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  1. freaknasty

    SB 224 being heard this AM. Plz call to voice your opinion.

    so I found this on the NM Legislature page. [Hearing: Feb 23 @ 9:00 am] I don't know what that means exactly but its on there
  2. freaknasty

    SB 224 being heard this AM. Plz call to voice your opinion.

    when is the vote on this ??????
  3. freaknasty

    Tax question for guides

    It Doesn't get any simpler than that. good luck
  4. freaknasty

    Unit 27 late. Realistic expectations?

    congrats to the girls 27 is tough
  5. freaknasty

    Tax question for guides

    Are you asking if you can wright off expenses? Like tires, binos, spotters cloths ect. ? ,
  6. freaknasty

    Spotting scope help!

    I had an older pair of 8x32's I bought used, they needed some love so I sent them in and they came back like new. then I upgraded several years back 10 x 42's had them ever since I try to send them in every year (skipped) this past year but will do it after my Jan archery Coues hunt, just to get...
  7. freaknasty

    Learning to hunt the grey ghost

    congrats on a fine buck I'll be headed out on the 16th for archery southern NM. should be a good time.
  8. freaknasty

    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    not on the first day, I would have to hold out but definitely has the genes for a real shooter someday.
  9. freaknasty

    Best bull to date. Score?

    very nice congrats thats a great bull I'm going to say 354 when do you plan to tell us what the tape said?
  10. freaknasty

    My Opinion

    T Thank you for that sincerely Thank you
  11. freaknasty

    My Opinion

    on my first Barb hunt. I shot a ewe I paid my respects to her and as I was breaking her down I noticed she was pregnant. did not sit on her and LORD over my kill, In all the hard efforts to get her. do you get it!! I didn't feel the need to sit on her and take pics. Look I'm not trying to...
  12. freaknasty

    My Opinion

    I'M Just waiting ??/
  13. freaknasty

    Unit 15 Youth muzzleloader BULL DOWN

    WOW CONGRATS That was awesome to read I have a hunt coming up with my daughters' and hope its as eventful as yours. it's great to see that you, your dad, and your grandpa were with you on this epic adventure. God Bless Hunt Hard Live Free RIP
  14. freaknasty

    My Opinion

    In referance to all posts with hunters sitting on their success. I'm going to say some thing here YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE But congrats to you on this, your friends first buck but the picture of him (SITTING ON THE BUCK IS NOT RESPECTFUL AT ALL) we as sportsmen should not LORD over the Quarry...
  15. freaknasty

    Last Day

    I'm going to say some thing here YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE But congrats to you on this, your friends first buck but the picture of him (SITTING ON THE BUCK IS NOT RESPECTFUL AT ALL) we as sportsmen should not LORD over the Quarry we pursue but be respectful of the majestic animals they are and...
  16. freaknasty

    Archery Elk Shot Distance?

    9 yds to 70 yds is my best I missed my first elk this year twice once at 54 and at 82 just don't know what happened? I'm going to try Traditional next year maybe
  17. freaknasty

    Can you use a spotlight to scout in Wyoming?

    I would ask the game and fish or DNR for that particular state, they could give you abetter answer than the folks on here. our HE group here in NM have a warden attend our class and ask that question for the students and they are amazed at the correct answer(YES IT IS) under the right and legal...
  18. freaknasty

    Gila Bull

    heck of a bull congrats. 367 is my guess
  19. freaknasty

    truck accident

  20. freaknasty

    licensee who can't load their own gun.

    During my time as a guide, I have had to carry guns and packs for what should be an able bodied person to carry. maybe I'm a nice guy ( some people say NOT) but I did it. I also carried the rifle for my pregnant wife (A LITTLE) for her OIL elk hunt not a prob. so should you have to pack your...
  21. freaknasty

    Lets see those NM archery bulls!

    Well a heart felt and genuine congrats to all who read these posts and were lucky enough to actually bring home some meat with large antlers attached or any antlers attached. even those whom took a caw home. We had a great hunt where I was at ??? no tellem ridge and go to hell canyon (I swear...
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  24. freaknasty

    Lets see those NM archery bulls!

  25. freaknasty

    NM Bugle Report

    sure thing, its been out of use for a little while it should bring em in hot
  26. freaknasty

    how would you handle this

    In the end its the hunter that pulls the trigger or releases the arrow so it is solely up to the hunter to pass or not. as for the guide he should have known better to tell you to shoot maybe he was looking at a different elk all together and didn't realize what you were seeing. just a bad deal...
  27. freaknasty

    NM Bugle Report

    I'm not hunting yet but we got out to do some filming and scouting found some talkative elk ( they would bugle and carry on but not commit ) I wasn't surprised at that scenario but very encouraging. decent satellite 6x6, 2 4x4's, 3 spikes cows and calves. 3 bigger bulls that were talking stayed...
  28. freaknasty

    Scope for sale

    3x9x40 weaver scope for sale. $ 140.00 with rings.
  29. freaknasty

    Weaver 3x9x40

    Weaver. 3x9x40 with rings. It was mounted to Savage 7mm08. Ballistic X retical No dings or scratches. $140.00
  30. freaknasty

    Camp fire restrictions

    I talked to some one in Santa Fe national on monday she said they would be lifting the restrictions on wednesday
  31. freaknasty

    ISO New Mexico Landowner Elk

    sorry should have said ARCHERY TAGS
  32. freaknasty

    Need 2 tags

    looking for New Mexico 2 unit wide (preferably) or ranch only for unit 45 archery, I could be interested in 2 more if you have them and get a hold of me asap. the ones I thought I had have not come through. ???
  33. freaknasty

    ISO New Mexico Landowner Elk

    also looking for unit 45 Unit wide ?? 2 TAGS
  34. freaknasty

    Unit 27 coues tag

    I got the janruary bow tag for that unit
  35. freaknasty

    Valley Vidal elk youth

    I copy that He will just ask me where he should go anyway. I will help out anyway I can
  36. freaknasty

    New Mexico Rocky Mountain Bighorn Mount

    i wouldn't have mounted that little thing, nut its cute RAM IT MORTY
  37. freaknasty

    First Antelope Mount. opinions/criticism welcome

    well I'm going to give it to you straight. From what i can see the tear ducts are not showing up very good, maybe its the pics but I can't see them. This it the first thing I look at when checking out any mount then the horn or antler bases pedicales then the orientation of the hide is it...
  38. freaknasty

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    coming along nicely, try adding some old mans beard (moss) to some spots??? maybe a photo embedded somewhere in the panels??
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