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    Wanted 6.5prc brass

    Long shot but just need a small amount 20 or so give or take. adg, lapua, gunwerks. New. Have cci 250 large rifle primers I can trade. (200 of them)
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    Wanted: 2021 Colorado unit 21 2nd season

    2nd season unit 21 unit wide tag. If you have a lead on one for the 2021 season. Thanks.
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    Eastern Colorado trespass fee?

    Thinking about 2021 already.... anyone have land or access to land that I could pay a trespass fee to get on? Really hoping to avoid going guided but know it is mostly private.
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    Dumb perf point question- delete/close thread

    For the life of me, I cannot remember you have 3 points for example, do you enter the 2020 draw with 3 or 4 if you apply for the draw? Or do you only get to 4 if you buy a point after you are successful? Dumb question, should be a quick answer. Thanks !
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    Outfitter hunt trade?

    Do you know any outfitter that might want to trade landowner tags and a hunt for a turn key motorhome? This would be a great scout/hunt/sleep turn key package for an outfitter.
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    WTT: 1999 Fleetwood southwind storm motorhome

    30ft 87k miles 454 gas engine New tires 2 year old battery Transmission rebuilt 10k miles ago new interior (floors, cabinets, lights, stereo, etc) Has generator. Was told it's worth 12-15,000$ Wanting to trade (have cash to add) for an elk or mule deer or combo hunt 2x1. Thinking Of...
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    WTB: 2 landowner deer or elk tags/guided hunt cancellation

    Something in the West (Utah, CO, NV NM, etc) that can be hunted mid sept-end of sept. Muzzle or rifle only for these please. Or a cancellation guided hunt from sept 15/16/17- 22/23/24/25 ish. Up to $4000 a piece. Know of anything off hand? Thanks!
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    5 NR deer points- to guide or not to guided

    You have 5 non res deer points, wanting a mountain style/backpack like hunt, do you use a guide or not? Or use Founder and his resources? (Don?t think I want to use NT outfitters and they are booking into 2022 already) Going into the special to draw G? Just want to hunt that country and see...
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    NR draw chances 12A east, west 12b, West

    Are the draw odds for the 12 units actually 4-8% NR 4-5 points? Or higher? On that note, any suggestions for a NR with 3 current points to draw the Kaibab? (I don't want to wait to hunt the strip)
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    Buying from eBay-canada

    Has anyone bought an item off eBay from Canada and had it shipped to the us? Doesn?t look like there is any buyer protections from eBay?
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    CO early rifle season 2pts

    Looking at 14, 16,17,47 for 2019. Or wait until I have 3 points and try to draw 6,7,151? Wanting to go with an outfitter for an early sept 7-15 Hunt. Any outfitter recommendations or unit recommendations for a non res? Thank you
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    Middle fork late season

    Been looking at maps for a late season deer/elk fly in hunt, would like to run some ideas by those who have been there. Please send me a message so we can talk privately. Thank you
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    Affordable guided hunt

    Any recommendations for an outfitter/hunt for a non res? Or preferably, OTC through the draw, but I understand drawing a tag will be difficult. Up to 6k Have realistic goals, in very good shape, have killed multiple bulls, just wanting to explore a new state and different type of hunt. Thank you
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    Wtb: landowner tag 2019

    Have never bought a land owner tag before, where is a good place to look ? I know they are not available yet, any landowners consistently get tags that you would recommend? Wanting Utah, NV or Colorado Mule deer. Does not need to be a premium area. Thank you
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    2019 landowner tag help

    Looking for some advice/help for a 2019 mule deer landowner tag or voucher. I know they are not available yet, just hoping to be pointed in the right direction on where to buy one for next year. Mule deer in Utah, Colorado or NV. Thank you for the help
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    Utah guide for 2019

    Any recommendations for a guide for 2019, general tag? Utah, will be a non resident. Thanks
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    Idaho unit 18

    Heading out for the 18 mule deer tag next week. Have hunted it 2 times before, both up high. This time hunting by boat. Very warm weather for this time of year, anyone have any advice ? Thank you
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