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    Are you a NRA member?

    Life member 3 times over.
  2. J

    2020 AZ Archery Antelope (pics)

    Nice! Huge congrats
  3. J

    Desert Ram - Sonora Mexico

    That is a dream hunt for sure!! Looks and sounds like it would be off the charts.
  4. J

    Non toxic muzzeloader loads for elk

    X2 on thors
  5. J

    Unit 19

    Sorry to hear that.
  6. J

    Getting closer to season....

    Is santa back there somewhere??
  7. J

    Kaibab Archery Point Creep Big Time

    Along with point guard, too bad they didn't also offer point creep guard.
  8. J

    I Got My Buffalo

    Huge congrats, love the hooks on that dude.
  9. J

    WIN a Day Pack ... Easy to Enter

    I want to win
  10. J

    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    Congrats, that should be a great hunt. Best of luck to you
  11. J

    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    I should thank the good folks on this site, this is where I came across greg. Was lurking and seen where he was highly recommended.
  12. J

    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    Forgot to ask, how many points did you have. I had 9.
  13. J

    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    >I think you did good. But >I drew with Greg as >well 221-223 , Oct. 5-16. >So I might be biased. > Well dang, good for you man! There's only 1or 2 tags for that hunt, correct. Huge congrats
  14. J

    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    >Yup you did good Yes sir, I thought so too.
  15. J

    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    I drew a unit 231 oct5 to 31st. I put in wth greg krogh did I do good?
  16. J

    2018 N.R. Guided Antlered Mule Deer Hunt

    They will click the send button just before they fly out the door and head for the local watering hole.
  17. J

    Outfitter question

    Anyone know or hunted with Mike Colpo of lazy j bar o outfitters? Was thinking of doing a elk hunt with them.
  18. J

    How about these two bulls? Good???

    Looks good to me!
  19. J

    Classic Routt County Colorado Pics

    Guy's wearing a rope for a belt in the lower pic, (I've done that). And a willy's jeep in the background
  20. J

    Classic Routt County Colorado Pics

    Top pic with a smoke hanging out of his mouth with a beer in his hand is priceless. Lol Gotta love some of those older pics.
  21. J

    Montana outfitter

    Am thinking of going on an archery elk hunt with Mike Colpo of lazy j bar o outfitters. Anyone know him or hunted with him?
  22. J


    I know what you mean about coyotes being everywhere. I thought there might be regions or areas that held more yotes. I know thats a mighty hard ? to answer, i probably should be calling biologist. As in hunting and fishing always looking for the most target rich environment i can find. Let me...
  23. J


    Am thinking about doing some trapping this fall/winter to help reduce the coyote numbers and help out the wildlife. Anyone know of places or areas that seem to have an over abundance or way more coyotes than usual? Will more than likely be trapping public ground, but if someone had a lead on...
  24. J

    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    Thunderclapper, That would be great. I am strongly thinking of trying to make it out there myself at about the same time. Not to excited about paying the gas bill but I would really like to check a few things out before I start buying tags. Maybe we can compare notes. Was also maybe going to...
  25. J

    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    Things do not sound good for the big game in 27 or anywhere in the back country areas period. I was looking at the Middle fork lodge website and they show pics of some nice bulls that i'm thinking had to come out of that area somewhere somehow. I also found out that the Farrs run the hunts...
  26. J

    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    brymoore, thanks for the kick back. Congrats on putting some elk steaks in the freezer. I was lucky enough to shoot a wolf in BC in Feb and now am almost more excited to smoke a another one than to take an elk. I looked into a NR trapping license but at 300 bucks and the trapper ed will have...
  27. J

    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    Sheep hunting there or anywhere would be my dream hunt. Being a NR and unable to scout enough and not knowing sheep much I would go guided for sure. Would want the deck stacked in my favor as much as possible with a tag like that. Sounds like they had a good plan and it worked for them. I would...
  28. J

    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    The guys with stock can have the elk way back in. The outfitters need to get there clients back in far enough so the dudes feel like they are getting their moneys worth or it may cause hard feelings. The diy guys with horses want to get back in far enough so as to not be running into people like...
  29. J

    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    I know the best way to hunt that country is with horses but no I do not have any. That country is rough and ain't for sissies for sure. Better have good glass and great boots. Thanks for the video link, that was pretty cool and brought back a lot of memories. Good eaten bull that guy shot...
  30. J

    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    Hi all, Have been a lurker for a while now. Have not hunted Id for several years so not much to contribute. I am a NR from WI. and have decided to look into hunting Idaho again. A buddy and i are hunting Colo. during the muzzy season and thought when we finish there it would be fun to try the...
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