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    Last September

    Hopefully this gets some of you guys excited that have trips planned.
  2. J

    Return trip from Africa

    Thought I'd share our experience we just had while hunting. It was our first trip over. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we sure had the time of our lives.
  3. J

    SIG KILO2000 rangefinder $250

    Only used this rangefinder last year. Still in new condition. Nothings wrong works great I just have two rangefinders and this was my back up one. Message me if interested. Thanks
  4. J

    SIG KILO2000 rangefinder

    In new condition only used it last year. No scratches, works just fine I have two rangefinders is why I'm selling this one. Asking $300 message me if interested. Can't text pics.
  5. J

    I won a free African Safari trip

    I was lucky enough to win a trip for 2 through Alaska guided creations and 3BrothersAfricanHuntingSafaris. Any one that might have gone with this outfitter and can share their experience they had would be great. Obviously though just looking for some all around advice.Below are the dates I can...
  6. J

    Swarovski 3-18bt Z6

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-25-19 AT 10:42AM (MST)[p]Asking $1,700 Brand new Swarovski 3-18bt z6 with 4w reticle. Bought this scope and realized I just don't need it. Literally brand new never been on a gun. Has the ballistic turret and the 4w reticle which is awesome. New this scope was $2100 plus tax...
  7. J

    Swarovski z6 rifle scope

    Swarovski z6 rifle scope LAST EDITED ON Mar-08-19 AT 05:11PM (MST)[p]Z6 3-18x50p New in box never been used/ mounted on a gun. $1800
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    PSE Elite crossbow for sale

    I have a PSE tac Elite crossbow for sale $900 or best offer Speed- 405-395 Kinetic energy-155 ft-lb (425 grain bolt) Peak weight-150 Killed deer out to 90-100 yards and dialed in out to 120 yards. Comes with a hand crank to use when cocking the bow. Also carry bag and a half dozen of bolts...
  9. J

    PSE TAC Elite crossbow

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-28-19 AT 02:17PM (MST)[p]Awesome crossbow if you are looking to shoot long range. I have killed deer with this bow from 90-100 yards. I have it grouping arrows out to 115-120 yards. The lower floor arm is a AR stock and adjustable butt stock. To pull back you use a hand crank...
  10. J

    unit 36 or 48 rifle deer

    Those of you that have hunted thees units which is better and holds mature bucks during the rifle hunt.
  11. J

    Idaho unit 52-1

    I have a tag for the rifle hunt and I am from out of state. I'm not looking for your honeyholes just a starting point, a good place to camp where I can cover the most ground, and what should I expect on this hunt has anyone hunted this unit if so I would love to see pictures. Thanks for in...
  12. J

    colorado resident hunters

    Got back from my 2013 colorado mule deer hunt.I had a great time with family and friends.I'm not a meat hunter so I spent a lot of hours behind my scope and hicking.I've been following this forum for a couple years made I think one post.I get a kick out of some of the post I read.yes I am a...
  13. J

    14 GIANT SETS!!!

    Hope these get you all anxious and excited to get out and start looking. Thought you would all like some horn porn! these are sets that me and my brothers have picked up here in Utah in the past few years. See you out in the hills!! thanks to Larry aka yelum we were able to match up one of these...
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    big henrys horn help?

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-12 AT 10:02PM (MST)[p]Hi everyone, I found a big horn on the henrys a few years back in a popular shed hunting spot and I am dying for the other side. I know someone has it and would love some help in trying to locate it. any help would be greatly appriciated. the shed...
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    Monster horn help??

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-12 AT 10:10PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-12 AT 09:48?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-12 AT 09:36?PM (MST) Hi everyone, I found a big horn on the henrys a few years back in a popular shed hunting spot and I am dying for the other side. I know someone has it and would...
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