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    For Trade Fed 215 Primers for H1000

    Found some
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    16 NR Elks can I donate the points?

    I was going to ask Utah Division of Wildlife if there was anything I could do to donate my points to a program that would take a veteran hunting. I could not find a way to email them. Does anyone know what my options are with these points if any? Feel free to contact me privately if...
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    For Sale HS Precision Stock Rem 700 LA BDL

    This is a HS Precision Sporter stock in the Sand color. It has the aluminum bedding block. The stock comes off of a 300 Win Mag. It's in excellent condition as I can't find a mark on it. weight is 35.8 oz. ( Just under 2 lbs 4 oz) They upgraded it and added a Sims Limbsaver recoil pad...
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    Wanted WTB 25-06

    I'm looking for a 25-06 with a 24" barrel or longer. The gun needs to be in excellent condition or new. I'm looking for a lighter weight hunting rifle not a bench gun. Browning, X-Bolt, Weatherby Vanguards and Rem 700's would all work. I'd be interested in others too. I prefer stainless...
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    Opinions needed on a factory Rifle in 25-06?

    I'm looking for a factory rifle in 25-06. I've been looking at the X-Bolts and Vanguards with 24" barrels. I'm looking for 24" barrels so that leaves out the Savage rifles with their 22" barrels. Tikka has the same issue with short barrels. Remington is also an option but I'd rather buy a...
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    Hunters Ed class in April?

    Does anyone know about the Hunters Ed class that is supposed to be held in April? I'll hopefully be attending to get that Hunters Ed point.
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    Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder for sale

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-17 AT 10:39AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-17 AT 10:28?AM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-17 AT 09:23?AM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-17 AT 09:11?AM (MST) Vortex Ranger 1000 rangefinder in great condition. This has only been used a couple times as I have two of these...
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    Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 or 2200 rangefinders

    Does anyone have a Kilo 2000 rangefinder? It looks like there is a bit more range on the 2200 but I'm wondering what else it offers for 200.00 more? I'm wondering how well the angle compensation works and what is the minimum distance reading when it's in this mode? I'm hoping it ranges close...
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    Wac em 125 gr Exit broadheads

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-04-17 AT 09:45AM (MST)[p]I have two packs of brand new Wac"em exit 125 gr broadheads. $35.00 for both packs to your door or trade for a pack of 100 gr Slick Trick Viper tricks.
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    Unit 45 Pronghorn help

    I drew an Archery Pronghorn tag for this unit. I've seen plenty of Pronghorn along Hwy 20 in Fairfield and both west and east of there. For those of you who have hunted it, do these Pronghorn come of the private property? I've seen most of them right along the Hwy but very few on my trips...
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    Once Fired 300 Win Mag Brass mixed headstamp FED/REM 117 total

    I have a bunch of once fired 300 Win Brass. They are mixed head stamp in the following qty. I tumbled them to clean them up and they look really good. 54) RP Remington 23) FC Federal 20) FC Federal Nickel cases 20) FC 10 Federal 117 total. 50.00 to your door. OBO
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    Wacem Exit 4 blade broadheads 125g

    2 Brand New packs of 125g Wacem Exit 4 blade broadheads. $50.00 to your door
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    Sitka Ascent pants size 36 Open Country

    I have a pair of Sitka Ascent pants size 36. These were only tried on to check for fit but have never been worn after that. They are as close to new as you'll find. $100.00 to your door
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    300 Win Mag brass for Trade

    I have a bunch of once fired 300 Winchester Magnum brass. I have 54 RP(Rem) and 23 FC(Fed) I'm looking to trade for a box of 180 gr Nosler Accubonds. I'm in the Boise area
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    Boise area Gunsmith

    I have a Rem 700 and a Leupold CDS scope that needs to be looked at. Luepold recommends I shim the rear base to get the elevation adj to work for the scope. Some have said not to shim and try new bases or mounts. I was hoping a good gunsmith could look at the rifle/scope and make a...
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    Boise area Gunsmith

    I have a Rem 700 and a Leupold scope that needs to be looked at. Luepold recommends I shim the rear base to get the elevation adj to work for the scope. Some have said not to shim and try new bases or mounts. I was hoping a good gunsmith could look at the rifle/scope and make a recommendation...
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    Unit 44 ELK Sept 25th-Oct 10th

    I finally drew my first Elk tag here after 10 years of applying. I drew the Unit 44 Elk tag for Sept 25-Oct 10. Has anyone hunted this unit before? I was wondering if anyone has been in the unit since it burned and how badly it was burned? What quality bulls will I likely be hunting? After...
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    HELP!!! Federals Speeds versus handloads 300 Win Mag

    HELP!!! Federals Speeds versus handloads 300 Win Mag I've been trying to find some RL22 or H4831sc for almost two years now. I can't seem to get any unless I want to pay the hazmat and shipping fees which makes it too expensive for working up a round. I have 180 gr Federal trophy copper to...
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    WTB Winchester 300 Win Mag brass

    I'm looking for some new Winchester 300 Win Mag brass. If anyone has some please let me know.
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    First Lite Llano 1/4 zip size XL (Max one camo)

    (2)Two First Lite Llano 1/4 zip merino wool tops. These are brand new never worn or washed. Tags were removed. I paid $110.00 for these. $90.00 to your door. I'll try to get pictures up later today.
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    Remington X-Mark Pro trigger

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-11-13 AT 12:52PM (MST)[p]Sold
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    45 cal bullets for sale

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-13-13 AT 12:16PM (MST)[p] 1 Box Speer 45 cal .451" Gold Dot HP 185 Gr 100 count $25.00 per box 7 Boxes Hornady 45 cal .451 XTP HP 185 Gr 100 count $25.00 per box Will also trade for Hodgdon H4831sc or RL 22 powder. I think I could ship them all in a flat rate box for...
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    Help with new Rem 700 300 Win mag

    I have a new Rem 700 300 Win Mag and it has a Leupold VX3 CDS scope on it. I need to get the barrel broken in and get the muzzle velocity for it so I can send the info to Leupold to make the custom turret for it. Is this time of year a bad time to get it sighted in and muzzle readings or would...
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    Elk on the roadway I-86/I-84

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-11-10 AT 11:10AM (MST)[p]Last night around 9:30 PM we just about drilled the biggest Bull I've seen in the short time I've lived here in Idaho. I swerved at the last second and somehow was able to miss him. I must have missed him by inches. It should have been a head on. All...
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    Favorite 300 Win Mag loads Factory or Handloads

    I have a new Rem 700 300 Win Mag and I'm not sure where to start with Factory ammo. I don't handload right now. Maybe in the future I don't know. I have always shot Federals but I was looking at some other loads. Federal loads the Accubond to 2900 FPS. Doubletap loads it to 3050. I was also...
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    300 Win Mag Handloads

    What are you guys loading the 300 Win Mag with 180 grain Accubonds up to? I see the Federal factory loadings are 2960 FPS with the 180 grain Accubond. I was looking at Double Taps website and they load it to 3050 FPS. Is this a really hot load or is there still some room to go? I'm just...
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    Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14x44 Versus Leupold 4.5x14x40

    I'm looking at the Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14x44 1" tube with the rapid Z 800 reticle and the Leupold VX3 4.5x14x40 Long Range 30 MM or 1" tube with a custom drop reticle. I looked at the Zeiss site and saw some info on how to set up range with the Rapid Z. Price vise the Zeiss is about a hundred...
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    Hearing Protection

    I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive pair of ear muffs/ hearing protectors for the range. Is there such a thing? I've seen some for over $200.00 on up and some for under $50.00. What do you use?
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    300 Win Mag factory loads

    I'm getting ready for some factory loads for my 300. I've always shot Federals for everything but I noticed everyone loads their 180 grain to around 2960 FPS including Federal. I see Double Tap offers the Accubond 180 grain in a loading that achieves 3050 FPS. I don't see a TTSX on their...
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    Scope tubes 1" or 30mm Which is better?

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-29-09 AT 03:26PM (MST)[p]I was looking at some VX3's the other day. I was looking at the 4.5x14x40 and the guy behind the counter said " you would be better off jumping up to the long range model with the 30mm tube for only $60.00". He said it would be much better than the...
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    I want a new 300 magnum but which one?

    I'm in the market for a Gun. After reading tons of posts here I still can't decide. I'm looking for a caliber big enough for Elk and Shots out to 500 yards or so. Right now I have an older 30-06 but I want a 300 magnum of some kind. I've seen the ballistic charts and the 300 win mag, 300...
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    Pro Wolf website

    I'm not sure if any of you have seen this site. It's a great place to see what we are up against and how these people think. There are several people who are anti wolf who post there and it's fun until they run you off. Check it out. Give em hell.
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    What's the difference?

    What's the difference in the glass on the Swarovski SLC's and their El binoculars. I thinking about getting a new pair of Bino's and was just wondering if anyone here knew the answer. Are the El's worth 500 dollars more?
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    Digital Camcorder for hunting

    Digital Camcorder for hunting I'm in the market for a digital camcorder for hunting and for shooting some wildlife movies and to have for just messing around. I thought it might be neat to shoot some elk footage while we hunt Elk. What do you guys use? I was looking at the Sony Mini dvd...
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    Muzzleloader Question

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I was just wondering how much recoil do you guys get from your Muzzleloaders. it seems like it would be pretty substantial because of the bullet weight and powder charge. What would you compare it to as far as a centerfire rifle goes.
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    Our Future depends on this

    This upcoming election is without a doubt the most important event that will happen for the rest of our lives. If the Democrats were to somehow wrestle the White House back here are some things that may very well happen. 1)Kerry has all but admited he will not pursue the Terrorists unless they...
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    New Mexico Elk unit 34

    Does anybody have any info on this unit. I'm interested in Elk quality and #'s. Any info on access and areas would be greatly appreciated.
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    New Mexico Elk unit 34

    Does anybody have any info on this unit. I'm interested in Elk quality and #'s. Any info on access and areas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mathews LX problems

    After reading about posts on problems with the new Outback HP cam hitting the limb I checked my LX and it has the same problem. If you look at the cam it is leaning left into the Limb. There is a wear mark where the lower part of the cam has been hitting the limb. It seems either the cam is off...
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    New to MM, Elk hunting Q's

    I'd like to introduce myself to this great site. I am planning on going on my first Archery elk hunt next year. I have taken Mule Deer with my bow now I am wanting to try Elk hunting. Since I know very little about Elk hunting, only what great info. I have gathered on this site and from books...
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