have a scientific background? Remember when writing papers how they tell you to use caution with the words always and never?
  25. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    I’m not getting defensive. I’m calm, actually enjoying the back and forth. You are the one that asks for proof, and you can’t prove anything about the 4 Deer I’ve killed. Where they were killed, weather or not any active cattle or agricultural operations were miles away, what they ingested or...
  26. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    Yes, and I’ve also been close to the National Parks. The Parks don’t give deer supplements, they can live or die. So how do you prove it’s ingested supplements? Just because you say so doesn’t prove it. You don’t know what he consumed.
  27. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    You still haven’t proved a deer has ingested supplements, you listed a few that could be found. You can’t prove there’s mineral blocks or even cattle where some of us hunt. The ranchers have cut way back where I’m from and some pastures are empty of cattle because there’s no water. Alfalfa...
  28. Captain_coues

    Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

    If the Democrats are serious about this bill, I wonder if they will allow some public question and answer colloquium about it. That would be cool. Especially questions about the 50 BMG and answers from them about why there’s the need to prohibit some ammo with a follow up question about more...
  29. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    What supplements are you talking about that’s common enough for us to have had in a deer we killed?
  30. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    I’m not bashing any guide or anyone. I know people that kill big elk on farms and they are always honest about it. Never will they post a pic and let the viewer think it’s a wild animal. That would be nice, just some honesty. We all know we’re free and can do whatever the fuk we want...
  31. Captain_coues

    300" mega mexico muley

    I saw video of this buck. Do any of you know if it was one of those captured ones like the last giant that came from there?
  32. Captain_coues

    Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Toyota vs Others

    I’ve owned Ford and GM. I had a Dodge work truck and it was a good one. Never had a Toyota. I currently own a 1500 GMC and an F 250. The only advice I can give you is if you decide to go with an F 250, stay away from the sunroof option. With the seat as low as you can go, your hat button...
  33. Captain_coues

    Ever been totally lost and still denied it?

    A few times. Never was I hopelessly lost. Most times, I could hear the highway a few miles away so I knew I could hook up with it and backtrack, but never wanted to walk that far. One time was funny. It was very foggy and I couldn’t keep my direction. I knew to follow a wash to get back to...
  34. Captain_coues

    Duwane Adams Hunter Killed a Monster

    I didn’t know that. I’m taking up more archery and hiring a guide. I try archery hunting on my own, but the deer always see me and run. I guess I’m a little sloppy. But if it’s a simple as you say, I don’t mind paying for a sure thing once in a while.
  35. Captain_coues

    Are you a NRA member?

    It would be good if they made Colion Noir the president. He is young, educated, good looking, has a history with the organization, and he is black. I think that would be a good thing. It’s always being criticized as a white boys club. What could they say about it then? I really like him.
  36. Captain_coues

    Water Treatment Grit Snail

    I did a roofing job at a water treatment plant almost 20 years ago. One piece of equipment I saw was a Grit Snail. It’s job was to take the fine solids and separate them from the process. I noticed it caught a lot of corn. I assume it’s undigested from poo. Also earrings and small chains...
  37. Captain_coues

    Gun suggestions?

    Might be a good idea to get her a Varminter too. With girls, I’ve seen them loose interest fast if they are handed a powerful rifle. I know the 6mm’s aren’t too bad, but if she trains on a 223 or 222 with the same zero, she will warm up comfortably to something else and have fun not developing...
  38. Captain_coues

    Gun suggestions?

    Rock busting was my favorite thing. I’m talking about the 3”-6” ones on a hillside so as it’s not vandalism. That’s how I learned uphill and downhill shots at varying ranges. Dad would be my spotter and call the shots and hits/misses. There was a little element of teamwork. I still go to...
  39. Captain_coues

    Be prepared.

    I hope this is the case. I think it will be smart if he doesn’t do much. He will still have the support of his base just like Obama did even though he didn’t do much. More guns actually sold when he was there and he is still loved. That’s one thing I really admire and appreciate from him...
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