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  1. PleaseDear

    Bear C-Card Hit's?

    I'm thinking maybe this wknd they will start showing up by Monday. 14 points for LE Bear and I did a Multi Season unit. (Az. elk hits too) Could be a pricey weekend or a sad wknd!! Robb
  2. PleaseDear

    2020 Utah Pronghorn (part 1)

    Perfect! Robb
  3. PleaseDear

    Buck/Bull Winter Range Photo Contest

    My all time FAV! Robb
  4. Super Awesome Monster Muley

    Super Awesome Monster Muley

    Cool photo right here that PleaseDear shared in the thread, "Buck/Bull Winter Range Photo Contest". See more here...>>>
  5. PleaseDear

    Utah open for applications

    Yeah Joe, all good things come to an end! Robb
  6. PleaseDear

    Looking for Antelope hunt?

    Have ya thought about doing Reduced Price Doe/fawn antelope tags for the kids? Ya still get to share with them hunting and get some tasty meat for the family. Plus scout the buck quality for future applications. Robb
  7. PleaseDear

    Utah open for applications

    Uhmmmmm Read my Post # 16 I get a bow buck tag every year........ Robb
  8. PleaseDear

    Breaking and making a Record

    Dang nice congrats Robb
  9. PleaseDear


    Geez eel, I thought the topic read What's ON her face...... Robb
  10. PleaseDear

    2 Lions Plus Elk Mount

    Kool story! and pix, I certainly would re-arrange my Trophy Room to Showcase that Triple mount! That's going to look Great. Robb
  11. PleaseDear

    What age class are you in?

    The 'Age Class' is largest in those two age groups that M&M should have a continuing membership for years and years. Robb
  12. PleaseDear

    What was the toughest job

    Vietnam as an 18/19 year old kid from Layton, Utah. Physical, emotional and phycological. Robb
  13. PleaseDear

    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    Have ya thought about doing 1 of the Multi-Season hunts for your LE elk with 26 ressy points? Robb
  14. PleaseDear

    Utah open for applications

    I just to the Gen buck point and then buy a Leftover buck tag when they come available so I can bow hunt the Wasatch Front. Last year was a real circle jerk on the DWR to get a tag but all played out finally. That's why I have 18 Gen deer points Robb
  15. PleaseDear

    Desert ram is back from taxidermist

    Hell Yeah!! congrats Robb
  16. PleaseDear

    Funny Super Bowl Pic

  17. PleaseDear

    Funny Super Bowl Pic

    Got a chuckle from this one Robb
  18. PleaseDear

    Utah moose draw with 22 points

    Maybe a CWMU? Robb
  19. PleaseDear

    No Go Snowmobiling

    i can't believe they just stayed there and filmed it coming at them! Robb
  20. PleaseDear

    No Go Snowmobiling

    I'm sticking to Snowshoeing! Down in the low country. Prayers to the families Robb
  21. PleaseDear

    Trauma/First aid kit

    Nice Kitty Trauma Boy Robb
  22. PleaseDear

    Whitney Houston Star Spangle Banner Super Bowl

    Touching for sure Robb
  23. PleaseDear

    Utah open for applications

    I'm done with my Appl. I've got 18 Gen deer points! Good Lord. Robb
  24. PleaseDear

    Trauma/First aid kit

    I added the lil bottle of bleed stop to each kit. Robb
  25. PleaseDear

    Trauma/First aid kit

    I have 1 in each vehicle, 1 in each backpack and 1 in the bathroom pantry/closet. Robb
  26. PleaseDear


    Looking good! congrats Robb
  27. PleaseDear

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    The overlap with Gen Any bull bow hunt dates is okay by me as I can be up in person helping out and bow hunting at the same time if the Youth Hunter harvest early in the hunt. I do the Multi Season Gen elk tag so I'm kool with me not harvesting for the Youth Hunter that week. Robb
  28. PleaseDear

    General bull 2020

    For sure get that pic framed and saved for life! congrats Robb
  29. PleaseDear

    2021 appl booklet

    The Hard copy still has the error's. The On-line has been corrected Robb
  30. PleaseDear

    Florida bull back from the taxi!!!

    He turned out really nice congrats Robb
  31. PleaseDear

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    Yes, just the OTC tags NOT the early Youth Draw tag. If she draws, reach out to me Dan, I've helped a lot over the years. Robb
  32. PleaseDear

    WY bison on the National Elk Refuge

    Tell the Mrs Congrats Bill. Robb
  33. PleaseDear

    Now, who’s going to WIN the Super Bowl?

    Tommie, Tommie, Tommie---------> haha Robb
  34. PleaseDear

    2021 appl booklet

    That's good to hear. Robb
  35. PleaseDear

    2021 appl booklet

    If they forget or don't send ya one, toss me a PM with your snail mail addy and I'll toss ya a few in the mail Robb
  36. PleaseDear

    Barbary sheep hunting

    I think a couple of Exotics really ad's to the Look of a guys Trophy Room. Oryx, Aoudad or an that. Robb
  37. PleaseDear

    Barbary sheep hunting

    Luv the Chaps on him Zeke! congrats Robb
  38. PleaseDear

    3 Wyoming Bulls

    The Smiles tell the story! congrats Robb
  39. PleaseDear

    Anyone use a travois to pack out an elk?

    The joke was after I shared this pic of me up in the Jackson Hole cabin that I wasn't hunting elk I was chasing Snow Bunnies Babes! Turtle Neck gig-------> Robb
  40. PleaseDear

    Cow Elk 222-223 Dec Hunt

    Great ya shared with your daughter! congrats Robb
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