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  1. PleaseDear

    Bear C-Card Hit's?

    I'm thinking maybe this wknd they will start showing up by Monday. 14 points for LE Bear and I did a Multi Season unit. (Az. elk hits too) Could be a pricey weekend or a sad wknd!! Robb
  2. PleaseDear

    Funny Super Bowl Pic

    Got a chuckle from this one Robb
  3. PleaseDear

    No Go Snowmobiling

    I'm sticking to Snowshoeing! Down in the low country. Prayers to the families Robb
  4. PleaseDear

    Whitney Houston Star Spangle Banner Super Bowl

    Touching for sure Robb
  5. PleaseDear

    2021 appl booklet

    2021 Utah Big Game Application Guidebook All species/weapon of choice ect...... Robb
  6. PleaseDear

    Sheeeeee's Back

    Hey Julious, Livin' The Dream fishing show is back on the Sportsmans channel Can she hold a Rod! haha Robb
  7. PleaseDear


    From a buddy of mine--------> The Snowman ? in 2020 Snowflakes can become very dangerous, especially in winter. > 8:00 am: I made a snowman. > 8:10 - A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snow woman. > 8:15 - So, I made a snow woman. > 8:17 - My feminist neighbor...
  8. PleaseDear

    Fake Christmas Card??

    Is this a Photo shop card cover? Duh! Robb
  9. PleaseDear

    $225.00 16 x 60 x 65mm Spotting Scope

    Cabela's Brand/Alpha Model Tripod & Window Mount Option NO Tripod or Window Mount Included is Sale Rubberized-Protective Body Great for a Stocking Stuffer Gift $225.00 Northern Utah Hey Thanks, Robb
  10. PleaseDear

    Cooking with Mnt Dew?

    Here ya go Chris!! Mountain Dew Cookbook : 101 Delicious, Nutritious, Low Budget, Mouth Watering Cookbook: Heviz's: 9781519788108: Books haha Robb
  11. PleaseDear

    Legends of M&M

    We have Bessy 'Giddy-Up' Elkazzz, Preddy/Predator--LP, Mike-Camp Stallion and Da Warden-my ex........ I still got Sh*t on my hunting boots from that day!! haha Robb
  12. PleaseDear

    6 x 6 vs Grizzzzz

    Damn! Robb
  13. PleaseDear

    Elk Opener

    Well, I have my Cellular Trial camera going, synced with my Drone for tracking and I've got a helicopter booked for the 31st to do any last minute scouting. I think I'm ready......... Robb
  14. PleaseDear

    N Mex Oryx ,Aoudad, Ibex LO Tags

    'Asking for a Friend' Thanks Robb
  15. PleaseDear

    LE Tag Arriving

    Got my LE Bow Bull tag in the mail yesterday. Robb
  16. PleaseDear

    Young Buff vs Hungry Grizzzz

    Just Crazy!! Robb
  17. PleaseDear

    Roof Top Tents

    I've been looking at them for a while now. I've been talking to folks that have them. The biggest set-back that most have stated is that if they want to drive anyplace they have to break down camp as the RFFTP tent is on their vehicle. So I came up with a Double Duty type set-up------- Robb
  18. PleaseDear

    Zion Desert Ram Tag/Intel

    My buddy drew a Non-Ressy tag/Rifle. I was suppose to be down there in Mid-April get a good look around and give him some pointers but the C-19 put a big mess on my plans and I didn't go after all Dang it. I sure could use some Intel and maybe go from there ~~Please I prefer Email over...
  19. PleaseDear

    4 LE Bull Elk Points

    Well, Hell...... I drew my 3rd LE Utah Bull Elk tag,Bow Bull in my most FAV Unit all 3 tags have been in this very unit I've always been a knowledge/experience in a Unit type guy. I just got home from a Snowy Wyoming pre scouting my normal General units trip and I just had to check my Utah...
  20. PleaseDear

    Dang them Ticks

    I haven't seen the Ticks this bad in years here in N. Utah/SW Wyoming. I've got a good spray system for them now and it worked fine over the wknd, even on the young ones. Sawyer Permethrin (Yellow squarish bottle) on the pant legs and butt area if ya sit down for a break, not on the skin...
  21. PleaseDear

    New Rifle Dial In

    I went in to shoot my 9mm Pistol @ the Indoor Range back in early December and Damm my luck but my FAV Rifle was on Sale..... Robb
  22. PleaseDear


    After 10 years of use it was time to sell my Craftsman gas mower and go with an eMower. Robb
  23. PleaseDear

    Email/Turn in Your Turkey Tag.....

    I got the Email yesterday...... Robb
  24. PleaseDear

    Az is Hitting for Elk/Antelope

    Pending charge's are showing Robb
  25. PleaseDear

    Back From The Expo

    Really nice statement from Miles as he is in his Last Expo with MDF and is retiring Janna/Skull Bound had a really down to earth statement too before the Gate opened up I got to chit-chat with her and we both agreed her hands are colder than mine! I got a chance to chit-chat with 10'r and we...
  26. PleaseDear

    DWR Multi Season Elk Survey

    I just finished the survey. It came via Email Not to lengthy and pretty precise type questions. Robb
  27. PleaseDear

    Cache, Meadowville Outfitter

    Looking for an Outfitter for the LE Bow Elk 'for a friend'. PM's are fine Thanks! Robb
  28. PleaseDear

    Browning Buckmark .22

    I'm in the Ogden, Utah area. $250.00 Thanks Robb
  29. PleaseDear

    Your First PM/Date?

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-31-19 AT 02:20AM (MST)[p]Mine was from Roadtrip on January 07, 2003 WoW that was a few days ago! Robb
  30. PleaseDear

    Left Over List Just in case anyone still needs a tag-------> Robb
  31. PleaseDear

    Go Patriots! to dang comical all the mime's Robb
  32. PleaseDear

    Grizzz vs Black Bear Family Den Robb
  33. PleaseDear

    Elk Survey

    I answered it and I have never been much of a Multiple Choice Survey type guy but I did my best. So my best guess..... Archery LE elk will start August first Late LE archery Elk will become another draw option Rifle LE elk will remain in the Rut Robb
  34. PleaseDear

    Ruger Super RedHawk Alaskan .454

    $1,200.00 OBO Includes Box of Freedom Arms 260 grain JFP Shells Cleaning Kit Uncle Mikes 'SideKick' Holster PM me for my Cell number if interested Ogden, Utah area. Thanks Robb
  35. PleaseDear

    LeftOver Buck Tags

    Anyone going/need a Buck tag? Remaining general-season buck deer permits Available beginning at 8 a.m. on July 19, 2018. The DWR will sell all weapon types on the same day for general-season buck deer. Hunt DB150 1 Box Elder Archery Aug. 18?Sept. 14, 2018 363--left DB156 Box Elder...
  36. PleaseDear

    Iowa Results Posted

    Well, hell I am going on my very first ever Bow Whitetail Buck hunt in Z-5 I am stoked!! Robb
  37. PleaseDear

    Wild Horse Bench Buff Tag

    My bud from back east drew this tag and is in need of an Outfitter. Anyone have any suggestions as I have no knowledge of this unit/hunt. Thanks Robb PS--PM's are fine
  38. PleaseDear

    Outfitter/Guide for Wild Horse Bench Buff

    A friend of mine drew the 1 Non-Ressy tag for this fall and is more interested in booking with an Outfitter. Anyone have knowledge of an Outfitter for the unit/hunt? PM's are fine, Thanks, Robb
  39. PleaseDear

    Grouse Creek LE Bull

    I have a friend that drew this tag (muzzy) as a non-ressy. Any help would be great and appreciated Thanks---Robb PM's are fine
  40. PleaseDear

    Bow Dutton Bull

    'morning, My bud drew a non-ressy bow bull tag on the Dutton. Any intel for starters would be real nice. PM's are fine, Robb--Thanks
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