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  1. KennyT

    One wrong step!

    here is a short clip of a giant buck from 12AW. You can hear me crunch a stick as I was laying down to get ready for him to stand. Not the best video as I don't know how to download it in HD. I will post up the pics of the buck I ended up killing in a few days.
  2. KennyT

    tape over barrel

    I was thinking about trying this to keep rain and dirt out of the barrel. Has any one tried this? Is it safe?
  3. KennyT

    Unit 43 Muzzle Loader Muleys

    Im planing on doing this hunt for the first time. What should I expect for numbers and size? Im just looking for a fun hunt with a good chance to kill. I live in Arizona and my brother is moving to the area from Denver. Thanks.
  4. KennyT

    Score This Buck

    Here is a buck I fillmed last summer let me what you think.
  5. KennyT

    Score This Buck

    Here is a little bit of footage of a buck from last summer.
  6. KennyT

    Bull Elk Hunt
  7. KennyT

    2010 Bulls

    Here are some bulls from this year. The first is early muzzle loader and the next two are late season rifle.
  8. KennyT

    13B HOAL Hunt

    Don Martin wanted me to put up a post up and let people know that the camp for this hunt will set up close to the intersection of the winter road and the road to black rock mtn. Anyone that wants to stop by camp is more than welcome. let me know if you want to stay for a meal so we can have some...
  9. KennyT

    Flatline Maps!

    Here is a web site for a new map. I have the 6A map and it is great! I've paid more for worse maps.
  10. KennyT

    One I let go

    Here is a buck I decided to let walk on day 5 of my archery deer hunt. I was about 90yds when I took the footage not within shooting range but could have made it there. I passed one larger a 35-40yds on opening morning but did not get any footage. The last shot is out of focus due to the limbs...
  11. KennyT

    St. George Taxidermist

    Can you guys give me some names and numbers of a taxidermist in St. George that will preserve my velvet muley? That is if I kill one in 13B. Thank You.
  12. KennyT

    Is he a shooter?

    My buddy has a archery tag is this buck worthy? What do you think he scores? I did not use a tripod so the pics are a little fuzzy.
  13. KennyT

    A few goats

    Here are some stills off the footage I took today.
  14. KennyT

    Video Camera

    Im looking for sugestions on a video for around $500. Im going to be using it to film hunts in AZ. Ive been looking at the Sony HD 25x zoom.
  15. KennyT

    Tent trailer?

    I am looking at geeting a camp trailer that has pull out beds similar to a tent trailer. Anyone have experience with these? Im worried about condensation on the inside. Ive heard you can wake up wet inside. Any info will help.
  16. KennyT

    mathews qonquest 4

    blue riser with black limbs 29" 60-70" extra set of sting and cables coperjon long arm sights ripcord rest hip quiver with 1/2dozzen arrows pefect condition verry little use $650 firm pluss $25 shipping. will e-mail pics if wanted
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