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    Displaying multiple euro mounts

    I have multiple euro mounts of bucks I've taken, just sitting on the floor. I do have skull hooker mounts, but I don't feel like I a have a wall to hang them all. Would like to see some different ideas that people have done.

    First CO buck

    Just returned from my CO 3rd season hunt. What a fun experience. After first electing to pass on this buck he continued to stand there tempting me. In the end the logic of my circumstances won out and I pulled the trigger. One of these days I'll learn how to hold out for bigger.

    3rd season tactics

    With opening day drawing near, I haven't narrowed between 4 spots which will be my first line of attack. I understand that individual years may bring different factors to the table. Heck, certain units may even determine what tactics are used. But if you were to give a blanketing statement on...

    First time CO hunter

    Drew a third season tag. Wife and I came for the weekend to get a look at the area. Would love to talk to someone who is familiar with unit 35. I can see that private property will play a big factor with the hunt, but I already kind of knew that. I'm curious though, as I've looked at OnX decent...

    Question for those who know CO

    Going to be hunting CO for the first time this year. I began reading the big game regs the other day. Looks like unit 35 won't require any disease testing, but am I reading this right that 36, 45, and 361 is part of the hunting area? I have a 3rd season buck tag. Whether those areas are worth...

    UT General Season 2019

    This was suppose to be the year I was going to hold out for something special. This was going to be the year I helped my brother get his best buck. In the end I guess I accomplished both. I spent somewhere around 16 hunting days (aside from scouting) throughout archery, muzzle loader, and...

    Same buck or not

    Last year I found a year old shed while hunting deer. Later I noticed some similarities besides just the frame to the buck I harvested (curve in the tips of the points). Which got me thinking same buck or just same genetics? The buck I shot was heavier with better eye guards, but a little bit...

    It happens

    This year I decided to enter the dedicated hunter program for the first time. I put a lot of focus on trying to find a good buck this year and was really looking forward to hunting with a rifle again. One of my hunting goals is to harvest an animal that I have either gotten pictures, video, or...

    30" bucks

    If you're hunting deer on a general season tag and see a buck pushing 30" are you shooting regardless of what else it has to offer? What about if it's your first year of the dedicated hunter program, does that change your decision? Asking for a friend. Feel free to share your 30" buck for...

    Jumping Jack Trailers

    Who owns one? Thoughts? I came really close to buying a used one today. I like the idea of the versatility. However, this was a 6x12 and the likelihood of being able to get the tent on and off the tailor gave me doubts. Kind of second guessing now.


    LAST EDITED ON Apr-14-18 AT 11:06PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-14-18 AT 11:05?PM (MST) I've come to the sad conclusion that I have more toys than I can play with currently. I'm located in central UT if one wants to do a face to face or I can ship to an FFL (coming from individual). Happy to...

    Would you mount?

    I've shared pics of this buck already, but I've been back and forth with having it mounted. He's a general season muzzy buck from UT and my biggest to date. When I harvested the buck my intentions were to mount. I dropped the cape off at the taxi and then did a European mount until the time...

    500 bucks in 4 days.

    Ok, not exactly what you may think but I did see 10 coyotes while hunting during the general season muzzleloader hunt in UT. I was able to harvest what I would consider a great buck for the unit on day 3. I had the goal in mind of not shooting anything that wasn't bigger than my last two bucks...

    Leupold VX-6 3-18x44 CDS firedot

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-22-16 AT 10:11PM (MST)[p]The VX-6 is what I would classify as about perfect in every way for a hunting scope. However, I'm making the move to FFP scopes. I've had this scope for about 3 years now. It's helped take down three elk and two deer ranging from 10-475 yards. Each...

    Badger M4 SA bottom metal

    This is for a Rem700 short action footprint action. Does require some inletting compared to the factory BDL. It's the lightweight one and is very solid. Sales for $340, I'm looking for $240 and will ship on my dime.

    CWMU info

    I don't have many LE deer points and will likely jump back in the elk waiting pool when my waiting period is up. Looking at maybe trying a CWMU tag. The specific one I'm thinking about is the grazing pasture. I've hunted FL a bit, so I feel like I have a general idea of the terrain. Anyone...

    Wife's first elk

    Back in August I received a phone call from a lady who was looking for my wife. Turns out it was Utah's DWR letting my wife know that someone had turned in their late season tag and she was next in line. We knew the unit well and it could have very well been another 10 years to draw the tag, so...

    UT LE late hunt around the corner.

    A storm is rolling in and I'm hoping a decent amount of snow is dumped. Who's going to be hitting the hills this upcoming weekend? My wife was fortunate enough to have received a tag 2 months ago as an alternate. Have watched eagerly as a few nice bulls have hit the dirt. Time to make final...

    2015 UT general muzzy buck.

    Had the story all typed out and lost it, so here's the condensed version. And I can't figure out pics from my phone. This year I decided to switch thing up and put in for a muzzleloader tag instead of the normal rifle. Being my first year with the muzzleloader I wanted to harvest a buck, but...

    Central Mountains Nebo Unit.

    I know these posts tend to get annoying, but I do have a few questions with the unit. My wife drew the rifle deer tag. We normally hunt the fishlake, and that's where my tag is so I have spent most of my scouting time there. More or less I am curious about how much pressure this unit will...

    Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x40 CDS & Cabela's Instinct Euros 10x42 HD

    I have Leupold scope and Cabela's binos for sale. Located in Central UT. Willing to negotiate shipping if necessary. Links for pics. 1. Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x40 CDS riflescope. This has been (and currently is) mounted on top of a 308 in Talley LW rings. This has the duplex reticle. Free CDS...

    Muzzleloader hunting

    This year I decided to forgo my beloved rifle and try a new challenge. I put in for UT general season muzzleloader and fully expect to draw the tag. The season dates are Sept 23-Oct 1. This being about a full month earlier than what I have been use to hunting I am inquiring about some tips...

    Another Bonus Point/Draw Odd ?

    This may have been answered in other topics, but reading a post it got me wondering. I believe I understand the point system and how it works in giving x amount of chances to receive a low number, but my question is how to use it looking at odds. For example, my wife has 5 elk points plus this...

    Closet Cleaning

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-14 AT 04:55PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-14 AT 04:03?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-14 AT 03:44?PM (MST) All prices are shipped. Will be listed on other sites, so first public "I'll take it". All items are in good condition. Payment by USPS MO, paypal (gift or +3%)...

    Rem700 SA AX Chassis and SPUHR mount

    1. AX Chassis for a short action Remington 700/clone. I've used it for ~75 rounds. I have box and everything as purchased new. $975 shipped 2. SPUHR ISMS mount, 30mm tube, 1.18" height, 0 MOA cant. I believe I have the box and paper on this. $325 shipped Buy these together and I'll ship...

    2013 bull done

    It's been just over a year wait, but my bull is finally done! I really like how it turned out. I've been trying to remember the scene with him coming out in the trees and this certainly helps.

    Mount is done!

    It's been just over a year wait, but my bull is finally done! I really like how it turned out. I've been trying to remember the scene with him coming out in the trees and this certainly helps.

    Anybody know...?

    A gentlemen by the name of Brandon Carter? He's a younger guy, not sure if he is from UT or not but he had an archery elk tag for Fish Lake last year. I know this is kind of random, but I had visited with him last year on the mountain. Recently he posted a comment on my hunt recap video on...

    Nightforce 3.5-15x50 HS/ZS MOAR

    I have a Nightforce NXS scope I'm putting up for sale. It's 3.5-15x50 with the MOAR reticle. Along with highspeed and zero stop. Scope/glass is in great condition. I doubt it will have ring marks. The scope was bought as a display model and hasn't seen much use. I do have the box, sunshade...

    Leica Geovid HD 10x42

    Have a pair of these Leica Geovid 10x42 HD binoculars that I am looking to sell. I bought these last summer new from a guy who had just received them as replacements from his insurance company (his other pair had been stolen). I used them this past hunting season and have kept them in my...

    Possible relocation to AZ

    I received a job offer yesterday that is located in Lake Havasu yesterday. Of course my wife and I are trying to determining whether to take it or not. We both like the mountains and one hesitancy for us is thinking about the blasted heat. Anyone from around there? What's the city like? Are...

    Swarovski EL 10x42 Swarovision

    I'm looking to sell these 10x42 swarovision binoculars. They are in excellent shape; lenses and body are free from dings, scratches, etc. I have everything that they come new with except for the box. In full disclosure, I did have an issue where the focus knob wasn't popping up properly to...

    Leupold VX6 3-18x50 CDS Firedot

    Title says it all. Scope is in very good condition. Really like the scope, but decided to give Nightforce a whirl. I have a 20 moa CDS dial for it and will include Vortex (Seekins) rings. New this would be $1,299.99 + $119.99 = $1,419.98 Selling for $1,100 shipped [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]

    Tooth Data Results

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-28-14 AT 05:32PM (MST)[p]Looks like some have gotten their results from this past year. As someone else mentioned I thought it would be fun to have a thread with a picture of your bull and what it aged at. Whether this year or years past, lets see them. I'll start Your...

    Tooth data

    Does anyone know when the UDWR usually releases the tooth data? Seems like they gave a date sometime this spring with the packet they sent, but I can't find my paper. I sent mine in early October. I've been curious what the age of my bull was. Also, how do they forward that info? Mail...

    Browning Stainless X-bolt w/ Vortex Scope

    I am located in Central UT, if possible I would really prefer a face to face sale rather than shipping. Browning stainless X-bolt 243 win. Bought new a couple years ago and have only shot it to break in the barrel (~20 rounds). I have the box and papers from when I purchased this. Picture...

    What LE species

    This year I drew my elk tag. Had a great time, harvested a nice bull and now I have 5 years to wait to start applying again. I've been trying to debate what to do now. Between pronghorn and deer I'm not sure which way to go. I would certainly like to draw the tag within the 5 year period...

    Make your pick

    You've waited 15 years for the opportunity to harvest a bull of a lifetime. You've found these 4 bulls all within a couple mile radius; public land and unguided. Do you take a crack at the first one that presents a shot or hunt one specific bull? If you chose one specific bull, which one and...

    2013 Elk Hunt

    I posted the link to this a few months back, but I think I've got it figured out to where it should work on mobile devices now.

    Leupold VX-3 4.5-14x40 LR

    Sitting in the closet with no rifle to put it on so up for sale. Had it mounted once on a 270 for ~15 rounds before trading the gun. Scope has no marks and still looks brand new. $560 shipped
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