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    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    He didn't break any laws, game on. Not sure why so many care how he hunts legally.
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    ISO- Rifle Elk

    Looking for rifle elk hunt. Needs to be guaranteed tag. Possibly two tags if able. Hoping to find somewhere I can go back each year. Looking for 320-350 class elk. Budget is 5-12k I'd prefer to work directly with the outfitter, no brokers unless they themselves have hunted the property.
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    I still think the Burris HD line is one of the best lines for the buck out there.
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    Daughters Idaho buck

    These are some of my favorite photos to look at. Id prefer this than some monster shot by some douche.
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    So all I need to do to be able to hunt your land and get an invitation is insult you? Im going to start using this tactic on all land owners. What should I call you to get my invite on those elk?
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    Would You Eat It?

    nasty? I think you meant to type "tasty" lol.
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    Flying with a spotting scope?

    Airlines wont insure more than 500 on lost luggage. Might want to bring with you as part of your carry on.
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    Meopta warranty?

    As usual thank you for your insight.
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    Meopta warranty?

    Has anyone had any experience with Meopta and their warranty department? I'm considering buying one of their products, Meopta MeoPro, but am a little hesitant. I believe the glass to be very good for the price but not sure about warranty. They make me just nervous enough to go a different...
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    The New Athlon Ares 15-45x65 UHD Spotting Scopes Have Arrived

    Thanks, never heard of Hawke. Will have to check it out.
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    The New Athlon Ares 15-45x65 UHD Spotting Scopes Have Arrived

    Whats your opinion on this glass? Pros and Cons? For the price is it better than other major brands in that space?
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    Not even street legal. Why would you buy one?
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    Swarovski- pros- need advise

    Who are the Swarovski pros on here? I have a couple questions for them. Thanks
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    West Desert pronghorn

    How did your boy do on the youth tag?
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    7MM Rem Mag

    Gotta pay for that baby.
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    Airplane Owners or Pilots

    Commercial license. imstrument. and multi engine rated etc. I've owned a 152 and 182. I don't currently own any birds at the moment. Good times.
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    Plenty on the web showing how the browns are a fraud.
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    All expos and banquet tags master list???

    Never mind I found it. thanks
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    All expos and banquet tags master list???

    Where would I find the 2016 list? is there one out yet?
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    All expos and banquet tags master list???

    Do any of you know of a master list that contains all tags issued to every organization for auction in the 2016 year?
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    tootabi safaris east cape

    Glad to see you had a great hunt with Loodt, especially after some of the crap that went down getting his license. He has been offering some great hunts and I hope to make it out with him in the next year or two.
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    Hunting in Africa Great site with great info. Check out the world wide deals. There are some awesome deals out there right now. Check out tootabi. He is new and eager to please. Billc can attest to them as he recently returned.
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    Deep Creek Elk Pictures

    North side I'm pretty sure his bull is south of the side you can hunt. It's a great bull, there are definitely ones like it that come over from time to time.
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    Deep Creek Elk Pictures

    Thick and way nasty until those bulls start dropping off and chasing the cows. I've seen many dandys never come off the top. It's hard hunting when that happens.
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    Deep Creek Elk Pictures

    08 ml bull
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    Deep Creek Elk Pictures

    Is matts last name Adams?
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    Deep Creek Elk Pictures

    LAST EDITED ON May-21-14 AT 10:04PM (MST)[p] 08' ml bull.
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    Alaskan Bush People TV show They aren't as wild as you think. They have a boat, jet skis, matt the oldest lived in Nome. Mostly fake reality as per normal.
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    new business venture. Need help.

    It would help us out knowing the company name and booth number.
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    Just got my best buck ever (pic)

    Awesome Andy! Will you be home tomorrow? We'll come by and watch the video.
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    A good long range caliber

    Don't rule out the .257 weatherby.
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    Provo Big Horn Sheep- Mixing with domestic sheep

    If you take the tag and dont locate the ram is it tag soup and points lost? Seems like a huge gamble. What if the ram is subpar? I would pass on the tag, they are putting you into a corner if you take the tag. Unless you only have a couple points or dont eat tag soup I wouldnt do it.
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    Andy 2 things. 1- You didnt tell me women were going. That changes me going ha! 2- My direct flights from Perth are limited so keep that in consideration for pick up.
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    Slammin Stud Bulls 2012

    Youre making me miss the place Slammy.
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    Stillman Creek Ranch

    WHo runs it and what is their website?
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    travelling with a bow / airplane

    I currently live in Australia and want to bring a bow back with me in a month. Any recommendations travelling with a bow? Best case? Do airlines need special paper work for bows? thanks
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    2nd antelope island buck!

    >Mossback guided both hunters? +1 ???
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    How to piss off Stinky Stomper

    Only when getting his hair styled and product placed by an overly groomed rainbow flag flying hair artist.
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    Gold Rush

    Its about as much of a reality show as the Kardashians or Paris Hilton. Its mostly staged.
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    Jessica's big ole management buck!

    Hey Travishunter3006, you're finally right. Its a big body 2 point. Congrats Hezzy.
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