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    Best in America

    What? No one said California? :) I'm in the same boat. Looking for a state to retire in a few years.
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    I had no idea.....

    I tell people at work I'm gay so I can't get fired.
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    Cali big game statistics

    Aint no deer in CA so not sure why you guys are crying for.
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    Christian Hunters

    Yup. Togtog seems to be just mad at the world. On a different topic: Anyone seen the movie Wind River with Jeremy Renner? Man, badazz movie. Bunch of mad folks in that movie as well.
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    Crazy Firepower

    Pretty sure that is fake.
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    Where's the ammo going?

    I sit at my screen and every once in awhile I click on refresh on a certain retailer. So far doing this I have been able to buy a few boxes of boolits at normal pricing. Ok, I bought about 1K bullets so far but I never wipe them out. Just a couple boxes here and there. Can't say this for...
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    Trouble with light firing pin strike

    If you have a go/no go gauge you can check it out. If you can closed down on a go gauge and not able to closed down on a no go gauge then you are within saami spec. After that then like what CAhunter said. Could be a carbon ring buildup but unlikely or the damn barrel diameter isn't really...
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    Trouble with light firing pin strike

    Even if you clean it or replace the firing pin, you'll be right back where you started from. I know this is very hard to do but find yourself some factory ammo and shoot a couple rounds thru it. See if you have pressure signs. Do this first before tinkering with it.
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    Getting the Vaccine

    I live in CA and you are NOT walking in any grocery stores w/o a mask on. EVERYONE is wearing them and yet the numbers are going up bigly. I do however see many people picking up apples and putting them back down over and over again at the grocery stores. Can't imagine what else these folks...
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    Extremist threat

    Bet she killed many black coffees over the years.
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    Getting the Vaccine

    If I were in my 70s for sure I'll take the vaccine. However, if I were in my 20s/30s getting ready to have kids then NO Effing way will I take the vaccine. Btw, can you still get covid and spread it with the vaccine? Might want to look into that before visiting your children, grandkids...
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    Extremist threat

    Only if you are a conservative hunter/gun owner.
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    WY group app draw question

    This is good news. There is one deer unit with only a few tags but 4 of us will put in. Excellent!
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    WY group app draw question

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    WY group app draw question

    This doesn't sound right. So a unit with only a single tag quota could give up to 6 tags? I can't imagine this being applied to say moose and sheep. No freaking way this is accurate.
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    Primer use

    Yeah, reduce your load some and work your way back up again. Some folks even recommend magnum primers in super cold weather.
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    Looking for small rifle primers

    Do you have large pistol primers?
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    Kind of like your response right now.
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    Ammunition Shortage

    Yeah, no thanks. Been hunting with a bow since 2005. Endless pursuit of frustration...
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    Ammunition Shortage

    Hahahaha I've been "practicing" a lot. will bring one round per tag this year. Just GOTs to make sure I don't choot one in the chest!
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    What did you all expect?

    Let it roll...Founder. Some need to vent. As long as no threats are given it's all good. We need this. Venting/Ranting won't hurt.
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    What did you all expect?

    Actually, what is sad is billions in damages and many dead folks during the BLM/Antifa riots. Now that is sad. This is all show so far.
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    What did you all expect?

    Bet if BLM did that no guns would be drawn. Just my guess...
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    Get that vaccine ASAP

    So if I started a big forest fire and it's on you to save yourself and your own life, right? I am not responsible for any property damages or deaths caused by the fire? got it!
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    Something is wrong with the gun

    Of course not! But with all the so called I "practice" all the time and the so called "ethical" hunters then why would you need more than one round? So tell me again. Why would you need more than one round? This is for both the long range hunters and those who claimed to sneak up on deer to...
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    Something is wrong with the gun

    Like I said before...Just bring one round with you. There's really no need for more than one round. Would like to know your excuses for more than one round.
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    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    Looking for 45 colt (long colt) brass. New or once fired. Also, looking for large pistol primers if you have it. I have small rifle primers I can trade.
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    Lieca 2400 rangefinder

    Yes, I have. Range on lopes out to 1000yds. 500-800yds with ease...
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    Something is wrong with the gun

    All of this long range or even short range hunting issue is easy to fix. Just bring one round or arrow with you. Let's see who will take the 800yd shot with it. Or those "short" range hunters who never misses at 100yds.
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    Was Monster Muleys Saved Today?

    Interesting indeed...I know if I was an editor I wouldn't be deleting anything.
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    Hope vaccine works...

    Man, I sure didn't know about this. Thanks, DW!!
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    If you read the comments on youtube...almost all the liberals are in favor of this $2K stimulus Trump is talking about. Grizz and founder should have no issues with this since this will help "their" people.
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    Neighborhood buck dead

    Looks like another covid death...
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    Helicopter Hog Hunting (Texas)

    Wonder if I could not shoot the pigs but keep all the ammo instead? :)
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    Hope vaccine works...

    My wife's brother already got it. Will see if he grows a third arm in a few months.
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    I got a wake up call

    Oh I know. I was being a smartazz. My comment was meant for MM founder.
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    I got a wake up call

    I like this law. Don't you know it will prevent mass shootings? Should apply this law to UT and other states as well.
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    Are masks working

    I'm pretty sure 99% of the folks are wearing masks out there. Yet the numbers of infections are skyrocketing. So common sense will tell you masks aren't 100% effective. Better hope that vaccine fixes all this mess else it's not a question of if, but WHEN you'll get COVID.
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    Warden shoots a neighbor's dog

    I actually had several cows wondered on my property. Couple pitbulls as well. Didn't even once think about shooting them. You must be one tough SOB to shoot a 10lb puppy. Don't want to mess with that tough guy.
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    Warden shoots a neighbor's dog

    $hit happens?
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