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  1. Lancetkenyon

    Christian Hunters

    Wrong website. is not valid.
  2. Lancetkenyon

    Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Toyota vs Others

    Depends on usage. Towing? F250 Diesel. Purely hunting rig? Toyota Tacoma. Daily driver? F150 Ecoboost
  3. Lancetkenyon

    Scope mount problem

    Not sure if Leupold makes bases for the Savage Axis, but the adjustable rear dovetail might help.
  4. Lancetkenyon

    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    Drones are illegal in AZ for hunting/locating/pursuing game. Same as an aircraft.
  5. Lancetkenyon

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    I have to live vicariously through my 18 year old daughter. She is the Tagmaster. I have only had 2 deer tags in the last 20 years. @ 13yo, little 3x4 on day 9, her 1st @ 14yo, 2nd morning, 24 hours & 15 minutes into the hunt. Couldn't get her to hold off, but bigger than I originally...
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  10. Big Buck

    Big Buck

  11. Big Buck

    Big Buck

  12. Big Buck

    Big Buck

  13. Lancetkenyon

    Grizzly kill on Reservation

    I thought the "thousand" notation was "K"? As in $2K? Unless they mean $2 Gazillion.
  14. Lancetkenyon

    Sasquatch sightings.

    There is actual proven DNA evidence of a sasquatch?
  15. Lancetkenyon

    Favorite Movie

    1. Tombstone 2. Young Guns 3. Forest Gump
  16. Lancetkenyon

    Sportsman's Elk Tag Filled

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  18. Lancetkenyon


    Where are you hunting, and how much do you actually plan on using them? I just got back from a 7 day elk hunt, and I spent about 70 hours behind binos on that one hunt. Add to that, another 30+ hours on a 3 day pronghorn hunt in August. Plus, probably 100+ hours scouting. It was a slow year...
  19. Lancetkenyon

    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    Mature animals only for me. Bucks, bulls, or big fat cow elk.
  20. Lancetkenyon

    Decent Scatter Gun For My Lady

    I bought my daughter a CZ Redhead Deluxe 20ga O/U w. 26" barrels. Very nice O/U for under $1k.
  21. Lancetkenyon

    Unit 27 late. Realistic expectations?

    Super dry all over the state. The 471" monster Jimmy John shot this year came from 27. He was with some other great bulls. Realistic late elk hunts are always mature 6x6 if you hunt hard. 320-330, with some brutes always a possibility of the stars align.
  22. Lancetkenyon

    I need some info

    A .264" peg will not fit into a .243" hole. (Bullet) And a .294" peg will not fit into a .275" hole. (Neck)
  23. Lancetkenyon

    The Kid Rocks

    Umm.....Kid Rock.
  24. Lancetkenyon

    Early Kaibab Reports?

    Good luck. Kill a toad.
  25. Lancetkenyon

    I need some info

    Are you 100% sure that brass came from you? I highly doubt you could even close a bolt on the .260 Rem round in a .243 Win chamber.
  26. Lancetkenyon

    Antelope Island

    I have always drooled over the Antelope Island bucks. I see someone posting here about "tame bucks". Are they not free range bucks?
  27. Lancetkenyon

    GOUGING II !!!

    Lots of huge fires that ravaged the forests are going to severely impact lumber prices. Along with oil prices, stupid COVID hindering lumber mill production, shipping, etc. The Dems really screwed us bad.
  28. Lancetkenyon

    Any one hear of a 430’’ Bull killed on the freeway between Williams and Grand Canyon?

    I have seen 4-5 BIG bulls killed. 390+. Heard from some guide buddies of sightings of 400"+ bulls, but not much has hit the ground. Wondering how the late rifle hunts will go next?
  29. Lancetkenyon

    Idaho Bighorn & Elk Success - 2020

    Amazing year! Very nice animals.
  30. Lancetkenyon

    Thoughts on this guy?

    No brainer. Unless you are on the AZ Strip, Kaibab, or Pauns, dump him. On a second look, DUMP HIM!!!
  31. Lancetkenyon

    Suppressor Wait Time

    I bought two last year. Black Friday 11-27ish and Dec 15. Had both in hand by Feb 26th. Couldn't believe it.
  32. Lancetkenyon

    sheep mounts

    If you get both this season, what about a double mount? I did mine and my daughter's 2019 pronghorn mounted together. Wall pedestal lower and pedestal upper mount. Hers doesn't even touch the wall, it is supported by the lower mount. My 2018 buck is the top back buck.
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  35. Lancetkenyon

    What's the Best Mule Deer Tag to have?

    1. Antelope Island, UT 2. AZ Commissioners tag 3. UT Governor's tag 4. AZ Late 13B tag 5. AZ Late 12AW tag
  36. Lancetkenyon

    Coyotes and Fawns

  37. Lancetkenyon

    Kahles Does it again

    Who ran it over with the truck? I think you are leaving out a major portion of this story....
  38. Lancetkenyon

    Not sure how to take this?

    I run a lot of Hodgdon powder, and have been tinkering with some of the new IMR Enduron. Also, a lot of Alliant and Vihta Vouri powders too. I spread the love around.
  39. Lancetkenyon

    selling everything

    Get well. Good luck with the sale.
  40. Lancetkenyon

    Strange Opener

    Now 10-1 we just heard.
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