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    For Sale Kowa 3-9x42

    Have a near mint kowa 3-9 42 for sale. Post reticle florite lens 350$ shipped. Or trade for silver leupold.
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    For Sale For sale or trade garmin oregon

    Like new garmin oregon 600 for sale or trade. Would trade for corelokt ammo in a lot of calibers or a pack. 190$ shipped
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    SOLD Leupold vx 3i

    Have a 1in duplex non cds 4.5-14 x40 leupold for sale. Like new 2018 model. 400$ thanks
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    For Sale Garmin oregon 600

    210$ tyd. Like new shape touch screen and chip compatible. Will trade for redfield revolution or leupold 2-7 or light 3-9 scope
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    SOLD 257 weatherby ammo

    26 rounds of 257 weatherby mag 110 accubonds for sale. 65$ tyd.
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    SOLD Ruger m77 Hawkeye 300 win mag stainless

    Have a like new 300 win mag stainless m77 Hawkeye with hydrographic utah dip job in verde 2.0 camo. Synthetic matte stainless with Christensen arms radial brake. Sub moa with 200 gr Hornady precision hunters. Around 50 rounds thru it. Can include leupold in package. 800$ gun only 1125$...
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    For Sale Nikon bdc

    Have new without box Nikon bdc 3-9x40 matte scope. 115$ tyd.
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    Kaibab late rifle

    Has anyone out there drawn this hunt lately with less than 5 points in the random pass?
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    Wanted need 338 win mag 250 grain and 35 rem 200 grain CORELOKT

    Need these two in CORELOKT
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    For Sale Radial brake

    Christiansen arms stainless steel radial muzzle brake. Threaded 5/8 24 fits .284 cal and smaller 90$ tyd
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    Winchester drylock bbb

    5 boxes 3 inch bbb winchester drylock steel shot. 50$ tyd
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    WTB 30 mm ruger rings

    Need medium height 30 mm stainless rings for ruger m77. #4 and #5 I think.
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    338 win mag ammo

    9 boxes for sale. 3 double tap 160. 3 Hornady sst 225. 3 Hornady gmx 185. 275$
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    7mag brass and 220 swift brass

    60 pieces of once fired 7mag brass 30$ 80 pieces once fired 220 swift brass 40$.
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    savage a17

    Have brand new savage a17 automatic with 25 round butler creek magazine and pursuit tactical scope for sale for 330$ or trade for 30-30 in 336 marlin or Remington turkey gun. Prefer to trade Thanks
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    wtb kuiu howa 1500 sa stock

    need kuiu stock to fit howa 1500 sa sporter barrel
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    nikon binoculars 10x42

    prostaff 3 and monarch 3 90$ on prostaff 160$ monarchs
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    220 swift brass

    80 cases once fired. Hornady and winchester. 55$
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    Rem 300 rum cdl

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-29-19 AT 06:45PM (MST)[p] Remington model 700 cdl in 300 ultra magnum. 26? barrel nice gun. Bases included. Scope not included. 600$ firm. Have couple boxes of 180 scirocco I can also sell with the rifle. 750$ for rifle and vx1 4-12x40 leupold scope
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    Wtb or trade for old vari x lll

    Want old vari x lll scope 4.5-14 or 6.5-20 Will trade new leupold 650 rangefinder or nikon binocs as well for the right scope. Old and beat up will be awesome as it will match the rifle well. As long as glass is good. Thanks
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    Would you choose a high profile unit second season hunt or a slightly lesser unit 3rd season hunt? I know there can be a lot of variables but overall what should I choose?
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    2nd draw

    Is it really worth a non rez to put in for this draw? I hear mixed reviews. I put in for moose and didn't draw and haven't drawn anything so I was planning on putting in for second draw. Any decent tags to be had?
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    My year of blinding red draw results began today with vv bear. Tuff tag as nr. Been trying 10 years and no dice. Im sure a lot more red is in my future. Bring it on new mexico. UNSUCESSFUL
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    unit 17L sheep

    Anyone have any opinion on this unit. Would this be a possibility for a diy hunt? How is the access and how r the sheep doing in this area? Is it even possible for a non resident to draw it since there is only one permit available?
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    need a large asat chama hoodie
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    Carson national forest

    Closing tomorrow 6 am. Can?t say it wasn?t expected.
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    Sheep points

    What's the lowest point total you know if anyone drawing az desert sheep?
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    Forest opening tomorrow

    The San Juan will reopen at 3 pm tomorrow. Stage 2 restrictions shall remain in place. Great news!!!!
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    Unit 75-78 sept bear

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-18 AT 01:53PM (MST)[p]Drew this rifle tag and was curious how the bear hunting will be in a drought year if the forest opens back up by September. I know the monsoons haven't started yet but I assume the drought will affect the acorn crop. The only time I hunted this area...
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    Sw Colorado bear

    Just drew a sept rifle tag and was curious what opinions were in bear hunting this area on wet years vs drought years. I know monsoons haven't started yet but it's certainly dry now and I'm assuming that will affect the acorn crop.
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    Sw Colorado

    Just curious if there will be any acorns in the San Juan?s this year with the drought and all. What's it looking like out there. Should have a bear tag and hope to see a few acorns that were non existent last year.
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    Unit 59 antelope fluhman ranch

    I drew a rifle antelope tag for this ranch. Anyone out there familiar with it or hunted it before? First time ever drawing ranch assignment tag so its totally new to me. Any tips or advice would be awesome. I think the ranch is near mills. Thanks
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