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  1. joesikora

    Old English Shotguns

    I have been looking at old shotguns I just seen a F. beasly 20ga but it was made in 1895 would it be safe or would it just be an ornamen? Joe
  2. joesikora

    Mystery Ranch Thor II

    would anyone be interested in buying a New Thor III and what would you be willing to pay? The reason I ask is I was thinking on bidding on a lot of 20 packs so I would need to know what my top bid would be? Then again it could go for way to much joe
  3. joesikora

    Hunts for the Brave

    I was watching a TV show the other night and it was about how some of our Military Hero’s are homeless, suffering from PTSD, self medicating with alcohol and street drugs, homes not set up for their disabilities they received all these problems Protecting Our Country and Our Freedoms! Like...
  4. joesikora

    Ease of Hunts

    I know this is just wishful thinking but I want to donate a few $5 chances for the Expo Permits. I did have a question though say I win The Monroe early Elk Hunt with me being down how can I be more mobile to get in the places the animals are? I hate to win a great tag and end up wasting it...
  5. joesikora

    AZ Draw

    Has only one else had problems with AZ portal? I tried for over a week, on 8 different occasions, 5.5 hrs on hold not counting the 4 disconnections. I finally got through to Andy today after 55 minutes on hold today she was a sweetheart I told her want was going and she calmly says “Easy Fix!”...
  6. joesikora

    2021 Expo

    Do you think SFW is trying to wait out the COVID to still have the Expo later in the year? I think that’s a great idea. Having the Expo brings in a ton of money for a lot of others Joe
  7. joesikora


    Will a Thompson Omega shoot out to 300 yds if not what say you thanks Joe
  8. joesikora

    Sheep Units

    is sheep hunting easier in NM than some other states the reason I ask is that the amount of hunting days seems shorter in NM than in other states joe
  9. joesikora

    Antelope Hunt

    Anyone guide ANT, bear hunts on here? Joe
  10. joesikora

    Spotting Scope

    Is this spotting scope worth anything? Swarovski Optik Habicht AT80 Spotting Scope w/20-30-40-60x Eyepiece. If so what’s a fair price anyone would give for it? thanks Joe
  11. joesikora

    Hola my Amigos

    Hi all, I wanted to let you all know if you didnt know already is that the Utah Expo where they raffle off 200 top permits are allowing the rest of us to draw without being at The Expo so look it up I know the odds are going to be even worst but heck might as well be us Right? your Amigo Joe
  12. joesikora

    380 ammo

    Hey guys and gals I’m my mother in-law‘s secret Santa and she wants some .380 ammo to target practice with want say you? As always thanks Joe
  13. joesikora

    Expo Permits

    I read that the Expo raffle tickets go on sale in December I looked on the site and couldn’t find where to buy any are they are sale yet? joe
  14. joesikora

    Tundra Swan and Duck Hunt I just seen the auction is over today Bid stands at $3,000 as of this posting BIDS 9 A bucket list trip for the true waterfowler! This hunt for four is a one day tundra swan hunt and one day duck hunt (2 hunting days) in Eastern North Carolina with...
  15. joesikora

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my MM family! Joe & Family
  16. joesikora

    Semi-Auto Federal Tax

    I just seen a news clip saying that Biden wants a $200 tax for each for semi automatic rifles and magazines over 10 rounds. So if you have the gun and 4 magazines that’s a $1,000 tax or sell your gun back to the Goverment! Please someone tell me thats not possible that the NRA or some other...
  17. joesikora

    Danner Boots

    Does anyone know of a pair of 10.5 D or EE 8” Danner Pronghorn Non Insulated boots, the one’s with light brown leather and RealTree camo for sale? I know I’m old school but I like these the best! Ive looked on all the websites I could find but could only find the Insulated ones Thanks Joe
  18. joesikora

    Alaska Draw

    Hey guys a guy I know wants to start drawing for tags. I told him about the Alaska draw deadline was the 12th of December I think should I been putting him in for any tags there or is it easy enough to get tags with outfitters? thanks joe
  19. joesikora

    30/06 LR Bullet

    I just noticed that the Nosler 180 gr partition bullets are out of stock so I’m guessing their phasing out the those bullets. I do have a couple of boxes though and that could last me the rest of my rifle shooting Life. But what load can I make or buy that I can shot out to 1000 yds with my HS...
  20. joesikora


    Congrats to all on their 2020 hunts there’s some amazing pictures and stories Thanks So Much For Sharing Them All Your Amigo Joe
  21. joesikora

    No hunting

    No hunting for me this season Finally went to see a PA for a spine surgeon at Washington U in St. Louis Mo 1) Cervical Stenosis 2) Herniated Disks in the Lumber Region 3) Lumbar Stenosis This started last May and it caused me to have trouble walking, numbness, loss of strength in legs etc...
  22. joesikora

    Cool SouthWest furnishings

    Can anyone tell is that a wolf or werewolf next to the guy in the right side of the photo? I love the bear chair
  23. joesikora

    For Sale Rivers West

    These were only wore once or twice their are way to hot to wear for me in our area. We don’t get the deep cold weather you all get out West, you will not need to wear much under the set to stay toasty warm, bone dry and keep the Artic Winds away I have 1 full set of Rivers West Water n Wind...
  24. joesikora

    San Juan Elk Hunt

    Ok Bessy I bought 10 tickets late yesterday for the San Juan Elk Hunt drawing. I think it’s ours! Joe
  25. joesikora

    Wanted Argo

    Anyone know of an inexpensive/affordable Used 8x8 Argo for sale in descent shape. I know inexpensive and affordable usually don‘t coincide in the same sentence with Argo but just thought I’d ask. thanks Joe
  26. joesikora

    UT Points

    Here’s my 2020 Utah Points Limited Entry Buck Deer 9 Limited Entry Buck Pronghorn 7 Limited Entry Bull Elk 16 Desert Bighorn Sheep 14 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep 12 Bison 12 Mountain Goat 9 Bull Moose 9 How many do you all have? Joe
  27. joesikora

    AZ Draw

    When is the AZ draw results out for deer etc? thank Joe
  28. joesikora

    Thanks All

    Hi guys and gals, I just seen an new member in campfire I think? As usual I welcome him aboard and told him to check out Bessy and the gang in General Hunting and told him to also check out the awesome hunters as well in the NM forum. When I was writing that thread to him it reminded me on what...
  29. joesikora

    Thanks to all my brothers and Sisters

    Hi guys and gals, I just seen an new member in campfire I think? As usual I welcome him aboard and told them to check out Bessy and the gang in General Hunting and told him to check the awesome hunters we have here in the NM forum as I was writing that thread to him it reminded me on what a...
  30. joesikora

    Tough Elk

    Hey guys My AZ elk I killed last September had to have some age to it, it is like chewing on a leather boot! I cut the steaks @ least 2” thick and I like mine on the rare side it’s still terrible. It’s not bad of course Trenton meats makes great brats along with slim jims and the regular things...
  31. joesikora

    Update: Ford Foundation Is Donating Millions To ‘Defund The Police’ While Ford Motor Company Is Making Millions From The Police

    What in the Wide wide world of sports is going on here! Have these people gone crazy? im not a ford person Thank God but if I was i wouldnt be now what do you all think? joe
  32. joesikora

    Crazy Kids

    These girls nowadays are just Crazy!
  33. joesikora

    Hunting with Corona

    Will hunting season be affected by the Virus BS or not?
  34. joesikora

    YouTube The Monroe

    Restoring Elk Country - Monroe Mountain UTdid anyone else see the video? I didn’t know the Monroe was in bad shape! I did heard some whoever from whatever wanted to kill off all the Elk on the Monroe during this burning replanting etc process would that have been a GOOD IDEA? I also heard that...
  35. joesikora

    How’s everyone doing?

    How is everyone doing? I hope all is good with all of you joe
  36. joesikora

    True True!

  37. joesikora

    Elk Cape

    How much would a taxi sell a elk cape for one that lost theirs thanks Joe
  38. joesikora

    40’ trailer

    Just posting this for our friends Allan takes great care of anything he owns The only thing for the people on here Is that its in IL 2013 40 ft 5the wheel. 4 slides. Fireplace, 2 flat screen TV's. All stainless appliances, 5 ft shower, leather reclining theater seating, king and queen beds...
  39. joesikora

    To all my singles buddies here on MM

    HEY all my single buddies here on MM ALDI‘s is having a sale on chickens for Valentine’s Day. 😎 I’m always thinking of the younger generations joe
  40. joesikora

    Just checking

    How has everyone been? I hope all is well with you and yours. i hope all get the tag of your dreams this year. I got one of mine last season with my default AZ early rifle Elk tag again good luck to all and hope everyone have a great year joe
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