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    Outfitter Recommendation w/ 15 points NR (Deer)

    I was just throwing out an idea/option. 44 3rd takes about 22pts to draw. With upmuley going guided and likely hunting on private land, 44 3rd on privates takes about 10. There are just so many options with 15 points.
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    Colorado Deer 23 PP...... would like to use this year

    yep, later season dates, tag increases, the introduction of wolves etc. mean more mature bucks harvested These changes are all predictors that hunting in Colorado will take a turn for the worse. Not written in stone but not looking good for what was once the greatest state for trophy mule deer.
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    Colorado Deer 23 PP...... would like to use this year

    Best of luck to you. I hope the 700 barks at a giant this year.
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    Outfitter Recommendation w/ 15 points NR (Deer)

    eastern plains is a great choice (as others have said) but 15 points is a lot to burn considering you could draw that area with 4 points (or less) or get a landowner voucher with a guide and save your points. if you go with Scott Limer (Commanche) you're waiting 3 years to hunt the plains...
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    EXPO Tag Drawing Complete

    why not just zoom this into a live feed for people to watch? Seems shady to me anytime to do this in private when this mutch money is put into something that's sought after like these tags. Oh well, I know I didn't draw anything. lol
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    Another Unit 22 mule deer discussion

    thanks for the response. Your info is invaluable. thanks agian!
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    at the water hole

    nice pic. Love the high and tight racks.
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    Another Unit 22 mule deer discussion

    I know, I know, this unit has been discussed at exhaustion on this forum over the past decade. But we've decided on unit 22 second season for the 2021 deer hunt. cashing in our points to try our luck the first week of November. I've already talked to several folks on this forum privately...
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    60 inch Club Alaska

    I'm "in" the 60 inch club. lol. never heard of them though. lots of reputable outfitters to choose from if you have the coin to do it. DIY is an option too.
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    Caribou antlers (2 sets)

    Is anyone interested in these caribou antlers? the one set has been stained. Both taken in Alaska. Pm me or text/call me at 724-601-8073
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    Wildlife technology game caller

    That's a great price. wish I didn't already buy a call.
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    Duwane Adams Hunter Killed a Monster

    some pretty outlandish assumptions about the guided hunter without knowing him or the details of the hunt other than a few paragraphs from the outfitter. I'm pretty sure they weren't holding hands when the guide "walked him into 32 yards". For anyone knocking the guy for how he spends his cash...
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    Gun suggestions?

    well said. I think the fit is more important than the caliber. both are great calibers.
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    Montana Rifle co. stocks

    Thank guys. I'll try to post a pic tonight. But found a reputable guy near me who paints and fixes stocks. etc.
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    Montana Rifle co. stocks

    one more thing, any preference on "fill" material used for repair?
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    Montana Rifle co. stocks

    yeah, love that stock. damn shame they're out of business. Anyway, I may just not mess with it and repair and paint. thanks for the advice guys.
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    Montana Rifle co. stocks

    Thanks man. I have the extreme x3. Bought a few years ago.
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    Montana Rifle co. stocks

    does anyone know what kind of stock were used on the Montana's? Bell and Carlson? I'm looking to potentially replace a stock. since they're out of business, it may be futile at this point. I put a really nice ding in mine and it drives me nuts to look at (it wasnt done in the fields).
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    Success in wyoming

    that's sweet! congrats!
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    40 mile moose

    I have never hunted there but a buddy did this past year (not sure where but he was in that 40 mile region) he shot a decent bull. 40 Mile air is reputable and been flying forever and should but you in a good position. good luck.
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    7mm Rem Mag Scope

    i'd say 24power is overkill at 600 yards. 4x16 is great but 18x is optimal. look into the Zeiss Conquest.
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    How-to Mount Your Hunting Riflescope

    Thanks Founder. always love to catch up on these types of videos. but have come to "dislike" the Leopold windage bases. ugh! lol.
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    Who said 2020 was bad!!

    that's awesome man, congrats!!!!!
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    Wyoming Unit 117

    nice buck, congrats! how do you like that mesa? sweet gun.
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    Let them grow or take them?

    Someone is going to shoot the hog next year and thank you for passing it. I'm assuming you've shot bigger so good for you for passing. I passed a really nice buck in Illinois this year and had doubt for a few days afterward. Went home with my tag and i'm ok with
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    Sig BDX scope/range finder

    I Have the 1400 range finder. considering getting the BDX scope. Any thoughts? good bad, ugly? I was toying with another brand with a turret but have read a lot on these scopes and systems. I like the idea but wanted to hear from guys who have used them. Thanks, B
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    Best mule deer round

    .06 all day long! if it's within 300 yards, I'm using ol faithful. I'm coming around to the 6.5 craze though. If I did go the 6.5 route, I go with the 6.5 PRC would be my choice. However, like Ultimag said, the 280AI is a bad mo-fo that is hard to beat for an all-around caliber.
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    anyone ever hunt unit 20 for deer?

    I hunted it last year, 4th season. private land. Didn't see a lot of deer. way more elk than deer. fire's were really bad there so I'm not sure how that's going to impact the deer movement.
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    My Wyo. Moose Hunt

    congrats. That's a pretty sweet hunt!
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    It passed.....

    As a former Alaskan, I liked having them on the landscape. But that's Alaska and not Co. They will wreck the game population. Expect a wolf expansion/explosion in the first 3 years more rapid than the other western states. A hunting season for wolves is inevitable. So the question now...
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    Have you tried OnX maps? It's obviously great for determining property ownership but it's also a good tool to look at trail systems and use their aerial maps for those remote areas in the unit you're trying to find. You could also use google earth as well as long as you know the unit boundary...
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    swaro z5 with turret

    I'm just waiting for euro or midway to have a sale. it's been a while.
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    swaro z5 with turret

    That's good to know and a smart idea. I'm assuming the zero's are slightly different. I talked to the folks at Leupold and their tech said elevation doesn't factor much until you're over 8K feet and shooting further than 600 yards. I'd imagine it has some impact on lower elevations and...
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    swaro z5 with turret

    The more i learn about the scope, the more I like it. the repeatability seems to be spot on in most cases. Going to get the Z5 but not sure if I'm going to get the 12 or the 18.....wish they made a 14.
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    Randy Newberg you tube

    I like Randy and his show; Seems like a genuine guy. I wonder why he's not on outdoor channel anymore. He had one of the better shows on TV. He also teamed up with the Meat eater crew early on with his podcast but then parted ways. always wondered what happened. Either way, I like the stuff...
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    Utah OTC Bison Adventure

    that is a trophy and a hunt of a lifetime! congrats!
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    Thoughts on this guy?

    I'd love to put the tape to him while he lay in the truck! good luck finding him!
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    Unit 68 vs 22

    Wonder, I'm expecting that next year the point hoarders (myself included) will come out of the woodwork and cash in because of the later dates. Expect point creep for sure across the state. 22 third season took 10 points to draw 2019, Unit 68 third season took 7pts. I'd expect each of them to...
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    swaro z5 with turret

    thanks for the info guys. I'll probably zero at two hundred and be good out to 5. couldn't imagine shooting any further.
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    2021 Colorado Mule Deer (8 NR Points)

    With 8pts, I would look at the 2nd or 3rd season and do your research on the unit you chose prior to applying. With point creep, expect that whatever it took to draw in 2020, will take one or two additional points to draw in 2021. I'm in a similar boat with 10pts. for next year. Good luck
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