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  1. Buckhunter1955

    Nevada Again!

    Nevada has been good to me over the years. I hope to go again soon as I have 13 NR points, maybe this year. Thank you to the Moderator who was able to get my photo posted correctly. Computers are not my strong suit.
  2. Buckhunter1955

    Nevada Buck

    Here's a buck from several years back. I still haven't figured out how to scan an old photo.
  3. Buckhunter1955

    B&C Caribou

    It's been a while, I think it was 1997
  4. Buckhunter1955

    Mexico Coues

    These are some good friends that went to Mexico in January and did pretty darn good.
  5. Coues Deer.jpg

    Coues Deer.jpg

  6. Buckhunter1955

    Hunting Africa

    I've hunted 4 times myself with Onjonas Safaris too. CHWino is my brother and he is correct, you won't find a better outfit than Andre Viljoen his wife Jeanne and their sons. I've taken everything from Red Duiker to Cape Buffalo. Not only is Andre a great hunter / P.H. but the whole family is a...
  7. Buckhunter1955

    I Guess a Poll of Sorts - Chicken or Ahi Tuna???

    Yes three limits of Sockeye on the Kenai.
  8. Buckhunter1955

    I Guess a Poll of Sorts - Chicken or Ahi Tuna???

    Ahi all day long. My wife is not big on fish / seafood but she does love Halibut, Salmon, and Tuna.
  9. Buckhunter1955

    Another Tag Filler

    It' been kind of slow here om MM, found a couple old photos. This one is my son Ethan with a big bodied coastal A zone buck. Hope you enjoy.
  10. Summer2012 011.jpg

    Summer2012 011.jpg

  11. 0828120733a95234681.JPG


  12. Buckhunter1955

    Big Buck!

    If you're gonna shoot, shoot don't talk!
  13. Buckhunter1955

    More Pigs

    Just can't kill'em all, but we try!
  14. Buckhunter1955

    Missing our Garden

    It's the middle of February and I'm already missing our garden.
  15. Buckhunter1955

    Warming Fire!

    RELH you got burned, pardon the pun. A permit in our County of Mendocino from Air Quality was only $19.00
  16. Buckhunter1955

    Warming Fire!

    Don't worry they are in the truck.
  17. Buckhunter1955

    Crazy Firepower

    When I was in the U.S. Army every fifth round was a tracer, firing at night was always spectacular.
  18. Buckhunter1955

    Warming Fire!

    If you want to burn a pile in California bigger than 4X4 all you have to do is call it a "Warming Fire".
  19. Buckhunter1955

    Getting the Vaccine

    I got my second shot Feb.11 no bad reaction but the wife felt crappy for a day.
  20. Buckhunter1955

    Late Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Fish & Wildlife aged him at 7 years old.
  21. Buckhunter1955

    Late Wyoming Elk Hunt

    After I shot this Bull we found an ear tag in each ear. Kept one and turned the other into Fish & Wildlife. Turns out this bull was tagged at 2 years old in Kemmerer Wyoming which about 200 miles as the crow flies.
  22. 015_15.JPG


  23. Buckhunter1955

    Our Neighbors Buck

    Here's my son holding a buck our neighbor killed in Nevada a few years back, I want to say he scored 212
  24. A Zone 2014 002.jpg

    A Zone 2014 002.jpg

  25. Buckhunter1955

    Sheds off of bucks you have shot?

    Heavy Horned Blacktail, Mendocino County, Ca.
  26. 2012 A Season 010.jpg

    2012 A Season 010.jpg

  27. Buckhunter1955

    at the water hole

    Great photo,nice big bodied buck.
  28. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Mule Deer

    My brother and I with my brother's better than average buck for the area that we were hunting. This was a few years back. Things here on Monster Muleys has been kind of slow so I've been digging through some old photos. Hope you enjoy them.
  29. Casey's Buck

    Casey's Buck

  30. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Cheater Buck

    Here is a good friend Steve, with a really cool South Dakota Buck.
  31. S.D. 2013.JPG

    S.D. 2013.JPG

  32. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota West River Tag

    Two nice Whitetails and one Mule deer that would of been a great buck in a couple more years.
  33. S.D. Trio.jpg

    S.D. Trio.jpg

  34. Buckhunter1955

    Meat Buck

    Blank, your very observant. He does have a job and a savings account. His best traits are that he is honest and has manners. He's what I call an endangered species.
  35. Buckhunter1955

    Shrimp Rolls and Tater Tots

    I'm doing the same, not drinking as much. I'm 6'1" and 205 which is heavy for me. Back when I was falling timber I weighed 175, but those days are ancient history. Good luck on your quest to drop a few more lbs. I'm impressed with your cooking skills.
  36. Buckhunter1955

    Meat Buck

    This is my son Ethan with a "Tag Filler". Everyone loves a big rack, but we love the meat even more. He shoots better than he dresses.
  37. Ethan & Rigby 3.jpg

    Ethan & Rigby 3.jpg

  38. Buckhunter1955

    Fat Pig

    For me this is the best eating wild pig, a pregnant sow before she produces any milk. Their fat is still nice and white, later on the fat turns grey, not good.
  39. Fat Pig.jpg

    Fat Pig.jpg

  40. Buckhunter1955

    Shrimp Rolls and Tater Tots

    Blank, how much do you weigh? I would probably field dress around 350+ if I ate like you cook! Your going to make someone a nice wife.
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