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  1. freaknasty

    My Opinion

    In referance to all posts with hunters sitting on their success. I'm going to say some thing here YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE But congrats to you on this, your friends first buck but the picture of him (SITTING ON THE BUCK IS NOT RESPECTFUL AT ALL) we as sportsmen should not LORD over the Quarry...
  2. freaknasty

    Scope for sale

    3x9x40 weaver scope for sale. $ 140.00 with rings.
  3. freaknasty

    Weaver 3x9x40

    Weaver. 3x9x40 with rings. It was mounted to Savage 7mm08. Ballistic X retical No dings or scratches. $140.00
  4. freaknasty

    Need 2 tags

    looking for New Mexico 2 unit wide (preferably) or ranch only for unit 45 archery, I could be interested in 2 more if you have them and get a hold of me asap. the ones I thought I had have not come through. ???
  5. freaknasty

    cactus buck New Mexcico

    I caught this buck snoozing him and his little buddy woke up as I drove by to get a pic this is October Hunt Hard Live Free RIP
  6. freaknasty

    This pissis me off

    look I've been there seen it. So I don't get it, when you have an animal in front of you that you are about to shoot (WHY THE F DON'T YOU SHOOT) you have settled your pin or cross hairs on the vitals and you still wait WTF!!!! THIS ISN'T TV THEY DO CUTAWAYS FOR TV. YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF AN...
  7. freaknasty

    FJ 60 FOR SALE

    Sweet 1983 FJ 60 for sale good running solid vehicle for the mountains and just quiet cruzin. Its got an F2 engine with 158212 miles, a new carb, it also has an extra SOR gas tank that needs to be installed (worth 500+ alone) wheels and tires are good, brakes good new wipers. Clean title Its...
  8. freaknasty

    not firing all the time

    I have a Savage model 110 in 223 caliber. and it is not firing all the rounds. It seems to be getting good primer strikes, I haven't taken apart the bolt yet but was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem? and how they fixed it? The ammo is all good ammo. Hunt Hard Live Free RIP
  9. freaknasty

    grizzly attack

    Has anyone heard of the guide and hunter that were attacked by a Griz on the eastern side of the state??? i heard from my dad in Montana. Hunt Hard Live Free RIP
  10. freaknasty

    unit 4

    So I got a unit 4 elk tag ranch only. I'm looking for some access to other ranches. If you have some land or know of someone that is willing to give me access please pass on their info. much appreciated. Hunt Hard Live Free RIP
  11. freaknasty

    full twist

    my friend is looking for a full twist on a 28" traditional muzzy. Any suggestions? Hunt Hard Live Free RIP
  12. freaknasty

    looking for help 16B

    My buddies drew a 16B tag and were looking for help getting packed in. I didn't get an elk tag this year. I can't remember this guys full name out of Magdalena,outfitter by the name of Doc? if you now his number send it to me please.
  13. freaknasty

    need a combo tool

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-10-15 AT 09:50AM (MST)[p]I'm in need of a combo tool for a knight muzzle loader if you can help get back to me. I actually need 2. my email is thanks
  14. freaknasty

    20 rd Box 300 WSM Ballistic

    I have 1 20 rd box of 300 WSM ammo for sale. Box is new, never opened. 20.00 bucks takes it. Paid 37.00
  15. freaknasty

    badlands 2200 for sale

    I have a brand new badlands 2200 for sale $250.00 ill pay shipping or $230.00 you pay shipping. pm me or you can email me at
  16. freaknasty

    governors tag

    does any one have any info on who holds the governor tag. a phone # or email would b fine??????
  17. freaknasty

    whtf goin on in the gila

    just here sittin at home ( honey doo's) gettin reports on the hunts goin on all over particularly gila and i ve heard some disturbing news,about someone flying around chasin all the animals W.H.T.F. I've talked to 5 people that said they saw the plane by loco mt. to coony prerie. to coolins...
  18. freaknasty

    coyote contest

    any word on the contest? who won and with how many?
  19. freaknasty


    X1A1 eberlestock pack has been sold thanks
  20. freaknasty

    for sale x1a1 pack

    I'm selling my pack its an X1A1 eberlestock with rifle and bow pack. never used just shoulda bought the other one. $150.00 takes it, it retails for 180.00. call (505)699-8626 for details and shipping. if you want to check it out in detail go to there web site thanks nate
  21. freaknasty

    coyote contest

    does anyone no if spotsmans is gonna have the coyote contest in january? and how much the entry fee might be
  22. freaknasty

    deer hunt in dec.unit 27

    i'm thinking of goin down in dec. to try some deer huntin and would like to know where the best place to start would be any help would be much appreciated? i've been there before but not hunting just driving around enjoying the country looking at sheep and elk. oh ya the wolves too. heard them...
  23. freaknasty

    opening day success

    7:40 50 yards sweet huh live to hunt hunt to live god bless and good luck on all your hunts
  24. freaknasty

    opening day success

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-03-10 AT 03:00AM (MST)[p]7:40 opening morning 50 yards sweet huh live to hunt hunt to live god bless and good luck on all your hunts
  25. freaknasty

    leave tomarrow for antelope

    we will be leaving for antelope tomarrow 52 muzzy. I'm gonna try to get one with the bow( we'll see) good luck to all, send some pics.
  26. freaknasty

    please help find stolen 4 wheeler

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-06-10 AT 01:24AM (MST)[p]listen up folks I'm trying to help a friend of mine that had his 4 wheeler stolen in los Alamos, easter sunday. Its a polaris 700 twin automatic mossyoak edition has hand warmers with toggle switch after market front and back bumpers, rub marks on both...
  27. freaknasty

    which is the larger of the species desert or rocky horn wise

    I was posed with a question about which of the sheep produce the bigger set of horns? desert or rocky's give me your input.
  28. freaknasty

    some other jackasses

    well I got one for you I was hunting in the Gila with 2 of my friends this year, I happened to stick a bull on wednesday evening got dark on me, didn't want to push him so I backed out, it rained all night got up later still raining drove to where we go in, there was a truck already parked there...
  29. freaknasty

    huge bull taken

    anybody heard anything about a 400+ bull taken in unit 23 I think. I saw a pic on a cellphone but the guy didn't send it to my phone.
  30. freaknasty

    bow shot bull with rifle in background

    Just got back from hunting and I heard that there was a posting of a bull shot in new mexico. and the pics showed a rifle in the back ground, and the slamming started i haven't seen it. anybody got that pic? if so PM me so i can check it out please.
  31. freaknasty

    52 smokepole speedgoat

    got my goat monday morn 14" didn't get the big on I was after but I got a decent mature goat I'll get pic up later. congrats to all that got their goats hope you all get the rest of your game this year. I got archery deer in pecos and archery elk in 15 second hunt. live to hunt hunt to live
  32. freaknasty

    52 antalope

    well i finally got out today and was very disapionted, in all we saw 34 goats 2 bucks for sure the rest were far off and even with the spotter the heat waves couldn't see any other bucks with them. i've never been out there and not seen over 200 or more, all though i was looking in some diffrent...
  33. freaknasty

    pick up your d@#$ trash

  34. freaknasty

    up coming oryx

    so i drew a off range hunt in may. I'm gonna try to get it with my bow. thats right my bow anyone care to devulge any info on water holes I can sit Im not asking for your secret spots or anything just a good source of water that they may use. thanks Ive never been oryx hunting Ive guided or...
  35. freaknasty

    shed heads

    so has anyone been out to find any yet. myself and a few buds went out thurs last week I found a 5 point of a bull left side only about 50 yards from the truck, one of the other guys found a white muley and small forky from last year. we actually didn't get to where I wanted, started out to late...
  36. freaknasty

    unit 27 elk

    hay doesn't anybody want to say anything about the elk hunt comming up. I talked to afriend of mine and he gave me some pretty good advice. so well see good luck to all
  37. freaknasty

    unit 27

    its getting closer any new info on unit 27 I haven't heard anything lately come on guys I know someone has info
  38. freaknasty

    unit 27

    hows the hunt going in unit 27 this year anything really big come out yet?
  39. freaknasty

    trade guide services for other hunt

    i'm looking to trade elk guiding services in new mexico for a whitetail management hunt or possibly some'll have to draw the tag or buy a land owners tag.
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