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  1. KennyT


    I have 3 kills with the barns out of my 300wsm. All over 400 yards. 2 deer and one elk. All hits were in the front shoulder, and all animals died under 20yards. 2 recovered bullets that held up perfectly. My fear has always been gut shooting something with them.
  2. KennyT

    2020 Trophy Photos Contest ... Beyond Mule Deer and Elk

    My daughters first big game kill was the black bear, 4 days later the elk.
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  5. KennyT

    Bull Elk Scouting Pic Contest!

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  11. KennyT

    Cool High Country Buck

    5 seasons in the Colorado high country I have seen only 1 like him.
  12. KennyT

    Cool High Country Buck

    Love the character and mass.
  13. KennyT

    Really dirty barrel? Need to re zero in?

    Takes my rifle 10 rounds to start grouping again.
  14. KennyT

    Unit 74 High Country Rifle Deer

    As a non resident I archery hunt it every other year. I have only seen a couple big bucks. I mainly see 140-150 with a few bigger. The bucks were crazy high this year.
  15. KennyT

    Found me one to hunt!

    He does look like a smaller body buck. I still think he's around that 190?, and 26-27? wide. After a week and 50 miles at 13k in Colorado I saw nothing like him. As much as your in the high country you should be able to get him out in one trip and camp the next. I'm sure you will have your camp...
  16. KennyT

    No shedding

    They have to be on the ground by now! Let's see them.
  17. KennyT

    Unit 1 Elk Wolves

    What is the conservation plan for wolfs in Az? What is the population cap, and when will the numbers be controlled?
  18. KennyT

    Colorado High Country Mule Deer Question.

    I've spent 15 days in 74 the last 2 years. I've only seen 1 buck over 170? above timber line.
  19. KennyT

    3A/3C Deer for 2019

    Are you looking for a guided hunt or DIY? If your willing to pay a guide Vaquero Outfitters on the RO ranch will give a good chance at 180?-200?
  20. KennyT

    Anti Hunting Propaganda

    The big difference is anti hunters are willing to fight aggainst hunters. They will come together, write articles, spend money, get celebrities to pose nude, block roads, do anything to stop hunting. The only thing hunters are willing to do is blame each other. If you don't like your friend...
  21. KennyT

    AZ Draw strategy

    Bonus pass is first. It looks at 1st and 2nd choices at the same time. The next round is random 1st and 2nd choices. The only tags that can be drawn after 2nd choice are %100 draw hunts. If your not max points you and are a non resident you have a small chance at 9 bull and 12aw deer. Don?t...
  22. KennyT

    More 12A West Early success.

    Did you get a approximate age on them?
  23. KennyT

    15B West sheep story--the conclusion!

    RE: Arizona Permits Jerry, Don will be able to point you in the right direction. You might consider 12b late for your deer. I don't know what your physical capabilities are but it's flat with high deer numbers.
  24. KennyT

    G37 Anderson valley

    Most the area had a good understory burn with some single tree and group torching. The area should have some great feed in the coming years. I did see a few bucks while in there.
  25. KennyT

    Got Potential?

    I was looking for a hunt update on this also
  26. KennyT

    WIN a SureCan ... Sweet Fuel Can

    I need a sure can!
  27. KennyT

    backpackl hunts: what u wished to bring/what you wanted to leave

    I'm taking peanut butter powder this year. I plan on adding it to my oatmeal in the morning and protein powder mid day.
  28. KennyT

    Win Siege Broadhead's - May Giveaway

    I can shoot
  29. KennyT

    Miles per Antler?

    This year has been tough for me in AZ. I'm at 1/10 miles.
  30. KennyT

    Barnes TSX BT for Elk

    I can't figure out how to get them up from my phone. If someone PMs me I will text them the photos
  31. KennyT

    Barnes TSX BT for Elk

    I do have photos of the entrance and exit anyone wants to see them. They are the skinned quarters.
  32. KennyT

    Barnes TSX BT for Elk

    I killed a cow this year at 450 yards. I hit her right in the shoulder bone. I recovered the bullet in the off side shoulder. I shoot a 300wsm with a 168 TTSX at 3175fps. I weighed the bullet and think it was around 150. Great for deer also. In October I got a complete pass through on a mule...
  33. KennyT

    Giant AZ Muley

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-26-16 AT 07:41AM (MST)[p]He does have a few years worth of sheds. It was archery and I think it scored in the 230-240 range.
  34. KennyT


    Happend not long ago on the Kiabab with the 300" buck.
  35. KennyT

    243 win for elk?

    My 11 year old daughter is shooting a 270 with 150gn SST. 52grn of RL22 around 2650fps. I put a muzzle break on the gun and she is not bothered by the recoil. I wanted a rapid expanding bullet in case of a bad hit for more damage. With a 243 you might want a better penitrating bullet.
  36. KennyT

    WIN a SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear Mad Trapper Hoodie

    I want to win. I also visited the web site, ill be hitting the high country with it this year as well as Central AZ. I think it will be great in the scrub oak.
  37. KennyT

    Help Me Pick Big Buck Contest Winners ... Please

    #1 for most impressive #7 for field
  38. KennyT

    7 west archery elk

    I had the 2015 tag, over all the elk were very quiet in most the unit. I had a heard talking all day long in one area. The kill % has dropped the last few years. It's still a good hunt I'm hoping its just been a few bad years and will return to what it was.
  39. KennyT

    Colorado 43,471 muzzy deer

    Around 160. He had really small beams.
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