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    221-223 late Elk

    As stated already I ended up drawing 221-223 late elk. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some information. I've heard 221 is better than the other 2 units but not sure how accurate that is. Do the elk move into this country later in the season, or is it pretty much a resident...
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    Sig Sauer BDX

    I'm curious if anyone has first hand knowledge of the Sig Sauer BDX (kilo 1600/6.5x20x52mm) system. I have been thinking about giving the system a try, but was wanting to hear people's thoughts. Thanks...
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    Area 14,15,16a

    Anyone know much about these three deer units? I have a friend in Elk City and figured I would go visit him during November and hopefully shoot a whitetail. I hear 14 and 15 were hit several years ago with blue tongue. Be more than happy to trade info here in Wyoming. Thanks in advance.
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    Kuiu 5000 Pack

    Looking to sell a Kuiu 5000 pack and frame in Vias. Pack is in great shape with no stains or tears. $300.00 to your door. Will text pictures upon request since I am clueless when it comes to uploading photos. Thanks.
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    Not to beat a dead horse BUT, I went onto NTO (non-typical outfitters) website and left a post under his (Robb Wiley) mule deer crisis thread. Basically, I asked him what he was doing for mule deer. I asked if he was taking less hunters, about his long range school, flying to scout,riding his...
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    Weatherby 30-378

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-01-17 AT 12:10PM (MST)[p]For sale is a Weatherby V 30-378 with Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 scope. Has approximately 85 rounds through it. Awesome set up and very accurate. I'm having trouble uploading pictures, however, I can text/email as many pictures as needed. Thanks in...
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    Points Only?

    Looking for a little help please. I've looked, but can't find what I'm looking for. I know tag applications have to been in on April 17 to be eligible for the draw. Is this the closing date for points only too, or is there a later date? Thanks in advance.
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    Fish replicas

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a fish mount replica? I caught a nice brown today and want to get a reproduction made. Thanks in advance...
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    Was thinking about heading up to H/G for a little scouting. Can anyone tell me how smokey it is. Can you still glass up high? Thanks in advance.
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    Kimber 84L mountain rifle

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-03-16 AT 11:27PM (MST)[p]I'm looking into a new backpacking rifle and was wondering if anyone owns one of these. I got a chance to hold one at a local gun store and was pretty impressed (308, weighed just over 4lbs). It will be for deer and would probably go with a 280AI, or a...
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    A Few Things..

    I have a few things for sale, all tyd, pictures on request. The items include: -New Remington long action cdl Walnut stock. $90.00 -Pair of kenetrek mountain guide boots (new), size 9.5. Only worn around the house. $200.00 -Set of Cabelas rain suede packable rain gear in open country...
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    LAST EDITED ON Jul-24-15 AT 07:33PM (MST)[p]Well I just got home from visiting my father in northern California and all I can say is sad. We fished several different creeks and it was horrible. Even when walking many, many stretches of stream looking to spook fish there was nothing. What's...
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    3rd season 71/711

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-15 AT 09:08AM (MST)[p]Can anyone tell me about this hunt? My son (14) didn't draw anything and I'm looking to pick up a landowner voucher so he can kill his first buck. He would be the only one hunting, his grandfather and I will just be helping him out.
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    Northern Idaho Whitetail?

    Anyone hunt whitetail in northern idaho this year? Just wondering if the numbers are up compared to the last few years. Any kill pictures?
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    Can anyone give me some advice on a small compact camera I can carry around in my pack and truck. I would really like to find a camera with a wireless remote if that's even possible. The 10 second timer on most cameras doesn't cut it for me.
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    Zeiss 15x56

    I went to Sportsmans today looking for the Swarovski 15x56, however they were out of stock. Did get a chance to look at the Zeiss 15x56. Has anyone gotten a chance to use them outside. Kinda hard to see how good they are while standing in the middle of the store. Thoughts?
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    unit 68 antelope.

    Anyone lucky enough to draw unit 68 antelope? If so shoot me a PM.
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    Delisting Grizzly Bear?

    Montana official: Some grizzly bears could come off endangered list LISA BAUMANN Associated Press Posted: Thu, 15 May 2014 6:00 PM HELENA, Mont.? ? The head of Montana's wildlife agency said Thursday that federal officials will seek to lift federal protections from some threatened grizzly bears...
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    life size bear mount

    Who would you recommend for a life size bear mount? I know of a few good taxidermist, but when it comes to bear/cats they just can't get the face to look life like.
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    257 weatherby

    I have recently purchased a 257 Weatherby and am wondering what type of bullets others shoot. I have shot accubonds out of my 30-378 for several years and they have always worked well. I'm leaning towards the 110 accubonds now, but have been reading a lot about how well the tsx perform out of...
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    Draw deadline

    I'm having a hard time finding the draw deadline for NR. Could someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.
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    unit 75 muzzy

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-14 AT 08:53PM (MST)[p]Could anyone tell me how this unit is during the muzzy deer season. I've hunted 74 and the country looks the same as 75, but draw odds are a little better in 75. Thanks in advance.
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    Garmin GPS

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-26-13 AT 09:44PM (MST)[p]Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx with sensors and maps. Key features: barometric altimeter with current, min/max elevation and ascent/descent rate. Electronic compass, 128 MB micro SD memory for map source data. 10,000 point track log to retrace your path, stores...
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    Unit 21/30

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-07-13 AT 01:36PM (MST)[p]Has anyone hunted unit 21/30 muzzleloader, and if so how was it? Is it worth buying a $3,500 landowner voucher?
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    White muzzy

    I have a White SG WhiteLightning 50cal muzzy I won in a raffle years ago. Shot a few whitetails with it in the late 90's, but haven't used it since. Saw a few posts here on MM talking about Whites, and I'm curious how the SG WhiteLightning compares to other models.
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    30-378 brass

    70 once fired 30-378 Weatherby brass for sale. $110.00 TYD.
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    Was thinking about hunting the northern part of the state for whitetails. If i dont draw my deer tag here in Wyoming i might give it a try. Can anyone tell me what to expect as far as deer numbers and hunting pressure? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Packable Rain Gear

    Cabela's Dry-Plus Rain Suede packable rain gear for sale. Size large in Open Country, never used. Unable to load pictures, but will send a text if interested. $150.00 for the set. Thanks
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    Does anyone know if there are fires burning around the Silverton area?? I saw where there are a few fires in the San Juan NF, just not sure where. I was planning on headed down for a scouting trip, but don't want to make the drive only to learn there is a fire.
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    Thor Bullets

    Can anyone tell me where I can find 300 gr. Thor bullets? Also, has anyone tried shooting these bullets in a Savage 10ML-2 muzzy? Last year, I shot the Power Belts in a CVA Accura on my Colorado hunt and was not impressed, nor have I had much luck on the range with them. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    I have a new Kuiu Icon 6000 pack in vias camo for sale. Has never been put on the frame. $140.00 to your door.
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    Seek Outside Products??

    Has anyone ever used Seek Outside tipis or their versa stoves? They seem to be very light, handle the weather well, and have plenty of room. I was planning on purchasing the 3 man, but wanted to see if anyone here had any input. I hear Kifaru makes a good tipi/stove, but they sure are expensive...
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    GMU 501, 500, 50

    I have a muzzy(September)tag for units 501, 500, 50 and was planning a scouting trip in the next few weeks. These three units take up a large area, and I was needing a little help trying to narrow it down some. I'm not looking for anyone's honey hole, just an area to start looking. Is one unit...
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