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  1. Ranger1

    2020 Utah Pronghorn (part 1)

    Great mount! Great Memories! Congrats!
  2. Ranger1

    Nevada Buck

    Great all-around looking buck- nice eye guards!
  3. Ranger1

    san juan

    Nice buck.
  4. Ranger1

    Which buck would you be hunting?

    Top #1
  5. Ranger1

    Super Duper Mega Archery Buck

    What an awesome buck!
  6. Ranger1

    Pine Valley turkey hunting

    We have taken three birds down there (so they are there) but have not hunted it in the last five years. Was a blast calling in my wife's and son's thunder chickens.
  7. Ranger1

    Utah moose draw with 22 points

    What is your goal for the moose? Just a fun hunt or a nice bull? If you are in good health and have the time to wait for the quality of the hunt you want to keep putting in for your top preference. The reality is a OIL hunt now is the only OIL hunt you will do unless you are young (Lightning...
  8. Ranger1

    Desert ram is back from taxidermist

    Beautiful mount and great memories!
  9. Ranger1

    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    Those are the two top units. Another thing to consider at 52 you can consider the moisture. Antler growth you can be significantly less on dry years. Lack of moisture and good feed can reduce horn growth on the bulls a whole lot.
  10. Ranger1

    My Son's 2018 Wyoming Buck

    Awesome buck and memory!
  11. Ranger1

    South Dakota Mule Deer

    Beautiful buck!
  12. Ranger1

    Most Impressive Big Bull?

    Awesome bulls- # 6 is WOW!
  13. Ranger1


    Wow, incredible!
  14. Ranger1

    Early Kaibab mule deer with Hunts For Heroes!

    Fantastic and great buck- congrats!
  15. Ranger1

    2020 Colorado mule deer

    Great Bucks!
  16. Ranger1

    General bull 2020

    Fantastic, great memory.
  17. Ranger1

    Florida bull back from the taxi!!!

  18. Ranger1

    WY bison on the National Elk Refuge

    Great eating! Congrats on a great cow.
  19. Ranger1

    3rd season CO buck

    Nice buck.
  20. Ranger1

    Nevada Elk Video

    Great video and some good music to go with it. Nothing like being in the mountains.
  21. Ranger1

    2020 Alberta Bull Moose,

    Awesome bull and memories.
  22. Ranger1

    South Dakota Mule Deer

    Sweet pic- love SD!
  23. Ranger1

    Bully Buck

    Looks like he is waiting for a ride.
  24. Ranger1

    Wyoming archery success!

    Awesome first bull and putting the hours into the hunt.
  25. Ranger1

    First Desert Bighorn sheep hunt

    Awesome thanks for sharing.
  26. Ranger1

    3 Wyoming Bulls

    Way to start the boys off- great memories.
  27. Ranger1

    Kill shot on Utah bull bison

    Thanks for sharing- love the Books!
  28. Ranger1

    Unit 201 Early Rifle Adventure (pic heavy)- Enjoy!

    Great pictures and memories.
  29. Ranger1

    Last day buck on the Kaibab, short video

    Real nice and great memories to go with the video.
  30. Ranger1

    Duwane Adams Hunter Killed a Monster

    Congrats on an awesome buck!
  31. Ranger1

    Cow Elk 222-223 Dec Hunt

    Congrats and thanks for the rest of the story!
  32. Ranger1

    2020 Family Hunts

    Congrats not bad for a bad year!
  33. Ranger1

    Utah Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt

    Awesome- Congrats and thanks for bringing us along on the journey to a great Ram!
  34. Ranger1

    2020 Pretty 6x6

    Congrats on a great bull!
  35. Ranger1

    2020 Oregon Muzzleloader Hunt

    Congrats on a great buck!
  36. Ranger1

    Unit 081 Rifle Deer

    Way to go on three beautiful bucks!
  37. Ranger1

    My 2019 Bighorn hunt pt.3

    Congrats on a great ram.
  38. Ranger1

    Bookcliffs 2020

    Great video and great Book buck- love the Books!
  39. Ranger1

    Youth doing work!

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