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  1. rocky2track

    SOLD Hornady ELD-X 175

    Full box of Hornady .284 dia 175gr ELD-X. I opened it just to see how long these are but never did anything with them. $60 shipped lower 48.
  2. rocky2track

    For Sale Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler

    Browning X-Bolt Pro, Carbon Fiber Stock, chambered in 28 Nosler. New in Box. Burnt bronze cerakote. 26" barrel. Included OEM radial muzzle brake and muzzle crown cap. Located in western Wyoming. Would prefer not to ship, if possible. PM with questions. $1700
  3. rocky2track

    Shed Antler Season Changes

    I see the commission approved some changes at their Jan. 20 meeting to the shed antler season. It now includes the Platte Valley region along with the area west of the continental divide. Secondly, you now have to wait until noon on May 1st. No more midnight runs on the feedground areas and...
  4. rocky2track

    Greys River Road

    This has been ongoing this winter but looks like USFS just closed the lower 14 miles of the Greys River Road until this land slide decides what its going to do. There certainly won't be a quick fix for this one. See the statement below: Greys River corridor closed for public safety (posted...
  5. rocky2track

    Over or Under 190? What say you..

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-13-17 AT 02:09PM (MST)[p]Sorry for the crappy pics, they were late in the evening on a overcast day. What say you...? [[/IMG][/URL]...
  6. rocky2track

    Forest Roads

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-17 AT 12:44PM (MST)[p]As discussed all over this forum, this past winter has been one for the records. Our area streams here in Sublette County have not crested once, but twice, and have been top 5 events both times due to all the snow still sitting above 9000 feet. Our...
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