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    True for about every western state.
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    $15 is cheap. To apply in Colorado I've got to buy a nonresident small game license of $84.96 plus the $10.40 habitat stamp just so I can apply. Then $412.61 if I draw the deer tag. $655 plus the $12.50 conservation stamp in Wyoming doesn't sound too bad especially when compared to Montana.
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    Muley Fanatics? Why the hate try 2....

    Hosting parties cost alot of money...:D Nothing like casino night for the husband and wife at MDF...$2,041,266 in revenue....haha just think of all the money the local babysitters are making...:rolleyes:
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    Muley Fanatics? Why the hate try 2....

    With any conservation group your considering, its an individual choice on whether to support them or not. What is or isn't palatable to each person. MFF has been more focused on southwestern Wyoming than any other conservation group ever has. Salaries and expenses are overlooked if you see...
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    SOLD Hornady ELD-X 175

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    SOLD Hornady ELD-X 175

    Full box of Hornady .284 dia 175gr ELD-X. I opened it just to see how long these are but never did anything with them. $60 shipped lower 48.
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    Wanted 162 gr 7 mm

    Sent you a PM
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    For Sale Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler

    Still available.
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    For Sale Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler

    It came in my possession and I've decided I'd like to work on some other projects. Powerful 7mm cartridge.
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    For Sale Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler

    500 Though every sporting goods store I've been in since Christmas has some type of 28 Nolser ammo on the shelves. Its been easier to find then 270 win or 7
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    For Sale Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler

    Browning X-Bolt Pro, Carbon Fiber Stock, chambered in 28 Nosler. New in Box. Burnt bronze cerakote. 26" barrel. Included OEM radial muzzle brake and muzzle crown cap. Located in western Wyoming. Would prefer not to ship, if possible. PM with questions. $1700
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    Wasatch or cache valley decide

    The proposal to move it to 6am on May 1st in Wyoming west of the divide was approved by the Commission in November.
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    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    You Gotta change your privacy settings for us to send you messages...
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    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    Unable to send you a message due to your account settings.
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    Sleeping Indian for sale

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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    Then I don't live far from you. From the bucks I've seen this year ruttin' around, even if there only 3 or 4 years old, are still passing on some top quality genetics even though they may not be at their peak potential. I'm not worried at all. Were seeing that drop in age class on the winter...
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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    Perhaps you should come up here and take a drive and look at the bucks that have been doing the breeding this year. Plenty of nice framed bucks having a great time this year out in the does. Sensationalizing that there are only 1 and 2 year old bucks doing the breeding around here at Labarge...
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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    Statements that only bucks the size of Popeye and Goliath, which only 1% or less of the buck population will ever reach, can only do the breeding is one the biggest ignorant statements I've heard. Good luck with that line of thinking.
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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    Better genetic deer doing the breeding...? Thats a laughable statement. Not to think there's bucks and does of genetic quality out there..? Laughable. I remember the late 80's early 90's. I had my 3 deer tags, and my dad and my mom and all our friends and everyone else we knew. Couldn't kill...
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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    Wasn't it in 2017/18 where the entire winter range was flown to get as good as accurate count as possible? Both Wyoming and Sublette herds. The entire range. Cost a ton of money. And every year they fly a good portion. You make it sound like nothing is done. So, I'm curious as to your...
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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener Some of you should take a look at the G&F job completion reports for the areas and species your concerned with. Link above. From the comments above, I think you'd be surprised how hard we've been hitting the elk population on that front. I...
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    Wanted WTB/WTT 7mm SAUM Short Action Ultra Magnum Ammo

    My local store had several boxes of the Remington 7 SAUM ammo.
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    WY 128, here we go.

    Congrats on your buck! These semi-live hunt recaps on forums are always a great read! Appreciate you taking the time every day to update. Smoked tenderloins...look delicious! 😊
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    Corner Hopping 2020

    So, would I go corner hop a corner where there was no physical evidence on the ground, but my GPS mapping tool is telling me it is, no I wouldn't. If I can see the physical corner in the ground and do not need to step around a fence, I would. IMO, if you have to go around, over, through a...
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    selling everything

    Personal messaged you about the boots.
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    selling everything

    What is the size and width of the Kenetreks?
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    Which one to get after???

    Great buck! Looks like a match to me of the pic at the top of the thread. Looks like he put some extra length on his fronts.
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    My 2020 buck

    Hell yeah! Nothing wrong that. Congrats!
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    NF camping stay limits -14 day max...

    Wasn't it a 16 day stay limit? Allowed you 3 weekends at a spot. A 14-day may effectively keep people using a site for 9 days since they won't be able to have that extra weekend, won't be able to go back to work for a week and come back up without moving camp. Whether it be 14-days now, the...
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    Unit 12 4th season

    I hunted Unit 12 last year during third season. Drew it on a 2nd choice and went just to go have some fun, hunt deer in November. Didn't go down there with any expectations. I hunted strictly the Unit 12 portion. Did not hunt the Meeker side, probably more deer in general on that west side of...
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    Post your Shiras moose photos!!!!

    A couple that been hanging around the house eatin' my moose munch shrubbery... :)
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    For Sale One Tough Boot - 8" Hoffman Armor Pro Vibram Plain Toe

    That's good to know. I could use a good insulated boot and Lowa, my preferred boot, doesn't make a wide in an insulated version. Thanks again.
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    Is this one impressive enough?

    He looks alot like that last buck you killed with your bow Founder.
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    For Sale One Tough Boot - 8" Hoffman Armor Pro Vibram Plain Toe

    Like how these boots are constructed. Similiar to another 1 piece leather vamp boots. How does the sizing run on these boots? Do they run long or short? (i.e., If we wear a 10, do we order a 10 or longer or shorter?) How is the toe box?
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    Wy. antelope unit 90

    There is a little motel and restaurant in Boulder, WY or you can go up the road another 12 miles and stay in Pinedale that has several motels and dining options. There is the Sand Draw Inn at the intersection of US 191 and WY Hwy 351 but don't know if they are still open since gas drilling...
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    Leftover draw

    They always have a little wiggle room. They're just trying to sell all the tags issued for the area that weren't taken in the first draw. Put your party in. If G&F didn't want a party putting in for leftover tags it wouldn't be an option in the leftover draw process. Good luck in the draw.
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    Wyo Draw

    Well, not too bad... General Elk..struck out on LQ tag. cow elk- type 6 doe antelope -type 6 (9 years now w/o a res. western wyoming buck antelope tag..:() LQ mule deer:)
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    Wyo Draw

    Even if you only want cow elk or doe antelope tag, these days you better put in during the first draw. Its amazing the demand there is for ANY western tag.
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