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  1. Buckhunter1955

    Nevada Again!

    Nevada has been good to me over the years. I hope to go again soon as I have 13 NR points, maybe this year. Thank you to the Moderator who was able to get my photo posted correctly. Computers are not my strong suit.
  2. Buckhunter1955

    Nevada Buck

    Here's a buck from several years back. I still haven't figured out how to scan an old photo.
  3. Buckhunter1955

    Mexico Coues

    These are some good friends that went to Mexico in January and did pretty darn good.
  4. Buckhunter1955

    Another Tag Filler

    It' been kind of slow here om MM, found a couple old photos. This one is my son Ethan with a big bodied coastal A zone buck. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Buckhunter1955

    More Pigs

    Just can't kill'em all, but we try!
  6. Buckhunter1955

    Missing our Garden

    It's the middle of February and I'm already missing our garden.
  7. Buckhunter1955

    Warming Fire!

    If you want to burn a pile in California bigger than 4X4 all you have to do is call it a "Warming Fire".
  8. Buckhunter1955

    Late Wyoming Elk Hunt

    After I shot this Bull we found an ear tag in each ear. Kept one and turned the other into Fish & Wildlife. Turns out this bull was tagged at 2 years old in Kemmerer Wyoming which about 200 miles as the crow flies.
  9. Buckhunter1955

    Our Neighbors Buck

    Here's my son holding a buck our neighbor killed in Nevada a few years back, I want to say he scored 212
  10. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Mule Deer

    My brother and I with my brother's better than average buck for the area that we were hunting. This was a few years back. Things here on Monster Muleys has been kind of slow so I've been digging through some old photos. Hope you enjoy them.
  11. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Cheater Buck

    Here is a good friend Steve, with a really cool South Dakota Buck.
  12. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota West River Tag

    Two nice Whitetails and one Mule deer that would of been a great buck in a couple more years.
  13. Buckhunter1955

    Meat Buck

    This is my son Ethan with a "Tag Filler". Everyone loves a big rack, but we love the meat even more. He shoots better than he dresses.
  14. Buckhunter1955

    Fat Pig

    For me this is the best eating wild pig, a pregnant sow before she produces any milk. Their fat is still nice and white, later on the fat turns grey, not good.
  15. Buckhunter1955

    B&C Caribou

    Still learning how to scan old photos to my computer. I think you'll have to click on the pdf tab to see the pic.
  16. Buckhunter1955

    Big Nasty Boars

    The big nasty boars that we kill, if our Hispanic workers don't want them we just roll them down the canyon. They take most of them and make carnitas, but once in a while we kill one that nobody wants.
  17. Buckhunter1955

    Found the shed then the Buck

    My son found this shed one winter day, we looked for the other side for hours with no luck. A good friend killed the buck the next A zone season. We found the other side that fall, a little weathered but not bad, no chew marks.
  18. Buckhunter1955

    Frog Legs

    I found this old photo from the early 1990s. It brought back some great memories.
  19. Buckhunter1955

    Many Moons Ago!

    This is from Montana many years ago. I shot this buck the last day, had to come home with something. I laughed out loud when I saw this photo, not a grey hair in my beard.
  20. Buckhunter1955

    Little Piggys

    Pigs in the Vineyard, they gotta go!
  21. Buckhunter1955

    Dialed in

    My son has his rifle dialed in. Winchester Model 70 in .270 Win. 130 gr Ballistic Tip.
  22. Buckhunter1955

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Spatchcock, it's a real thing, Cut out the backbone and flatten him out. I did this one on my Trager!
  23. Buckhunter1955

    Mexico Coues

    Some friends of mine just got back from Mexico, not sure if they were going to post any photos so I thought I would.
  24. Buckhunter1955

    Jalapeno Poppers

    Jalapeno's from our garden, Bacon from our Pigs
  25. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Mule Deer

    My brother and I with the Missouri River. I found these photos in my phone, I don't think I ever posted them.
  26. Buckhunter1955

    Start 'em young!

    1st out of state hunt, South Texas.
  27. Buckhunter1955

    Buck Steaks & Gravy

    South Dakota Mule Deer Backstraps ready for the skillet.
  28. Buckhunter1955

    It's not Wild Game but it's good!

    After Buck Steaks & Gravy, this is desert.
  29. Buckhunter1955

    Winter Time Jerkey

    Here's a couple racks of Jerkey going into the Trager. 1st time using the Trager.
  30. Buckhunter1955

    Buck Camp 2020 Campfire!

    This is our center piece in our camp, no one gets cold when they camp with us!
  31. Buckhunter1955

    Beef,Pork, Venison & Salmon.

    The freezer is full.
  32. Buckhunter1955

    Buck Steak & Gravy it's what's for Supper

    Running low on Venison I wish deer season would hurry up!
  33. Buckhunter1955

    Fishin is just Huntin in the Water

    Here are three limits of Sockeye. We also caught Silvers and some beautiful Rainbows too.
  34. Buckhunter1955

    Found the Shed then found the Buck

    LAST EDITED ON May-16-19 AT 08:12AM (MST)[p] My son found this shed one morning, we looked for the better part of 2 days for the other side with no luck. A good friend had the luck of finding this buck the next season...
  35. Buckhunter1955

    A few years back!

    This was about 25yrs ago when I could keep up with my dogs, those days are gone, but I'm still killing pigs.
  36. Buckhunter1955

    B&C Caribou

    Sorry I don't have any field photos from the hunt on my computer, only in photo albums and don't have the ability to scan any of them, But here he is on the wall 420 4/8s B&C 466 S.C.I.
  37. Buckhunter1955

    Wyoming Region F Buck Wanted to see if this photo would upload.
  38. Buckhunter1955

    This is why we hunt!

    Buck Steaks & Gravy!!!
  39. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Buck 2018

    A dear friend of mine with a great buck. Temps were cold, this day was a low of 9 with a high of 16.
  40. Buckhunter1955

    Son's First Mule Deer

    South Dakota, Temps were cold low of 9 high of 16 on this day. Perfect 300+ yard shot off the sticks.
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