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    Kill the Trail Cam Bill

    they should be banned
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    Beware of NM wildlife federation

    tree huggers
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    Heinrich's letter

    it's about time
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    Who’s going to the Super Bowl?

    what super bowl?
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    Water shortage

    tanks and springs that have never been dry in my life time are dry and i'm in my 50's. guess the entire southwest is the same.
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    Water shortage

    it's much worse in NM
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    Bobcats are gone

    Rule 2: Don't be a jerk but liberals think anybody who doesn't agree with them are jerks.
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    Big un

    nice to see a local diy guy got it
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    Mini skirt

    pickett probably likes guys
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    Sasquatch sightings.

    go to gallup nm, you'll see lots of them
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    how about them utah cowboys

    i like it better in vegas
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    Any Luck Unit 9

    apparently these guys didn't know or care.
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    Any Luck Unit 9

    there were some guys elk hunting on the back side using drones.
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    Would you be upset?

    i swear, i think the majority of younger people only hunt to put pictures on social media.
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    Late Rifle Bull Elk 221-223

    hire a guide
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    hire a guide
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    Back in the MM day

    spitting tobacco in a bear bottle?
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    Gila Bull

    congrats to the guides
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    personally, the worst unethical/illegal hunting practices I've seen were by non-residents. doesn't mean all nr's are bad but that's been my experience. I think bedawg made a foolish statement but that's his opinion.
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    7.3 Ford Gaser

    soon we'll all be going electric anyway lol
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    7.3 Ford Gaser

    that 14-15 was empty. was an f250 2wd. yeah I hate the smell of diesel too. another interesting thing I saw on the 7.3 gas reviews was there was only 1 mpg difference from the 3:55 to 4.3 rear ends in fuel mileage. I would much rather have the 4.3 rear end. had a diesel with the 3.55 rear...
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    slightlysmart more like
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    7.3 Ford Gaser

    from what I've read the 7.3 gas gets 14-15 mpg empty and 8 mpg pulling which is about what you'd expect. I used to have a ford with a 460 and that's what I got. with my cummins I get about 12 mpg pulling 10-12K pounds. of course diesel is about 20% higher here where i'm at. it all comes down...
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    7.3 Ford Gaser

    i want one! I have two diesels and my next one is going to be the 7.3 gas. unless your pulling 15,000+lbs regularly, not worth getting a diesel.
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    just curious, I haven't seen that in 13 but im sure it happends. probably just going to get worse.
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    ocho are you from NM? where in 13 were the blocked roads?
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    once a week is good for you.
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    Minnesota Bull

    nice bull. if she would stand next to it vs crouch down 4 feet behind it would change the view though.
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    how would you handle this

    you have the tag, you have the gun, you are responsible. unless it's in writing that you'll get a certain size which I doubt that's ever the case.
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    Lost the drive.

    I miss my dad a lot so when i'm out in the woods I feel like he's closer to me. I honestly don't care if I kill anything. my daughter and wife love to hunt so I just love taking them.
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    Ya just gotta be faster than your slowest buddy

    that's why you should always carry a stick in bear country. not for the bear but to whack your buddy in the knee....then run
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    how would you handle this

    what's there to handle??? you were elk hunting and you shot a bull. you paid a guide and he guided you. you pulled the trigger.
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    Decent mileage so far.

    I don't pull as much anymore, next truck I get will be a gasser. my trailer with two horses is about 10,000 lb. gasser will do just fine. I used to drag two horses all over the state in a chevy half ton with a 305, did just fine.
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    Decent mileage so far.

    if you put numbers to it, most people don't drive or pull enough to justify the price of a diesel. much higher price tag, higher fuel price, def, higher maint. cost, etc. takes a lot of miles pulling to justify the extra cost, unless you just have money. I should know, I have two diesel trucks.
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    Decent mileage so far.

    I want the new 7.3 gas engine
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    Anybody Hit with Shrapnel?

    my buddies and I were teenagers out shooting rabbits with our .22's when one bounced and a piece of the bullet hit my buddy in the back. he took off screaming down the hill. we caught up to him and took him home. his poor mother about had a heart attack and threw him in the car and took off...
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    New Jeep

    takes a good mechanic to drive a jeep
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    Just lost my job to this virus crap

    bloomfield has been shut down for years, now the gallup refinery. the only refinery left in NM is down south. not much industry left in NM.
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    Just lost my job to this virus crap

    thanks, i'm a mechanical engineer. reliability/maint. dept.
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    Just lost my job to this virus crap

    our refinery shut down
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