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    No birds(waterfowl) in central valley yet!

    Eel give me a call I am free to hunt...LOL would love a good goose hunt just don't know where to go. Went two years ago wasn't much flying that day we got 5
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    I had no idea.....

    Please tell me she is not gay or is heshe
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    Christian Hunters

    Both Catholics and Mormons believe in the same God just a difference of opinion on when Jesus was here. I have no disdain for Mormons and I grew up Catholic in Utah. We are both Christians period.
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    Christian Hunters

    How would you know that if you don't believe in God in the first place. I just love the speculation on this website
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    Scots have their own MRE

    I remember back when I was a kid and we would but them from the Army Surplus store from WWll and they were still good.LOL We used them when we backpacked in, I probably lost a few years off my life eating those old MRE's
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    Our Neighbors Buck

    I like that center point very unusual
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    You Always Knew They Are Mentally Screwed

    There is nothing like the scorn of a woman who has been cheated on. They will go to great lengths to make things right in their minds. I am glad this woman is off the streets and will be in prison as she is one less pain in the ass for the hunters
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    Christian Hunters

    Maybe so but we are low hanging fruit and that amount 300K is more like 300 Million. Either way it is just like hunting spots you tell everyone on the internet how great the hunting is in certain zones and then the next year you are surprised to see so many new people. The point I was trying to...
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    Wyoming IBEX

    That's how the exotics got started in New Mexico years ago on the White Sands Missile Base
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    There is always some Jackwagon that comes from the East and loved fishing for Pike and could care less that he is screwing up the environment and the fishing that many locals have cherished for many years. So he just goes and takes it upon himself to stock the pond so to speak
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    Christian Hunters

    Hope someone from the IRS doesn't read these posts we in business keep these kinds of things QUIET
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    Poll: Would you support banning baiting (except for bear) in Utah?

    But would it be called baiting if a Rancher did it for his cattle? to leave salt blocks in the mountains as they have done all along
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    Gun control bill

    Eel I went to Sportsman Wharehouse the other day and they had all of the rifle ammo except 6.5 and very little handgun ammo but they did have most calibers in stock. What ammo are you looking for
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    Getting the Vaccine

    I'm all done now both shots no side affects at all not even a sore arm. I am ready to hunt this year and I am applying for hunts in three states hope I get at least one.
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    It should be fine

    Has anyone got an extra pair of underwear? Just sayin after that no one would want to sit by me....
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    WY Unit 6 Elk

    Just watch their show on TV for confirmation of what Buzz is saying. They pound the living hell our of their land
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    Elk hunt last fall

    This is why you have sons LOL that is some funny s--t Eel
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    Doesn't matter what Nosler Elk there will be no ammo for it anyway. Just sayin
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    EXPO Tag Drawing Complete

    I tried several hunting words nothing yet. I say we get the North Koreans to hack them....LOL
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    WY Dirtbag In Trouble Again

    I say 10 years hard labor benefitting wildlife every day of his sentence. Build water tanks anything to work his ass off. And if he ever fishes or hunts again automatic 20 years.
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    High Lonesome Ranch looses appeal

    I might just go up there and hunt this year to see if they try to block me got to be good hunting as much as they guard it.
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    Crazy Firepower

    I'd like to shoot that gun myself looks like a panic. Wow just follow the tracers and hit something with a 1000 rounds a minute
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    Getting the Vaccine

    Getting my final shot tomorrow morning. Then I am ready to travel and hunt. Have gun will travel......... I think that was an old western sitcom
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    Crazy Firepower

    Reminds me of opening day in Utah general season especially that one gun that sprays the bullets with a red tracer.
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    She sounds like she is from San Francisco
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    Sweet Deals Going On!

    I didn't say real cowboy I said drug store cowboy
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    And twice on Sundays
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    What was the toughest job

    Unloaded a semi truck load of tar rounds I believe they weigh about 75-100 lbs a piece. Went home that night fell asleep with my clothes on. Got up the next day and done it again. I was working the summer jobs for school. At the end of the summer I had muscles in my s---t
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    Tagging up for points.

    it was happening in Nevada every year I am not sure if they have closed that loophole yet
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    Where's the ammo going?

    I go once a week now on Friday morning I get up and go to all of the sporting goods stores and look for bullets Last week I got two boxes of 6.5 cm four boxes of .40 two boxes of 12, 20 and 410 bismuth each. Not a bad day but if I keep it up I won't come up short. Elk was right about the...
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    Quarantine is awesome on the San Juan! Part 2

    The San Juan is a special place I loved hunting down there. Always saw some big bulls on my deer hunts
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    Another big un

    I hunted that area in the 80's I was living in Concho still have land there. Back then it was known for it's huge Antelope record book bucks came out of that area every year. I shot quite a few deer when I was living there but nothing like this one above.
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    Another big un

    Is that close to Springerville or St John's
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    Locked Antlers

    Boy that is one tough buck Wow I hope he makes it through the winter
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    No Go Snowmobiling

    Can't fix stupid
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    Speaking of education....

    I had a guy come in for an interview that had a Masters in Russian History and was applying for an Project Manager position. I asked him why I should hire him and he told me I am a smart person and can learn anything. He wanted $150k to start. I told him I can get young guys out of college...
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    Sweet Deals Going On!

    Drug Store Cowboy seen a bunch of them, wonder what side of the horse he gets up on???????
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    Who’s going to the Super Bowl?

    Forget all of the rest of this stuff I won the pool $625 so I could maybe buy one or two boxes of shells with this money
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    Another big un

    this is in the New Mexico forum so probably New Mexico is where this buck came from. Indian Rez buck
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    Speaking of education....

    Went to two years at University of Utah was working nights in Construction. Was making more than most of my friends dads so I dropped out after two years. Worked in Construction until I started my own construction company. The business classes I took in college paid off years later when I...
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