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    Outfitter question

    Anyone know or hunted with Mike Colpo of lazy j bar o outfitters? Was thinking of doing a elk hunt with them.
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    Montana outfitter

    Am thinking of going on an archery elk hunt with Mike Colpo of lazy j bar o outfitters. Anyone know him or hunted with him?
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    Am thinking about doing some trapping this fall/winter to help reduce the coyote numbers and help out the wildlife. Anyone know of places or areas that seem to have an over abundance or way more coyotes than usual? Will more than likely be trapping public ground, but if someone had a lead on...
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    Elk and wolves in unit 27

    Hi all, Have been a lurker for a while now. Have not hunted Id for several years so not much to contribute. I am a NR from WI. and have decided to look into hunting Idaho again. A buddy and i are hunting Colo. during the muzzy season and thought when we finish there it would be fun to try the...
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