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    .30-.30 dies

    Looking or a set of RCBS .30-.30 dies. A link, some for sale or anything. I am embarrassed I wasn't prepared for my lever gun. mtmuley
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    Looking for a Sig P320

    Looking for a Sig P320 Fill Size in 9mm. Thanks, mtmuley
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    Go get some Surprised the wolf killers here aren't all over this yet. mtmuley
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    The Dallas Cowboys will win the Superbowl

    So, haven't done this in awhile. Mostly gets spun sideways and will this time if I know this outfit. Yeah, this year the Boys have a legitimate chance. The Defense is nasty, good QB and receivers, best RB in football. Bring it on. mtmuley
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    Big Ram
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    That was a heartbreaker. Those guys are young. With some defense....... mtmuley
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    The scary campfire crew.

    Look out. They'll, get you. mtmuley
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    May 9th for you NR guys. mtmuley
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    The Dallas Cowboys WILL win Superbowl

    Well, I've been mostly out of town since last Monday. Swan Valley, Idaho and then Spokane. BUT, yeah, the Cowboys have a chance this year. Best chance since I started this yearly deal. I think the division will be weak again except for Dallas. Chip Kelly tearing apart the Eagles, the Giants have...
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    Kowa spotters

    I've been gathering info from everywhere I can on Kowa spotters, specifically the 66mm. Anybody use one? Used one in the past? I am really thinking about getting one as they are in my price range and seem like a solid unit. And no I won't consider vortex. mtmuley
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    So who wins?

    I'll go with the Patriots. mtmuley
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    Looking for a trimmer pilot

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a trimmer pilot in .270 that will fit a Forster trimmer. Forster, Hornady and Redding all work. I'm trying to avoid the mimimum order charge and shipping that will make a 5 dollar item 20 dollars by ordering. None of my local gun shops have one. I'll gladly pay going...
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    The Dallas Cowboys WILL win Superbowl

    Ok. they probably won't. BUT, after last year the defense can only get better. Romo's back is bad. Same thing that put out Aikman. A shame as I like to watch Romo play regaedless of all the MM experts opinion. The hated Broncos got Ware, a favorite player of mine. Maybe, with Murray and Bryant...
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    So.......Who's gonna win?

    Seahawks for me. mtmuley
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    Still looking for Retumbo?

    One of our LGS has a ton of it. Don't know if they'd ship or not. Worth a try. mtmuley
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    Starter bow for a kid

    Hey guys, my son wants to start shooting a bow. Since I don't, I need some help. ( I may start also) What is a good starter rig that he can possibly grow into at least for a couple years? I don't want to spend a fortune, but also want something decent. Maybe somewhere used equipment is sold...
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    Recovered Berger... interesting

    This is what is left of a .243 95 grain Hunting VLD that my daughter killed a big muley doe with. Slightly quartered away, the bullet went in behind the shoulder, and took out the heart and lungs. The doe spun around twice and fell over backwards. I found the bullet (or jacket) in the off-side...
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    The Dallas Cowboys WILL win Superbowl

    OK. I know EVERYBODY has been waiting for this. It's time. I think the Cowboys have a shot this year. I'm gonna start slow, I think they have a shot at the playoffs. The Eagles and Oregon offense? NO. RG3 is one bad cut or leg plant from never playing again, Washington? NO. The Giants? Maybe. If...
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    Badlands zipper pulls

    The zipper pulls on a Badlands pack I have are mostly all broken. Has anyone had them repaired by Badlands? Just wondering if it's worth sending the pack in, or just make do with something I can attach myself. Thanks, mtmuley
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    50 bucks for a NR Montana wolf tag

    Non-resident wolf tags are now 50 dollars here in Montana. I know a lot of guys groaned about the 350 dollar cost, (I would too) but now it's affordable. There's only two weeks left in the season right now, but next year all you guys that hunt here can have a wolf tag in your pocket. And I can...
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    #####"s Sporting goods suspends semi-auto sales

    Apparently #####'s is suspending the sale of all semi-auto firearms. We don't have them here in Montana, but I damn sure wouldn't continue to shop there if we did. mtmuley
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    One less elk killer

    Took out this big lone male from the elk hunting business. 40 yards or so. I'm not sure if he heard me or saw me, but he stopped and looked. 200 grain Accubond did the rest. I can't describe how incredible it was. mtmuley
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    Took out an elk killer

    This guy won't be chasing elk anymore. He was a big lone male. We met up at about 40 yards. He was moving fast but stopped to take a look back. Not sure if he heard or saw me, but he stopped. A 200 grain Accubond at 3200 fps works well on wolves! It was really incredible. mtmuley
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    Luck to those headed out tommorrow

    Good luck to you guys headed out on hunts tommorrow. I'm gonna hunt muleys for three days on top towards the Bitteroot-Selway between two of the drainages here in the Root. The season ends early for bucks on the West side of our valley. I'll get to elk in a week or so. mtmuley
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    Dallas Cowboys WILL win the Super Bowl

    I was kinda waiting for the right time to make the annual prediction. But, after last nights big win over the Raiders, it's time. Now I know it's only pre-season, and I know 3 to 0 isn't a stellar score, but las I checked it only takes 1 point to win. Where I come from 3 is more than 1, and...
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    2 and 3/8 inch group

    Yesterday while checking some drops and learning about ballistics, I shot a 2 and 3/8 center to center 3 shot group with the 190 Berger VLD in my .300 RUM. At 822 yards. I just damn near fell over. While they obviously shoot well, what can I expect with a closer range shot on an antelope, say...
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    Looking for a long, lost rifle

    I posted this in the Montana forum too. In the late 1980's I made a bad mistake and lost a rifle to pawn. It was a Remington 721 in .30-06, with a distinctive stock. The stock had carvings of big game colored in black against the wood. It was kind of poorly done. The rifle wore a Weaver K4 I...
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    Long lost rifle

    Hey guys, This is a shot in the dark, but I am looking for a rifle. It is a Remington 721 in .30-06 with a stock that has (had) carved big game scenes colored in black against the wood stock. I think it had a Weaver K4 on it at the time. I foolishly lost this rifle to pawn in the late 1980's in...
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    Antelope tommorrow?

    Draw out on Monday? mtmuley
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    How Fricken Long Have I Been Here?

    I can't remember how long I have been enjoying MM, and all it and you guys have to offer. Honestly, I love this site. Waaaaaay better than the rest. So, If you remember, when did ya first get here? I don't recall when I became a member. Maybe 2004 or so. Is there a way to find out? Anyway...
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    RL-17 and the .30-06

    I'm going to play a bit with my .06 I still love my cannon, but who has used RL-17 in the .30-06 with 165-168 grain bullets? Looking for speed first, of course, but it isn't mandatory. Thanks already. mtmuley
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    Heat or Celtics?

    I don't watch basketball until the playoffs. This series has been dang good. Who ya got winning tonight? mtmuley
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    Alliant Reloder 33

    A new powder for big-cased magnums providing possibly even MORE velocity. I can't wait to get some. mtmuley
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    Fixing broken antlers?

    The bull I killed last fall took a really nasty fall and guoged and cracked a main beam. Through the course of the pack out and de-fleshing for a European mount it finally separated. How can I join the beam back together? I've used some stout epoxies at work, but is there something specific for...
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    Out of The Box Accuracy, Who Cares?

    See a lot of claims these days about "out of the box" accuracy. I guess to the casual shooter that feeds their rifles factory stuff it might make a difference. To me, as a handloader, not so much. I have, and have loaded for more than one factory rifle that didn't seem accurate "out of the box"...
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    So when is the Deer and Elk Draw?

    Anybody have inside info or even a guess? mtmuley
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    Still in Raton......

    I've been in Raton for 5 weeks now. Finally got the internet working. We drive through the Vermejo every day and see some critters, but where else around here is some good wildlife viewing? Kinda thinking about driving out to the Valles Vidal. I didn't bring any toys this first trip, but after...
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    When you kill, do you care?

    Yes or no question here. That's it please, yes or no. Not any what ifs or ya buts. When you hunt and kill a big game animal, do you care about the meat of that animal? YES or NO. mtmuley
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    Help me plan my route

    OK, so I have to go to Raton, New Mexico for work. First, I have to go to Park City to drop off someone. Then I was thinking I would head down to Heber City and on to Spanish Fork and over to Helper. From there over to Green River, then East into Colorado on HWY-6 to Grand Junction. You guys...
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    Good bull from the Bitteroot

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-27-11 AT 04:59PM (MST)[p]The biologist painted a pretty grim picture of the chance for mature bulls in the Bitteroot this year. I did manage to get this guy on the 27th. mtmuley
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