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    SOLD Leica 62mm APO Televid 26x

    I am looking to sell or possibly trade my Leica 62mm 26x wide angle APO Televid spotter. It includes a fitted cordura stay on case, original lens caps, and phone skope adaptor. Glass is flawless. There are a few wear marks on the finish, but other than that it is in great condition. $1100 or...
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    Is Gunnison basin a must see?

    I have the points to draw a decent Gunnison basin deer hunt (66) this year as a NR. I will never have the points to hunt this area for deer again. With these points I can hunt second season in GB, or a multitude of other units 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Is it a must see hunt? Honestly, the main reasons...
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    6b roads

    I will be in 6b to scout in a couple weeks. This will be done in a rental vehicle. Can someone tell me how the roads are in the area? I want to hit Sycamore Point on the West Side of the canyon in 8. I also want to explore the roads on the 6b side of Sycamore Canyon. Is Casner passable in a...
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    Camping near Atlanta

    Heys guys, A friend and I are looking for a camping spot in the greater Atlanta area over 4th of July week. 3 kids 9 and under, and a couple dogs. No facilities needed other than a flat spot for a tent. Our main concern is not ending up next to a bunch of partiers. Next would be something for...
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    Swarovski 25-40x75 spotter

    Swaro 25-40x75 NZ spotter. Glass is in perfect condition. Very sturdy built with rubber armor and lens covers. Includes phone skope u1 adapter. $600
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    Big typical

    Here are some photos of a rutted up buck I took last fall while elk hunting. Even all the way around. No extras, and about 1.5 inch eye guards. Score guesses anyone?
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    Dads Nevada pronghorn

    Dad took this on his first day of the hunt. All I have is a crappy cell phone pic for now. He killed him right where we saw him on fathers day weekend scouting.
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    Leica questions

    I am considering a couple Leica binocs. The 12x50 HD Ultravid and the 10-15x50 Duovids. I have a hard time judging Binocs in a store. I currently have Wind River Pinnacles 10x42. They are just ok, and I know there are signifigantly better options available. On the Duovids at 10x, how good are...
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    Snow accumulation in NW Montana

    Anyone know how much snow has accumulated in the Cabinets? Thanks
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    New Guy

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-10-07 AT 05:46PM (MST)[p]Hey guys, I'm new here. Been lurking a while and decided I would start posting. I'm from the west side. I like to hunt deer and elk on both sides of the state, and other states also. Depending on tags. Last year I had 2 tags. High Cascade in...
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    Looking for cougar help

    My dad has a nevada license burning a hole in his pocket and would like to put it to good use on a cougar. We have dogs, and prefer the northern part of the state. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have Oregon deer and elk info to trade, or montana deer info if that would help. Thanks
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