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  1. Bluehair

    Poll: should drones be legal for shed hunting?

    You underestimate the influence of your website.
  2. Bluehair

    Wade Lemon Hunting, LLC PPP Money

    Wow. I would have never guessed the payroll was that big.
  3. Bluehair

    Poll: should drones be legal for shed hunting?

    Those are all fair points, and I’m struggling for answers to a few. But something about drones crosses a line for me. Maybe I’m just sick of all this new age bu!!sh!t and saying enough is enough. I say ban them before they become another entitlement.
  4. Bluehair

    New Traeger

    I’m a fairly recent Traeger guy. I questioned whether I could keep my guy cred’s when I hauled the charcoal smoker to the scrap pile, but now I’m a big fan. I didn’t do the wi-fi thing because of reliability concerns (read the update horror stories). I buy my pellets locally, either at the...
  5. Bluehair

    I had no idea.....

    Your sex is generally a biological matter. What you do with it is for the most part none of my business.
  6. Bluehair

    Poll: should drones be legal for shed hunting?

    I saw something in passing that mentioned new FAA regulations for all drones. I want to say they all had to have some kind of identifier signal. I should have read it closer. I don’t think drones should be used, but I don’t really want a microchip in my gun either. We are being squeezed.
  7. Bluehair

    I had no idea.....

    I believe my kids told me there were like 37 genders you can choose from. Biology aside, there are 3 for sure...
  8. Bluehair

    Christian Hunters

    Point of order. They were Saudi’s.
  9. Bluehair

    Best in America

    Sounds like you want to live in Branson. :oops:
  10. Bluehair

    Tiger is 55th

    Ranked 55th in driving. Too much time in the woods.:poop:
  11. Bluehair

    Poll: should drones be legal for shed hunting?

    With shed season right around the corner, may as well start the spring wildlife harassment thread. :)
  12. Bluehair

    You Always Knew They Are Mentally Screwed

    We have a paid imported (mass?) community activist who’s job appears to be leading blm pep rally’s. Colorado is REALLY starting to get weird.
  13. Bluehair

    Poll: Would you support banning baiting (except for bear) in Utah?

    I’m trying to decide if this is a fishing thread. I was going to ask whether there is a lead sinker shortage.
  14. Bluehair


    I have salt blocks in the yard. The deer don’t even look at them.
  15. Bluehair

    Christian Hunters

    I have no idea how or why you determined I have ANY stance on ANY religion. Mine was a demographic remark.
  16. Bluehair

    Christian Hunters

    Not in Utah......
  17. Bluehair

    Unit 74 Early Rifle

    Yup, Timberline gets a little hard to define in a avalanche chute. I have seen some pretty liberal interpretations. There used to be something about 11,000 or something but I may have imagined that.
  18. Bluehair

    Unit 74 Early Rifle

    I haven’t looked, is that an above timberline hunt? I think tx58 has done that one Or at least helped. I did years ago. Cool place.
  19. Bluehair

    It should be fine

    And thank you for choosing United. :)
  20. Bluehair

    It should be fine

    How am I supposed to breathe? I walk around dumbfounded all day. :ROFLMAO:
  21. Bluehair

    It should be fine

    The only thing that ever falls on my head is bird poop. :(
  22. Bluehair

    wolf reintroduction bill

    I like the sentiments, but I agree it isn’t going anywhere. If they turned them loose in La Plata or San Miguel, these rednecks here in Montezuma would be lined up on the county line looking to take a poke at one.
  23. Bluehair

    Christian Hunters

    I think the reel problem is that Jesus was a fisherman. Lotsa bias here. :)
  24. Bluehair

    Christian Hunters

    I think Founder should do as he damn well pleases.
  25. Bluehair

    Governor’s mansion cookout

    The good news for the rest of us is that we can flog her with this when she is put up for a national post.
  26. Bluehair

    HEY ss?

    You both probably have rainbows on your back window..... :ROFLMAO:
  27. Bluehair

    Christian Hunters

    I didn’t know we could PM you to bellyache. I thought we did right here in public.
  28. Bluehair

    Getting the Vaccine

    I was hoping for horny or maybe some cooking/cleaning vibe. Hope keeps me alive. :)
  29. Bluehair

    Who’s going to the Super Bowl?

    As a Donco fan, I hated TB12. But after his win, I like him better. I‘m seriously considering getting one of these Drunk TB12 action figgers.
  30. Bluehair

    Thanks, founder

    I completely agree.....that redhead is way better than some scruffy dude with vortex. No offense to Vortex. If they made a scope shaped like that ginger I would buy one.
  31. Bluehair

    Cold spell/ Power Outages

    I have solar at my cabin (9000’) because it would cost a fortune to bring a line in from the grid. So my options were limited. I opted for a modest solar array to charge 16 x 6 volt batteries backed up by a 25 kw Kohler propane generator. You need a little more at altitude. The batteries are...
  32. Bluehair

    Getting the Vaccine

    Hey, you guys at the back of the line too? My wife got hers. She got grouchy.
  33. Bluehair

    Cold spell/ Power Outages

    I wish I could connect to the grid so I can get rid of my batteries. I hope I make it past next year before I need to drop $8k to replace mine. Im anti battery but whatcha wanna know?
  34. Bluehair

    Won’t lie

    Isn’t this where elky posts a video of JR bemoaning cornbread and iced tea?
  35. Bluehair

    Rush - RIP

    3 man bands are the best.
  36. Bluehair

    Keep trail camera legal in Utah!

    I believe the horse was already dead........ ........prolly Foundered. :oops:
  37. Bluehair

    Bears Ears Visitors Center

    Not to mention all the dumbazzes who will die on the Moki Dugway.....
  38. Bluehair


    I confess.....I was sorta an engineer. Butt, my favorite tool is a cutting torch and I have ruined a crowbar.
  39. Bluehair

    Old English Shotguns

    Joe, more for your spank bank.
  40. Bluehair


    Pfffttt.....engineers are way smarter than craftsmen. They design stuff they are incapable of building almost every day.
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