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  1. Outdoordan

    How many pairs of hunting boots do you own?

    I have, Crispi's, Hanwag's, Lowa's, (2) Asolo's, Aku, Technica's. Love Asolo but the soles are very soft and don't last. The Crispi's, hanwag's, and Lowa's are great but blew out the Lowa's this year. Crispi's the toe box got pushed in and need to fix or throw away as I can't seem to "pop"...
  2. Outdoordan

    Super Duper Mega Archery Buck

    That's a "gift card" buck. Too bad it wasn't in the contest. Darn big buck. I think you've had your share of luck. Amazing and congrats. Thanks for showing us.
  3. Outdoordan

    Christian Hunters

    Fact? Meat was on the diet back then, although expensive. Jesus most certainly partook. Furthermore, there are multiple references to hunting. "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, "Grow and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fishes of the sea...
  4. Outdoordan

    Christian Hunters

    That has got to be the most idiotic post ever.
  5. Outdoordan

    Christian Hunters

    You can write it off regardless. Being from Vegas, you should know all about hustles and scams.
  6. Outdoordan

    Christian Hunters

    It's a hunting show. That's pertinent to this forum. You cancel culture activists can go ahead and just move along. Geez, the guy likes the show and message. In this f'd up world, that is refreshing. The atheists spend more time arguing their secular views than the Christians do their faith...
  7. Outdoordan

    Idaho 2021-2022 proposals

    Unfortunately, these small "bandaid" changes are probably not going to do much except for in a couple of southern Idaho units. We need to decrease all general hunts by at least one week 10 days preferably. Get rid of all archery doe hunting, and general doe hunting. Then we MIGHT see a difference.
  8. Outdoordan

    EXPO Tag Drawing Complete

    Dominion software?
  9. Outdoordan

    Wyoming Nonres. Moose - Unit 22 or 18?

    Hunted 18 two years ago. Saw 1 bear, first day and it was big, saw tracks a lot. I have no information on 22.
  10. Outdoordan

    Sierra Madre Outfitters

    Those involve "Jhntn247", "jwatson", "sagerider" "Paco", "Bowken" and anyone else involved should put together some resources and contact an attorney down there and here. I just googled it and there is a few firms that do crossborder work. Maldanodo and Meyers, LLP out of San Diego for one.
  11. Outdoordan

    2 Lions Plus Elk Mount

    I agree with Gator, that is a real nice job there.
  12. Outdoordan

    Sierra Madre Outfitters

    I won a hunt as well. I asked to speak with him several times, finally he called. Always and excuse why he couldn't call before. I did not feel comfortable wiring the money and asked for an alternative. He gave me a paypal account, I sent him the money, but not the way he wanted (there are 2...
  13. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    Thanks for the information. Idaho has mostly youth cow hunts and my daughter wants a bull (any bull).
  14. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    We live in Idaho and have decent rifle hunts here, but not any during the rut and when weather is better. Not sure what asking a GENERAL QUESTION about this has your panties in a wad.
  15. Outdoordan

    Anti-Bear Hunting Bill Pulled!

    Good news!
  16. Outdoordan

    Reduce Bull Elk tags in AZ

    I shot a bull in 1999 in 6A, AZ that was traveling single file with about 75 mature bulls, that were all following a massive herd of cows, spikes and raghorns. It took me 10 minutes to get to the herd, the whole while I watched that line up walk through the trees. When I finally made it within...
  17. Outdoordan

    More drone information and a cautionary tale.

    They taste like chicken.
  18. Outdoordan

    Are you a NRA member?

    I won't sit here and slam the organization because they have done some good things, however, this statement kind of sums up how I feel.
  19. Outdoordan

    More drone information and a cautionary tale.

    Am I missing something here? The guy wasn't "shooting" maybe "squirting". Drawing a parallel between shooting a 25' stream of water at a drone 100' up, and shooting a gun at a jet ski is an extreme reach. If I was on a jet ski and somebody "shot" me with a squirt gun, I wouldn't prosecute...
  20. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    Thanks Jake. She would be fine with a Spike, just don't want to waste our time on a "snipe" hunt. A reasonable chance and we're there.
  21. Outdoordan

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    Colorado, Idaho, Arizona.
  22. Dan Deer 2017 3 (edited-Pixlr).jpg

    Dan Deer 2017 3 (edited-Pixlr).jpg

  23. Idaho General bucks.JPG

    Idaho General bucks.JPG

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  25. Fantastic Archery Buck

    Fantastic Archery Buck

  26. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    Shootem, is there a lot of otc archery hunters? Also, is the last half better than the first?
  27. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    Thanks Robb! You have always been one of the most giving, well tempered people on the forums, and I appreciate you! We would be going into this pretty blind.
  28. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    I thank you, but I am still confused. Here is the headline: Utah Wildlife Board approves unlimited any-bull elk permits for youth hunters in 2021, other big game hunting changes
  29. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    So, I just put my daughter in for this hunt because the dates are great. However, I just read there is an UNLIMITED number of tags offered this year. I am seriously regretting doing so now, and hoping I can get an honest opinion here. Youth any bull 2021
  30. Outdoordan

    Gun suggestions?

    She's gotten pretty good with them too!
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  37. Outdoordan

    Gun suggestions?

    My daughter started with a .243 at age 10. At twelve, she is now shooting a 6.5 creedmor. She was very apprehensive about shooting the 6.5, but I explained that it had a muzzlebreak and doesn't kick hard. After she shot, she said "that kicked less than my .243" and proceeded to burn thru 30...
  38. Outdoordan

    Texas mixed bag

    Nice work!
  39. Outdoordan

    Wyoming archery success!

    Dang nice bull! Congrats.
  40. Outdoordan

    Nampa,Caldwell Idaho Sports Bars

    Twin Peaks in Boise. Lot's of TV's and good service. ;)
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