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    ISO- Rifle Elk

    Looking for rifle elk hunt. Needs to be guaranteed tag. Possibly two tags if able. Hoping to find somewhere I can go back each year. Looking for 320-350 class elk. Budget is 5-12k I'd prefer to work directly with the outfitter, no brokers unless they themselves have hunted the property.
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    Meopta warranty?

    Has anyone had any experience with Meopta and their warranty department? I'm considering buying one of their products, Meopta MeoPro, but am a little hesitant. I believe the glass to be very good for the price but not sure about warranty. They make me just nervous enough to go a different...
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    Swarovski- pros- need advise

    Who are the Swarovski pros on here? I have a couple questions for them. Thanks
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    All expos and banquet tags master list???

    Do any of you know of a master list that contains all tags issued to every organization for auction in the 2016 year?
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    travelling with a bow / airplane

    I currently live in Australia and want to bring a bow back with me in a month. Any recommendations travelling with a bow? Best case? Do airlines need special paper work for bows? thanks
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    Horses in Cody

    I need a couple of horses in the Cody area. If any of you guys knows anyone that has them in the Cody area let me know. Thanks
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    EL's condensation problem???

    While out on the last day of the UT ML elk hunt I noticed that I had condesation inside of my right side column. I wasnt too worried about it due to the service of Swarvo. After I got home and they sat in the house for a while the condensation left and they were back to normal. I thought well...
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    Hey MODS, why not?

    Why isn't there a section on these forums for recipes and game prep? We have everything else covered from camfire to sportsmans political talk etc. I think we should have a forum for recipes, cooking and prepping of game. What say ye?
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    Resident / Nonresident change UT

    I drew a ML elk tag last year as a resident in UT. I understand that I have a waiting period. My question is if I move out of state and become a non-resident can I put in as a non resident with out waiting for 5 years? Can I put in right away as a non resident? My logic being that Im not...
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    I DREW, Deep Creek ML Elk.!!!

    Just got the call from Suzette from the dwr. I'm the lucky tag holder of the Deep Creek ML tag. I know the mtn well but did not scout this year for deer due to other areas I "was" going to hunt. Any guys been out there this summer? Im for sure taking the tag as I do know the mtn but havent...
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    Blackhorn 209

    I don't post to much, more of lurker than anything but thought I would speak up a little about this. I tried this powder out tonight and couldnt be happier. Shot almost 20 shots before having fliers, three swabs later I was back to shooting another half dozen rounds. I highly recomend trying...
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    Spotter-dilema-Cabelas- No Vortex

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-15-08 AT 06:09PM (MST)[p]I'm in the market for a new spotter. I've been talking to some locals on here ( cowslayer ) who has been very helpful. I was in the market for a new Vortex but due to a recent cabelas gift card I need to use that for my spotter purchase. Im in the...
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    Found! Hounds

    I found some hounds in Utah. Look at the Utah page for more details. If you're missing some dogs please let me know.
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    Found! Hounds

    Found two hounds while grouse hunting. No transmitter collars on them. One dog had a collar but no tags or identification on it. They are skin and bones. One wouldn't let me catch him the other is caught. If you are missing, or hell even want a dog, I have one and I know where the other is.
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    25-06 OR .243

    Looking at buying a new antelope / deer gun. I'm debating between the two. Any advise?
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    WY unit 55 or 56 Antelope

    Looking at putting in on unit 55 or 56. Does anyone have info or experiences on unit 56?
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    SLC or EL

    I'm almost ready to buy a new pair of glasses. Can't decide on which one of the two. Please advise if you have had experience with either of the two. The EL's seem to be more clear while the SLC are brighter. Can't decide.
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    Fisrt Bull Elk, UT Muzz

    Shot my first Bull elk with a muzzlelaoder yesterday. Its only a small 5 point but it was probably my funnest kill. I had 8 shot opportunites on other bulls and one was in the range of a 300 class bull but he did not present a shot. The UT muzz hunt for elk is awesome. I post pictures soon along...
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    Monarch or Legends

    I'm looking into buying either the Nikon Monarchs or the Bushnell Legends. I like the Legends better but the Monarchs have a great waranty. Having already busted pair of Bino's I want a good waranty. How is the waranty on the Legends? Which do you guys prefer?
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