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    Student loan

    Having control of most of the Media and the voting machines sure helps too.
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    For Trade Fed 215 Primers for H1000

    Found some
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    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    Looking for some H1000 here in SW Idaho. I have Fed215 primers for trade.
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    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    Sorry but I do not have any Retumbo to trade.
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    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    Looking for some H1000 in SW Idaho. Let me know if anyone has some for sale.
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    Ammunition Shortage

    Only if you don't have any now or you don't reload.
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    2021 AZ Elk/Antelope Regs Are Out

    Thanks for the info.
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    2021 AZ Elk/Antelope Regs Are Out

    Why are the dates Archery Dates later this year and why will they be better next year?
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    Utah's Sportsman's Tag Filled

    That's a smoker Buck regardless of the tag. I'd be blessed to be able to put my tag on a deer like that. Congrats to the hunter!!!!!
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    Portal account changes?

    Bohunr Thanks for the contact info. I'm all set up.
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    Portal account changes?

    I still haven't heard back. I'll send another Email here in a few minutes
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    Monroe Late Bull...

    Nice Bull and great times!!!
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    My Wife’s 6x6 Colorado Bull

    Congrats to the Wife!!! That was some nice footage of that Bull getting up. I wasn't expecting that.
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    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    When I first started Archery hunting any Mule Deer that was dumb enough to let this newbie stalk into bow range was in trouble. I shot many smaller Mule deer over the next several years. Now I just don't care to shoot any more small deer only choosing to hunt for big deer. I'd rather watch...
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    Portal account changes?

    I haven't seen an email yet regarding the portal changes. I sent an email to them yesterday. I'll report back on what info I get.
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    NR Fees

    Or what Colorado or Nevada does too. It's like I said earlier residents don't want to give up opportunity.
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    NR Fees

    This is like beating a dead horse. There's only one way to fix the problem and many Residents don't want to go there. Raise Resident tag prices substantially for deer and elk. Cut the Resident tags by 33% Limit the NR to only up to 10% of tags for all species in all units. Go to a...
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    NR limits

    With the huge increase in Resident hunters a few NR skipping next years hunting season will hardly be felt.
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    Idaho is ruined

    The problem is this state is mostly managed for opportunity. There are some real quality Draw hunts but the odds have really taken a hit in the last few years with all the new residents. I've been here since 2006 and I've yet to see what I would call a smoker buck. It's a shame too as this...
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    16 NR Elks can I donate the points?

    Thanks guys I'll give them a call and see what my options are.
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    16 NR Elks can I donate the points?

    I was going to ask Utah Division of Wildlife if there was anything I could do to donate my points to a program that would take a veteran hunting. I could not find a way to email them. Does anyone know what my options are with these points if any? Feel free to contact me privately if...
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    NR Fees

    Unless F$G does something to reduce the number of resident hunters not much is going to change.
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    My grandsons get general season deer in Wyoming.

    Congrats to the young hunters!!!!
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    NR Fees

    Now if they would triple our ridiculously low resident tag prices for deer and elk they could cut the overall # of tags and they could start managing wildlife.
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    For Sale HS Precision Stock Rem 700 LA BDL

    Sold Pending payment.
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    For Sale HS Precision Stock Rem 700 LA BDL

    This is a HS Precision Sporter stock in the Sand color. It has the aluminum bedding block. The stock comes off of a 300 Win Mag. It's in excellent condition as I can't find a mark on it. weight is 35.8 oz. ( Just under 2 lbs 4 oz) They upgraded it and added a Sims Limbsaver recoil pad...
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    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    "I want that pack on my back!"
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    Where would you live?

    Wyoming of those 3 choices without a doubt.
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    Breaking in Barrel New Rifle

    What does Christensen recommend for barrel break in?
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    I'd be all for waiting periods but what hunts should get this elevated status and how long should the wait be? I think they should make all the best Elk hunts a 5 year waiting period. How about any rifle Elk hunt drawn has a 2-3 year wait to apply again? the best archery elk hunts a 2 year...
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    Human Migration to Idaho

    The influx continues and real estate continues to boom here in Boise/Meridian. Californians are buying up the neighborhood(s) as fast as the houses hit the market. If this keeps up for 5 more years the area will be so crowded it will mirror So Cal freeway congestion. One good thing is our...
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    I'd like to know how many of you have drawn controlled hunt tags here as residents in the last 15 years. I've been putting in since 2006 and have drawn one controlled Elk hunt. 1 archery pronghorn hunt and one early pronghorn limited entry archery hunt.
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    IDFG Elk Depredation

    They act like the elk are coming a great distance to feed on these farms and hunters couldn't find them. They should use hunters to take all these elk if they really need to be culled. If the Farmer/ranchers don't want hunters involved there should be no payments or shooting of these elk at...
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    Draw results?

    Sure they forgot to pick up their unit 45 deer tags. 2 of them.
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    Draw results?

    Are they not picked up on time or did some great tags just get added to the second draw for them to make allot more money? I'll take door #2
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    Best guess when NV draw will post?

    Elk, Deer and Pronghorn All unsuccessful once again.
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    Best guess when NV draw will post?

    Best of luck to everyone this year. That was interesting to see how it was ran.
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    Best guess when NV draw will post?

    I'm pretty sure he said 88,000 applicants for 2020. If so that's a 30% increase in applicants for 2020
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    IT'S A LEUPOLD Homer!!!

    I wrote him and asked that question. We'll see what he says.
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