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  1. tailchasers

    Dean Martin - The Bar

    They sure don't make comedy like they used to.
  2. tailchasers

    Mass for Dayz...

    Well chit New York! Mass!!
  3. tailchasers

    Colorado Wolves Next Steps

    Time to chime in !!!
  4. tailchasers

    He Messed Up

    Never in my life!
  5. tailchasers

    Hey Idaho!

    Dadgum you can sure grow some spuds. This bad boy was just shy of 2 lbs. Got 50 more just like em. No idea what makes Idaho potatoes grow the way they do but whatever it is don't change a thing and keep up the good work!!
  6. tailchasers

    Stock Modification

    I got ahold of a take off stock from a model 700 LR Sendaro, mounted it, and don't much care for how fat the wrist and forearm is. Can I sand this thing down to a leaner profile without screwing up the stocks integrity?
  7. tailchasers

    Casper Euro

    Looking for someone in and around Casper that could do a mule deer European. Thanks. Al
  8. tailchasers

    Elk Stew with a Cajon Twist Made this today during the blizzard. To add some "bam" I added cajon seasoning and sour cream at the end. Threw in some bisquick dumplings and 2 bowls later I'ma puddle. Full belly, warm fire, dog at my feet, and a pretty wife to boot. Definitely keep...
  9. tailchasers

    Primer Problems

    Started working up a load for my son's 30/06 and had 2 primers pop out at the range with 1 extruded that fell out and could be put back in with ease. Some supporting information; twice reloaded Federal brass, 180 gr accubond, 56 grain IMR 4350, cci primers, load #1= .005 off lands, #2 = .010...
  10. tailchasers

    7.3 Ford Gaser

    My '04 Chevy Duramax is nickle and diming me more and more with the latest being worn injectors. Really not in the mood to fork out $6k to replace them and figured the money might be better spent on a something newer. Not really sold on getting another diesel so I've been looking at the newer...
  11. tailchasers

    Federal Firestick

    Cool concept of an old black power cartridge and already not legal in several states for muzzy season but how many other states will ban this...
  12. tailchasers

    New Neighbors...

    Dear God no...
  13. tailchasers

    Crowning the Evening

    Ocho's not around and he wasn't the only one who had a hankering for crown as I do too. I also like older ish county to boot. I personally take a liking the Waylon and the boys.
  14. tailchasers

    SOLD 300WSM Brass & Dies

    I have here some 300WSM reloading supplies up for market. Got a set of Redding dies, 119 once fired Winchester brass, +3 pieces of Federal brass, and a bullet seating depth gauge. Buyers pays shipping and will be added to purchase price. $75 seem reasonable. Al
  15. tailchasers

    Carol Burnett on TP

  16. tailchasers

    Gun Legislation

    And so the 2A assault continues in Colorado.
  17. tailchasers

    Another CWD Post

    Like most I've seen what's happening across the county about CWD. Seems all that most state's are doing is increasing harvest, changing buck to doe ratios, reducing feeding programs, and continue data collection along with more research while the infection rate increases and spreads. CWD is...
  18. tailchasers

    Photogenic Squatch

    Finally someone got a true pick. Totally convinced.. "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  19. tailchasers

    Muley Stags

    Noticed there seems to be a increase in velvet covered muley bucks harvested this year in Colorado. Not necessarily in one specific area either, it's been all over the state. Curious what others have observed and what might be causing this? "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up...
  20. tailchasers

    Colorado State Lands. Open for Business?

    So Colorado State Land Board approves opening 500K acres of state trust lands for recreation. About time!!! Will more follow suit? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COLORADO OPENS ACCESS TO 500,000 ACRES OF STATE TRUST LAND Posted by Liz Rose | July 18, 2019 Last Thursday afternoon in Walden...
  21. tailchasers

    Fire In the Hole ! ! !

    How much explosives does it take to launch an anvil a couple 100 feet vertically in the air? "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  22. tailchasers

    Encampment/Saratoga Logistics

    we were fortunate to draw a few tags this years and will be spending time around the Encampment/Saratoga area this fall and we have a few logistics we need help with. We will be coming up from the south through Waldon and will be pulling a camper preferring to set up on the BLM. Is there ample...
  23. tailchasers

    Dan Prenzlow

    Anyone familiar with the newest Director of CPW? "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  24. tailchasers

    Custom Build

    I purchased a model 700 LA to build a sporter 260 Remington. This is all new to me so please be kind on this rookie builder. LOL. I have all the bolt on components but am curious from those that know more about this than me of specific areas I should pay attention to and have machined or worked...
  25. tailchasers

    Flat Tops Fire History Map

    I received this recently and thought this might be of value for some of you out there hunting or recreating the region especially with all the fires experienced in 2018. This map includes fires from over 10+ years ago too. "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  26. tailchasers

    WTB .30 Caliber Action

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-02-19 AT 07:33PM (MST)[p]Hi guys. I am looking for a long bolt action receiver that will fit a .30 caliber. Remington 700, Savage 110, or Stevens are all on my list that I can work with. Let me know what ya have available. Appreciate it. Al Edit; .470 bolt face diameter...
  27. tailchasers

    Colorado Big Game Survey

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-29-18 AT 12:14PM (MST)[p]I apologize up front if the link doesn't work. CPW has a survey open from the next big game season structure. Based upon the questions in the survey it seems CPW is poised to make more changes and with Colorado you never know the outcome...
  28. tailchasers


    After 22 yrs using my Bear I think it's time to replace. Will be switching a few seasons around next year that will give me more time in the field only now with a bow rather than a muzzy. I have no experience with a Darton outside of a friend of mine who has had a few Dartons with no complaints...
  29. tailchasers

    Muley Changes to NW Colorado

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-08-18 AT 05:29PM (MST)[p]From what I have been able to gather CPW will be looking at making some changes to several units in NW Colorado trying to stem CWD. They spoke about reducing buck to doe ratios by moving tags from 2nd season to 3rd and 4th season because as CPW staff...
  30. tailchasers

    Antelope Vision

    Astonishes me how these animals have evoloved. They pack a bunch of unique adaptions adding to their uniqueness. "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  31. tailchasers

    Stick-um Up!!

    Anyone know who this pistol packing beauty is? "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  32. tailchasers

    On the Lighter Side.

    "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  33. tailchasers

    Freezer Burnt Meat

    Got a freezer that's 5-6 years old. Put our elk and deer meat away packaged just like we have for the past 25 years. Now all our meat from October 2017 is freezer burned. Checked the thermometer and it's below 0?F. First time we have ever experienced this. What the heck?! Got a another freezer...
  34. tailchasers

    Rangely, Co. Missing Person "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  35. tailchasers

    Rangely, Co. Missing Person

    We have a local Rangely, Colorado man who has been missing for several days. I am posting for the family in the hopes that maybe someone on here that will be in or coming to the area will please keep a lookout. Appreciate any assistance. Al "Courage is being scared to death but...
  36. tailchasers

    Replacement Ram Rod

    I need to replace the ram rod for my CVA and have no experience other than with the factory rod. My current rod has a bent tip. Any suggestions? Al "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  37. tailchasers

    CPW Fee Increase Legislation

    If you haven't noticed CPW has been "protesting" in a government fashion around the state causing inconvenience and disruptions in public use at various facilities. Lately its been closures of boat ramps due to lack of funding for Aquatic Nuisance Species. I don't disagree with CPW needing to...
  38. tailchasers

    Colorado Wolves/RMEF Article from RMEF about wolves for Colorado. "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  39. tailchasers

    New York at Their Finest

    Not surprised by the out come of this or the way Bureaucracy played out. Terrible dumb... "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
  40. tailchasers

    kowa 664ed spotting scope

    Anyone have any experience with this particular optic? Can't do the German glass but have reviewed favorable opinions about Kowa but not so much about the model 664ed. Thanks in advance. "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."
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