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    Tree Stand Elk

    I shot my san juan bull in 2010 out of a tree stand. Pretty incredible experience. In the stand before first light in the morning with bulls bugling all around me on the way in up until 5:00 pm when after bugling all around me in the swirling winds all day, finally a great bull with 22" thirds...
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    New to the game.....

    Elkaholism is a serious issue with me. I started out hunting deer with the bow in 1981 and ever since I heard my first bugles up close and personal way back then, it takes a back seat to chasin the ole wapiti. Sorry I'm wasting your time on the Colorado issue, but make sure you starting...
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    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    oops, wrong pic :)
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    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    I've drawn two times in 38 years. San Juan archery elk in 2010 and a 54-9 archery elk in wyoming in 2020. Sometimes waiting for the good one to come your way can be worth it, but I'm an archery hunter so even with the worst luck in the universe, it's been worth it. As a rifle hunter you're...
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    Application Mayhem!

    Thanks @WapitiBob !!! Cheers, Pete
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    Application Mayhem!

    I made a mistake and applied for a late archery hunt instead of the early archery for my second choice by accident. I'd spend 13 points for a 6 point tag and was super bummed when I saw the email the next morning :( I called them and they said that changing your application is NOT an option...
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    Non Resident Elk- You in or just points?

    cashed in on a great bull with 11 points last year so I could hunt bigger bulls on a gen elk tag this year :) here's to the random tag going my way this year !!!! cheers, petes
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    I mix Starbucks Via with Nescafe Classic. Just a blend that suits me. From there a MicroLite 17 oz mug keeps my coffee boiling hot all the way to the evening if it's full and until 2 or 3 in the afternoon if I'm drinking it down all day. Pretty crazy how good these things are for being so...
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    Idaho NR tag system

    Mallards, what is wrong with you? Every year since 2017 has been above the median for most of the winter.
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    Are Core Loks really junk?!

    Sorry SHB, it turns out the two boxes I have are 270 win and not 308 :( Cheers, Pete
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    Idaho NR tag system

    Mallards, you're wrong on just about every thing you say. Every year on the snow charts from 2017 on are above the median for almost the whole winter and on median out into the spring other than one station in 2018. As for filming critters at 1800 yards, that's a piece of cake with new...
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    Anybody draw a turkey tag?

    Drew central with two points two years ago and drew southern with zero points last year. Came dang close both years to connecting with my bow. Here's to hoping three times a charm :) Gotta keep the faith, even if big game tags have never been a fortune my way. One tag in 35 years is a pretty...
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    Are Core Loks really junk?!

    I may have a box or two if you are in a pinch :) Seriously !!! Happy New Year Petes
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    POLL: What percentage of your income do you spend on hunting?

    I don't even want to do the calculation. It's just who I am and doesn't matter one bit what the percentage is. Probably way up there though as I make lots of molded archery parts and pieces and every mile and minute is an 'expense' for tax purposes.... life for living purposes :) Cheers, Pete
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    otc archery deer

    Here's one I was reading through and got a head ache from :) Here's the line toward the bottom talking about closed areas - The Permittee(s) acknowledge that recreation on State Trust land must only be conducted on lands that are open for...
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    Best fletching jig

    I hear you there Travis, my grand kids are getting close to needing bows with the oldest one at 7 now. Hadn't thought about it before now, but I'm sure I'll be needing to do some crazy amount of arrow building with the second one who's almost 4 now. He's a crazy one and I'm sure there will be...
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    otc archery deer

    I could use some clarification on state trust lands. I believe you have to have permission from the private land manager of checkerboard state trust parcel even if it touches county or state roads? I know I don't have the terminology for AZ down yet, but I think it' something like that...
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    Best fletching jig

    Have a Bitz for feathers, but the AZ EZ fletch is by far my go to. With that said, I've been buying a half dozen arrows a year pre- fletched and haven't used any of the fletching tools in a few. Seems like I've either gotten really good or really lucky as I never go through more than a few...
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    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    294 gross at best and a shooter all day every day of the general archery hunt up here on the front where I get after them most often :)
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    Idaho NR tag system

    Here's some snow water equivalent charts. Kind of a B to find, but from the 2017 snowpocalipse on have all been above the median, especially late into the snow year when the critters are most vulnerable. Not that bad the last few, just a bit...
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    Quarantine is awesome on the San Juan! Part 2

    Such and epic year Terry !!! Congrats, Pete
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    BIG Elk

    bullets are to knock em down.... arrows are to make em bleed.... Your negative vibes are bringing us all down Tristate :(
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    Pics taken on 2020 hunts

    Here's a few of mine
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    BIG Elk

    that hole through the scapula sure looks like a pretty perfect spot to punch a bull. Just sayin
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    BIG Elk

    What is wrong with you Tri ??? Epic video, epic bull and great shot. Congrats to the hunter and thanks ThunderBall for sharing
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    Idaho NR tag system

    ID newbie here. Anyone have an overview of how these NR tags work? There are some left, and I'm assuming they're not the best units, but hunting is hunting in my book. Still might be interested, but with all said and done it looks to be $1100 :( I can't quite seem to correlate A vs B vs...
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    What do you think of this bull?

    Ha, what a toad !!! Did you actually measure him? Hate to admit it, I measured one against my own words of wisdom recently too :) Congrats again, he's one hey of a trophy regardless Cheers, Pete
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    Idaho Drone and Mule Deer Hunt. (by camera)11-30-2020

    I have an FAA part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. While they definitely control the airspace, states can implement laws regarding their use in and around wildlife. A number of states have laws about flying and not hunting for 48 hours after. On a secondary note, I've never had a mule deer stay...
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    HELP!!! Need camera advice

    That Nikon setup is definitely a good one. I'm way more into video though and have gone with the Panasonic GH5 and Leica 100-400mm. Epic combo for filming critters from super long distances. If video might be one of his favorite things to do, it might be worth a look a the GH5. With it's ETC...
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    Awesome 80"+ Utah Goat 2020

    There's some more to be thankful for :) Congrats to you and your boy Pete
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    Ever seen one of these??

    I filmed a spike that had one horn going straight forward like that this year in Wy. Pretty crazy looking and seems like he could train wreck about any bull with that dagger facing straight forward :) Cheers, Pete
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    Hunting gear found on the mountain????

    I just found an eye piece for a pair of binoculars off the side of the trail in the snow this morning. I put it on a pine bow sticking out into the trail right there. Hope they see it on the way down :) Cheers, Pete
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    Ruger american Predator 308

    I have an American 270 that is truly a tack driver with the very first rounds touching at 100 the first time I shot it. Crazy for a gun I bought new in the classifieds for $300. The trigger on these guns are quite nice, surprisingly. Obviously YMMV, but pretty sure you won't be disappointed...
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    otc archery deer

    Thanks Roy !!! Cheers, Pete
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    otc archery deer

    Question ??? Isn't the non permit archery deer tag good for 365 days, but you can only take one buck in a calendar year ??? So what is a 'calendar year' that the regs talk about for this tag? Not referring to the license here at all. I know that is a 365 day thing. Cheers, Pete
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    Bike hunting

    @mmwb that is epic !!! Congrats and cheers and a heck of a buck Petes
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    MM website???

  40. c3

    Wasatch Late Bull

    @HoofingIt it's not the same bull :( Super similar, only his 5ths are switched. The right is the short one like your cousins is on the left. Crazy I would have sworn it was the same bull and came up out of the bottom on the 6th last year. If you're ever in Murray I can show you all the...
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