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  1. halfassed

    I thought this pic turned out great!

  2. halfassed

    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    Maybe I should just find a kid to kill a cow elk for me.......let the bucks go to grow. 🤔
  3. halfassed

    My Utah buck

    This one was awesome because it is the first buck I have taken with both my boys with me! One shot to the neck in his bed. Better get up there!!!
  4. halfassed

    Another Fun Hunt!

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-19 AT 06:18AM (MST)[p]Another fun hunt with my long time friend and his daughters first elk! Video tells the story. Brian will you enter Brailee in the trophy contest? Better get up there!!!
  5. halfassed

    Fun hunt!

    I was able to hunt with some great friends this week 15 year old Rivs was able to take her second bull not her best bull. She is tough! Better get up there!!!
  6. halfassed

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Promise to be honest and no feelings hurt! Let's see everyone's first deer

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Promise to be honest and no feelings hurt! Let's see everyone's first deer I had to walk out in my cold garage for this pic. Let's see your's! Oh and did I cut down a yearling or could have he been epic? Better get urp there!!!
  7. halfassed

    My boys First Deer!

    My boys First Deer! I also had some luck Better get up there!!!
  8. halfassed

    WTB "Wyoming Living Legends"

    Wyoming Living Legends print by Brent Todd Better get up there!!!
  9. halfassed

    My best muzzleloader bull

    Always fun hunting elk when they are still bugling! Called this little guy right in. Better get up there!!!
  10. halfassed

    Got my Bull back.

    Jason at Worldwide taxidermy does a great job! Better get up there!!!
  11. halfassed

    A good year.

    Better get up there!!!
  12. halfassed

    A good year. Better get up there!!!
  13. halfassed

    I was not a lion hunter until thanksgiving 2016!

    I spotted this a old male lion at 642 yards while deer hunting in Idaho (your are able to use your NR deer tag on a lion or a bear). I decided to try a shot! I have also been putting in for lions in Utah for 13 years and finally drew. After the snow ended on Tuesday some great friends...
  14. halfassed

    What is the best gun for lions!

    I drew a Chalk creek lion tag, never hunted cats. What gun would you recommend? Better get up there!!!
  15. halfassed

    A couple Utah bucks last weekend.

    Better get up there!!!
  16. halfassed

    WTS Mule deer cape

    I shot a 25" 170 buck last weekend I have the cape if anyone is interested $50
  17. halfassed

    My old man's buck.

    70 years old and still getting it done. 27" mainbeams!! Better get up there!!!
  18. halfassed

    Lost bag on I-80 east of Evanston

    Does anyone know somebody who lost a bag on the freeway, I-80 near Evanston? The bag was loaded with hunting stuff. If yes leave some contact information on this post, I do check PM just not often. Obliviously you must be able do give very specific details of the bag.
  19. halfassed

    I miss the deer in Bountiful!!

    My flowers have never looked better, but I miss having deer around my house in Bountiful Ut. I have only had one doe wondering around since the trap and transplant. Anyone else been seeing deer? Better get up there!!!
  20. halfassed

    Winchester model 70 stock & Vari X II 3x9

    Winchester Model 70 stock SA vxII 3x9 duplex (I will include rings). $50 for the stock. $125 for the scope. Text is best 435-720-1731. Better get up there!!!
  21. halfassed

    Any 194,196 Bucks hit the dirt yet?

    I am headng out Monday the 17th! What size bucks would you guys hold out for? I will let you know how I do. Better get up there!!!
  22. halfassed

    Whitetail doe in Utah.

    I saw a whitetail the morning of Nov 5. Four miles east of Coalville on the south side of Chalk Creek Road. Anyone else see her? I hope she gets hit by a truck. Better get up there!!!
  23. halfassed

    2014 Wyoming Deer

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-27-14 AT 12:25PM (MST)[p] 27", Good mass, Love hunting the high country. Better get up there!!!
  24. halfassed

    Have you ever found sheds off three different species in the same day?

    I call it the trifecta. Yesterday I found 4 deer, 3 elk, 2 moose. Nothing big but it was fun! Better get up there!!!
  25. halfassed

    100 does from A.I. to Oak Creeks

    I am not usually one to stir the $hit but I heard something from a Utah DWR employee that bothered me. I was told the 100 does from A.I. are going to the Fillmore Oak Creek unit. Where the Director of the DWR owns private property. Can anyone else confirm or dismiss this...
  26. halfassed

    Lens polished?

    I have a sony 2x that has seen some wear and tear. Does anyone know where I can get it polished or scratches buffed out. I live in Bountiful Utah.
  27. halfassed

    Wyoming Antelope

    No longer a rookie antelope hunter.
  28. halfassed

    How often do mature bucks water?

    How often do mature bucks water, when it is 85+ degrees, very dry feed?
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