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    2020 Mule Deer, Alberta 🇨🇦

    What are your thoughts on the border opening up for next year - 2021?
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    CVA Paramount Pro for Sale

    I am selling my (Very difficult to find) CVA Paramount pro with 10 packs of bullets (150 rounds), nightforce NXS 3.5-15 F2 mill dot scope and the extra accessories that I purchased separately. It does NOT come with the bipod. I bought this gun in September and took it on my NM elk hunt. I have...
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    Congrats on a great buck! A true giant!! PM sent
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    Mule Deer Voucher needed for 68,681,682

    I am looking for a 2nd season voucher for my son and I am looking for a 3rd season for myself. If you have a voucher or know of someone that has a voucher please let me know with a PM. Thanks
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    Colorado mule deer 68,681,682 - Needed

    I am looking for a 2nd or 3rd season unit wide Mule Deer voucher in 68,681,682. If anyone has one for sale or knows of someone who might have one for sale please contact me with the information. Thank you.
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    Canada Hunting Ban

    I am supposed to be on a dall sheep hunt in the NWT starting August 4th. Our guide hasn’t called it yet but I am thinking the odds are not in my favor.
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    Chappell or A3?

    I have hunted with A3 on a deer hunt and they were absolutely amazing. If you look at the amount of GIANT bulls that they killed in 2019 it’s truly unbelievable. I am not sure but I would think that it’s almost impossible for any other guide service to produce what they did in 2019. They guide...
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    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    GOOD LUCK to everyone on CC hits today!
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    A3, Steve Chappell, or???

    I have hunted with A3 and without doubt will use them on my next hunt. Exceeded my expectations in every way. I used them on my mule deer hunt and will be using them again on my elk hunt. Great group of guides!!! Can?t go wrong with A3.
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    Second Chance Drawing

    I called licensing yesterday. The gentleman on the phone told me that the results would be up on Monday the 26th.
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    Unit 51, ELK UW archery tag for sale

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-19 AT 07:46PM (MST)[p]I have a New Mexico unit 51 elk, UNIT WIDE archery tag for sale. The dates are (Sept. 1-14) or (Sept. 15-24). I paid 2900.00 for the tag and I am just trying to get my money back out of it. I am selling the tag because the tag holder is having health...
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    AZ results

    12A west early. NR
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    Kiabab guide

    A3 also offers outfitter only hunts. That is what I am going to do.
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    Kiabab guide

    Going to use A3.
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    Kiabab guide

    I had 12 points as a NR
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    Kiabab guide

    I have a 12A west early rifle tag and am looking for guide options. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Good luck on CC hits

    Has anyone heard if the sheep drawing is done also?
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    Good luck on CC hits

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-28-19 AT 03:01PM (MST)[p]Heading to the Kaibab for a rifle hunt! $300.00 AZGFD charge Can?t wait
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    Good luck on CC hits

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-27-19 AT 09:59PM (MST)[p]What time will they start posting
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    Good luck on CC hits

    Good luck to all on CC hits. Those who are lucky enough to draw are going to have an amazing year. Still a lot of moisture!! Good luck!!
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    They are up!

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-25-19 AT 09:46PM (MST)[p]14 years of applying as a NR for deer, elk and some years sheep and I got the same result again this year. A big fat goose egg. Zero, notta, nothing. 14 yrs of license and application fees is starting to make me wonder what am I doing. Come on AZ...
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    Point creep / Deer

    Beav, How did the hunt go?
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    Point creep / Deer

    To be clear, I am a NR. The early rifle 12A west deer took 10 pts last year and will take 11 pts just due to normal point creep. I was wondering if due to a good moisture year that point creep would jump more than 1 pt? I already put my application in as an individual. No group application for...
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    Point creep / Deer

    How bad is it going to be on a good moisture year following a terrible moisture year. I have 12 pts and hoping to draw a early rifle NR tag. Took 10 pts last year but feel it will be tough odds.
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    Congrats to you guys on the 1-2B-2C tag. Should be an amazing year for that unit. I talked to Chad from A3 guide service a couple days ago. He said that he can not remember the last time he has seen bulls looking this good this early. He said that he is seeing them with fronts and a foot of beam...
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    My 11-12 yr old drew a NR bull elk late 4A. Not a youth cow hunt..
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    My 11 - almost 12 yr old drew a non resident late season 4A. He is super excited!!! His 1st elk hunt, I can't wait either.
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    I have checked my account so many times today it's almost permanently burnt into the screen on my phone. I agree, come on AZ
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-07-19 AT 05:35PM (MST)[p]It would be great if AZ posted results today. Doesn?t look like it's going to happen. Utah deadline is tonight and was hoping to know what tag one of my family members drew.
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    Any late CC hits from AZ please post here

    I just called licensing in AZ at 4 pm central time. I asked if there was any chance that the draw results would be posted this week. She said that they were still charging cards today- Wednesday. They are redoing the draw for those that had bad CCs and those that were rejected for any reason. So...
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    Today is the day for cc hits

    Now if they would just update the portal before Utah?s deadline on March 7th. I put in for me and two of my kids. Pulled and elk tag but don't know for who. Time will tell
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    Today is the day for cc hits

    I am hit, 650.00 charge!!!!!
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    Today is the day for cc hits

    Good luck if the cc hits start rolling today!
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    Kuiu Attack Pants Review

    I just bought some attack pants and a lot of other clothes and they didn't fit. I sent them back almost a MONTH ago. They still haven't processed or even found my return yet. I even used there return shipping label . If you buy anything from them and have to return it just understand that the...
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    Montana Mt. Goat 323

    Fleshy, Would it be ok to PM. I would like to ask you some questions about the area. If you are willing to give me any info.
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    Hopefully the results will be out soon. Good luck to those who have an app in!!!
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    Montana Mt. Goat 323

    I made my decision. DIY!! I have two brothers who have decided to make the trip with me. Thanks for the input. Hopefully pics to follow. Thanks again.
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    Montana Mt. Goat 323

    Montana advocate Did you hunt with a guide or DIY?
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    323 goat tag

    I drew a 323 - 20 Mt goat tag. I am looking for input on the use of a guide or DIY. Any info would be of great help. Thanks
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